FRC Redesign

We are pleased to present our newly-redesigned FRC web site. The redesigned web site features the following:

The redesigned web site features the following:
  • Content organized by common customer tasks (such as transfer, reference, and disposition)
  • A custom layout tailored to our customers' needs and expectations
  • Prominent links that quickly direct customers to the information they need
  • Intuitive naming of labels
  • A compact design that minimizes horizontal and vertical scrolling

The redesigned site also features new content on the Archives and Records Center Information System (ARCIS), and will eventually serve as the customer portal for ARCIS.

We hope that the new site will make it easy for our customers to quickly find information they need, learn about our growing suite of services for Federal records, and transact business with us online.

The links below will get you started in exploring our site:

In undertaking this redesign, we conducted extensive market research with our customers both at the headquarters and regional levels. This customer input informed every stage of the redesign process, and we are extremely grateful to our customers for their feedback. We welcome your comments on the new site.

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