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Leslie Arends

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Interview with Rep. Leslie C. Arends (R-IL), Republican Whip
March 1963

"I wouldn't say party regularity enters into it so much on the Appropriations Committee. On some other committees it might. But we're the no-spend party. I like to say we have more fiscal responsibility than the other party, so the people on our side are all that way. Usually we have no way of knowing whether he [a candidate for the Committee] would be a spender. Of course, if we knew that someone was inclined to spend money and was opposed to everything the Republican Party stood for in that way, why we wouldn't put him on the Appropriations Committee."

It depends on who applies and from what area etc. etc. He said he could not remember any applicant from Pennsylvania—and Rep. Harold C. Ostertag (R-NY), I think, said he couldn't either.

Rep. Louis C. Wyman (R-NH) went on the Committee—"We had a large number of new members—thirty-one I think it was—and we had a strong feeling that some representative from that group should go on." He pointed out that there was a vacancy from the northeast and New England—not a very perceptive person and a very hurried conversation.