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Guide to Senate Records: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3. Committee on Appropriations, 1867-1986

Records of Committee on Appropriations, 1867-1988 from Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States

Committee records discussed in this chapter:
Committee on Appropriations, 1969-1986

3.22 Records of this committee prior to the 95th Congress (1977-78) are very limited. Since 1977, however, there are substantial records of the full committee and 10 subcommittees: Agriculture, Rural Development, and Related Agencies (27 ft.); Commerce, Justice, and State (64 ft.); Foreign Operations (10 ft.); Housing and Urban Development and Independent Agencies (9 ft.); Intelligence Operations (2 ft., security-classified); Interior (2 ft.); Labor-Health and Human Services-Education (7 ft.); Legislative Branch (7 ft.); Transportation and Related Agencies (5 ft.); and Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government (3 ft.).

This Web version is updated from time to time to include records processed since 1989.

Bibliographic note: Web version based on Guide to the Records of the United States Senate at the National Archives, 1789-1989: Bicentennial Edition (Doct. No. 100-42). By Robert W. Coren, Mary Rephlo, David Kepley, and Charles South. Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1989.