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Guide to House Records: Chapter 12: Committee on Engraving

Chapter 12. Records of the Administration Committee and Its Predecessors

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Records of the House Administration Committee and Its Predecessors from Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States, 1789-1988

Committees discussed in this chapter:
Records of the Committee on Engraving (1844-60)

History and Jurisdiction

12.49 A select committee on engraving was established on January 11, 1844, to examine abuses in the engraving, lithographing, and printing of maps ordered by the 26th and 27th Congresses. On March 16th, after investigating the abuses, and finding substantial overcharges by "men who subsist and fatten on the national treasury," Mr. Samuel Simons of the select committee submitted the following resolution which established the standing committee:

    That there should be appointed a standing committee, of this House, to consist of three members, to be called the Committee on Engraving, to whom shall be referred by the Clerk, all drawings, maps, charts, and other papers, which may, at any time, come before the House for engraving, lithographing, or publishing in any way; which committee shall report to the House whether the same ought, in their opinion be published; and if the House order the publication of the same, the said committee shall direct the size and manner of execution of all such maps, charts, drawings, or other papers, and to contract by agreement, in writing, for all such engraving, lithographing, printing, drawing, and coloring as may be ordered by the House.3

12.50 The standing committee continued for fifteen years until it was discontinued and its jurisdiction taken by the Joint Committee on Printing.

Records of the Committee on Engraving, 28th-36th Congresses (1844-60)


Record TypeVolumeCongresses (Dates)
Committee Papers 1 inch 28th (1843-45), 30th (1847-49)
Total1 inch  
Committee Records Summary Table

12.51 The records consist of original manuscript copies of House Report 179, 28th Congress, 2d session, and House Report 390, 30th Congress, 1st session.

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