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How Do I Get Started On A Scanning Project With The FRC?

The information on this page will help you determine how to initiate a scanning project, secure an estimate, issue a contract, and make payment.

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Getting started

It’s easy to initiate your scanning project with the FRC. Just call 314-801-9300 or e-mail frc@nara.gov to begin the process. Our staff will walk you through the elements of your scanning job and advise you on the Federal records management regulations that can impact your project. We will then consult with you to build an accurate cost estimate. This will include finding out the details about your records and your requirements, and in some cases, might also include scanning a sample of your records.

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Contracting with the FRC

One of the significant advantages of working with the FRC is the ease of Federal-to-Federal contracting there is no need to go through a lengthy and cumbersome bid process. The contracting and payment procedure will often be determined by the size of the project. Scanning agreements drawing upon local funds are usually negotiated between customer agency managers and an individual FRC Director. These local agreements are normally very simple, and typical payment options include either IPAC or payment via government credit card.

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Building a project estimate and timeline

The cost of scanning varies greatly from project to project based on a variety of factors. These factors can include whether the records are temporary or permanent; the size, type, and condition of the paper originals; where the scanning will take place; output specifications; indexing requirements; and delivery method. The FRC can work with you to develop a project plan to meet your budget, requirements, specifications, and timeline.