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Guide to Senate Records: Chapter 11 1842-1921

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Chapter 11. Records of the Committee on Governmental Affairs and Related Committees, 1842-1968

Records of the Committee on Governmental Affairs and Related Committees, 1842-1988 from Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States

Committee records discussed in this chapter:
Records of Minor Standing Expenditure and Investigative Committees, 1842-1921

11.4 The records of the Committee on Retrenchment, 1842-54 (7 in.), consist of committee reports and papers (1 in.), committee papers (5 in.), and petitions and memorials referred to the committee (1 in.). The records from the 1840's concern reducing the compensation, per diem, and travel expenses provided Members of Congress (27A-D17, 27A-G19, 28A-D14, 28A-G18, 29A-G20). The remaining records include and relate to a petition by Government clerks for a pay raise in 1854. In response to this petition, the committee chairman, Stephen Adams of Mississippi, requested and received reports from various Departments on compensation of their clerical employees (33A-E15, 33A-H20).

11.5 Although in existence for less than 15 months, the Committee on Investigation and Retrenchment, 1871-73, has left a detailed record of its activity. The committee papers (2 ft.) include a minute book, documents received by the committee that are referenced in the minute book, subpoenas and subpoena dockets, letters from executive agencies, lists of witnesses and papers requested, printed Senate Miscellaneous Documents containing instructions to the committee, and other records (42A-E8). The chairman of the committee was William A. Buckingham of Connecticut.

11.6 The only records of the Committee on Organization, Conduct, and Expenditures in Executive Departments, 1900-1901, consist of petitions (2 in.) and related correspondence from an irate manufacturer of incandescent lamps who sought an investigation of the Commissioner of Patents (56A-F24). The National Archives has no records of any of the other expenditure-related committees until 1947 (80th Cong.).

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