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Guide to House Records: Chapter 17: Flood Control

Chapter 17. Records of the Public Works Committees

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Records of the Committees Relating to Public Works (1815-1988) from Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States, 1789-1988

Committee records described in this chapter.

Committee on Flood Control (1916-46)

History and Jurisdiction

17.29 The committee was authorized February 3, 1916, early in the 64th Congress, and was given jurisdiction over subjects relating to flood control. In the previous two Congresses such flood control matters had been entirely under the jurisdiction of the Committee on Rivers and Harbors and some flood control issues had been in the jurisdiction of the Committee on Levees and Improvements of the Mississippi River before that committee was abolished in 1911. The Committee on Flood Control was terminated early in the 80th Congress on January 3, 1947. Its successor was the Committee on Public Works.

Records of the Committee on Flood Control (1916-46)

Record Type Volume Congresses (Dates)
Petitions and Memorials 2 in. 64th (1915-17), 67th (1921-23), 69th (1925-27), 73rd-74th (1933-36)
Committee Papers 5 ft. 64th (1915-17), 66th (1919-21), 68th-71st (1923-31), 73rd-79th (1933-46)
Bill Files 4 ft. 66th-69th (1919-27), 71st-79th (1919-46)
9 ft.  

Committee Records Summary Table

17.30 The petitions and memorials reflect support by State legislatures, local governments, business associations, and civic groups for flood control projects on many rivers across the country. A petition from the Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club in 1927 supports emergency action to protect California's Imperial Valley from anticipated flooding by the Colorado River (69A-H2.1), and other petitions concern projects on the Connecticut, Mississippi, Missouri, and Mohawk rivers.

17.31 Committee papers include copies of printed bills, resolutions, hearings, and other House documents. Many of these printed House documents are reports by the Chief of Engineers on various flood control projects over a wide geographic range. Papers of the 64th Congress, 1916-17, include maps and photographs of several rivers (64A-F12.1 through 64A-F12.4); papers for the 75th Congress, 1937-38, include typed copies of unprinted reports on Schoharie Creek and tributaries in New York and the Sacramento and San Joaquin River System in California (75A-F15.1). Papers of the 78th Congress, 1943-44 (78A-F14.3) and of the 79th Congress, 1945-46 (79A-F 14.1) include lists of bills referred to the committee and copies of resolutions adopted by the committee, and, for the 78th Congress only, printed and unprinted reports. Among the printed House documents for the 78th Congress are reports, complete with index, from the Chief of Engineers, 1943-44 (78A-F14.2).

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