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Senate Oral History Program: George Tames - Deed of Gift

by Donald A. Ritchie
January 13 to May 16, 1988

Deed of Gift

I, George Tames, do hereby give to the Senate Historical Office the tape recordings and transcripts of my interviews on January 13, January 20, March 8, April 27, and May 16, 1988.

I authorize the Senate Historical Office to use the tapes and transcripts in such a manner as may best serve the educational and historical objectives of their oral history program. I also approve the deposit of the transcripts at the Library of Congress, National Archives, Senate Library, and any other institution which the Senate Historical Office may deem appropriate.

In making this gift, I voluntarily convey ownership of the tapes and transcripts to the public domain.

George Tames
[December 16, 1988]

Accepted on Behalf of the Senate Historical Office by:

Richard A. Baker
[December 16, 1988}