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Guide to House Records: Chapter 11: Justice Department

Chapter 11. Records of the Government Operations Committee and Its Predecessors

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Records of the Government Operations Committee and Its Predecessors, 1814-1988 from Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States

Committees discussed in this chapter:
Records of the Committee on Expenditures in the Justice Department (1874-1927)

11.62 The Committee on Expenditures in the Department of Justice was created on January 16, 1874. The earliest records for this committee date from the 44th Congress (1875-76).

Record TypeVolumeDates (Congresses)
Minute Books6 volumes1883-89 (48th-50th), 1897-99 (55th), 1907-09 (60th)
Docket Books4 volumes1875-77 (44th), 1885-87 (49th), 1891-93 (52d), 1907-09 (60th)
Committee Papers1 foot1883-87 (48th-49th), 1907-09 (60th), 1921-23 (67th)
Bill Files1 inch1907-09 (60th)
Total volume1 foot and 10 volumes (9 in.) 
Committee Records Summary Table

11.63 One of the docket books contains a memorandum listing correspondence for the period February-April 1876 for B. G. Caulfield, a member of both the Judiciary Committee and the Committee on Expenditures in the Justice Department. Most of the letters involve requests to the Attorney General for information and records.

11.64 Most of the committee papers date from the years 1884-86 and concern investigations into financial and political irregularities by U.S. Marshals, U.S. District Attorneys, and other officers appointed by or connected with the Department of Justice (48A-F11.1, 48A-F11.2, 48A-F11.3, 49A-F12.1) and into alleged fraud in the "Star Route" mail service (48A-F11.4). They also contain information about irregularities in accounts of the Pension Office (49A-F12.1) and the Department of Justice (48-F.11.2).

11.65 The bill files consist only of copies of 1908 bills relating to the collection of fees associated with naturalization laws (60A-D6).

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