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Guide to House Records: Chapter 22: 1910-1946 Federal Communications Commission

Chapter 22. Records of the Select Committees of the House of Representatives

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Records of the Select Committees of the House of Representatives (1789-1988) from Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States, 1789-1988

Committee records described in this chapter:

Select Committee to Investigate the Federal Communications Commission (1943-45)

Select Committee to Investigate:VolumeCongress (dates)
the Federal Communications Commission45 feet78th (1943-45)

22.124 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was established on June 19, 1934, to regulate radio broadcasting and interstate and foreign communications by radio and wire. On January 19, 1943, the House passed a resolution introduced by E. E. Cox of Georgia that established the Select Committee to Investigate the Federal Communications Commission and endowed it with broad authority to study and investigate the organization, personnel, and activities of the FCC to determine if it was acting lawfully and in the public interest. In his comments on the resolution, Cox said that he had introduced it in response to numerous complaints from small broadcasters, newspapers having an interest in broadcasting, and employees of various Government departments, including the Army and Navy. Cox stated that "all these people insisted that Mr. [James L.] Fly, the Chairman of the Commission, was undertaking to set up a despotic dictatorship over all media of communication." Cox charged that he had suffered FCC harassment since introduction of the resolution.11

22.125 Records include correspondence with radio stations, the FCC, and others. There are memorandums, statements of witnesses, transcripts of hearings, exhibits, newspaper clippings, and printed reference materials. Documents obtained by the committee from the FCC are among the records, including licensing case files, press releases, public notices, speeches of FCC officials, and organizational charts. Vouchers and other financial records of the committee are also included.

22.126 Topics covered by the records include radio station licensing, FCC personnel, and the Radio Intelligence Division of the Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service.


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