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Guide to House Records: Chapter 11: Agriculture Department

Chapter 11. Records of the Government Operations Committee and Its Predecessors

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Records of the Government Operations Committee and Its Predecessors, 1814-1988 from Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States

Committees discussed in this chapter:

Records of the Committee on Expenditures in the Agriculture Department (1889-1927)

11.66 The Committee on Expenditures in the Department of Agriculture was created on December 20, 1889. The earliest records are from the 52d Congress.

Record TypeVolumeDates (Congresses)
Minute Books4 volumes1891-93 (52d), 1905-11 (59th-61st)
Docket Books1 volume1891-93 (52d)
Committee Papers3 feet1891-93 (52d), 1905-11 (59th-61st), 1925-27 (69th)
Total volume3 feet and 5 volumes (4 in.) 
Committee Records Summary Table

11.67 Statements of expenditures of the Department of Agriculture for the years 1891-92 and 1907-10 constitute most of the committee papers papers. There are also records related to a 1909 North American Conservation Conference (60A-F13.3).

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