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Guide to House Records: Chapter 12: Committee on Mileage

Chapter 12. Records of the Administration Committee and Its Predecessors

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Records of the House Administration Committee and Its Predecessors from Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States, 1789-1988

Committees discussed in this chapter:
Records of the Committee on Mileage (1837-1927) History and Jurisdiction

12.36 The jurisdiction of the Committee on Mileage is described in Rule XI: "The ascertaining of the travel of Members of the House shall be made by the Committee on Mileage and reported to the Sergeant at Arms." The committee was an outgrowth of the Committee on Accounts which originally was charged with the audit of Members' mileage. In 1927 the Committee on Mileage was discontinued and these duties were returned to the Accounts Committee.

12.37 In addition to determining the travel expenses of Members, the committee reported on bills, resolutions, and petitions and memorials related to this subject.

Records of the Committee on Mileage, 25th-69th Congresses (1837-1927)

Record TypeVolumeCongresses (Dates)
Petitions and Memorials 1 inch26th (1839-41), 28TH (1843-45), 30th (1847-49) 34th (1855-57), 42d-43d (1871-75), 61st (1909-11, 67th (1921-23)
Committee Papers 1 inch30th (1847-49, 34th (1855-57)
Total2 inches  
Committee Records Summary Table

12.38 The records of the committee include petitions from groups of citizens praying that the per diem and travel expenses of Members be reduced, and resolutions to devise better methods of calculating mileage.

Related Records

12.39 Other records of the committee, volumes titled "Pay & Mileage of Representatives" (14 ft.) from the 13th Congress to the 50th Congress (1813-1889) are preserved in the records of Treasury Department, RG 217. They may have been transferred to the Office of the First Auditor for review.

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