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Guide to House Records: Chapter 14: Alcoholic Liquor Traffic

Chapter 14. Records of the Judiciary Committee and Related Committees

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Records of the Judiciary Committee and Related Committees from Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States, 1789-1988

Committee Records discussed in this chapter:
Committee on Alcoholic Liquor Traffic (1893-1927)

Jurisdiction and History

14.45 The Committee on Alcoholic Liquor Traffic was made a standing committee in 1893 (53d Congress) after having been a select committee since 1879 (46th Congress). Its jurisdiction covered subjects relating to alcoholic liquor traffic, including the manufacture, distribution, and sale of intoxicating beverages in the States, Territories, and Government-owned buildings and land such as the District of Columbia, Indian reservations, and military bases. It was abolished in 1927 (70th Congress).

Records of the Select and Standing Committees on Alcoholic Liquor Traffic, 46th-69th Congresses (1879-1927)

Record TypeVolumeCongresses (Dates)
Minute Books2 vols. (select)51st-52d (1889-93)
Docket Books3 vols. (select)47th-52d (1881-93)
Petitions and Memorials22 in.46th-47th (1879-83), 49th-54th (1885-97), 60th (1907-09)
Committee Papers24 in.46th-48th (1879-85), 51st (1889-95), 53d (1893-95), 60th (1907-09), 69th (1925-27)
TOTAL:2 ft., 3 in. and 5 vols. (5 in.) 

14.46 The petition and memorial files contain petitions requesting the appointment of a commission to study alcoholic traffic and praying for prohibition of the manufacture, sale, and distribution through interstate commerce of alcohol in the United States and in various locations under federal authority and its export to certain countries.

14.47 The committee papers are thin and usually consist of printed bills, resolutions, and committee reports. Records of the 69th Congresses contain a transcript of an unprinted hearing (69A-F2). The bill file for the 60th Congress contains printed hearings on H.R. 22007, H.R. 12405, and H.R. 12406.

14.48 Additional records on alcoholic liquor traffic may be found in the records of the Judiciary Committee, which received petitions and memorials and held hearings on the subject, both before and during the life of the Committee on Alcoholic Liquor Traffic.

Table of Contents

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