National Archives at New York City

Calendar of Events for What’s Cooking Uncle Sam

Stop in to view our traveling exhibit on the 2nd floor Rotunda at the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House building at One Bowling Green, NY, NY.

Join us in the 2nd floor Rotunda on the following dates for related special programming from local authors, and organizations between Noon and 2pm.

  • Thursday, June 4th Greenmarket operates farmers markets in NYC. Over 200 local farmers, fishers and bakers sell what they grow, raise, catch and bake themselves. Since 1976 Greenmarket has worked to conserve farmland and ensure a continuing supply of fresh, local produce to New Yorkers. Greenmarket is a program of the GrowNYC, a privately funded nonprofit organization. Come learn more about the important work they do.

  • Thursday, June 11th Carvel- America's freshest ice cream will be providing discount coupons for soft serve ice cream to celebration of the fact that the National Archives at New York City has Tom Carvel's citizenship documents. Stop by the exhibit and you can see the document as well.

  • Tuesday, June 16th Join author Cindy Lobel selling and signing her book, Urban Appetites: Food and Culture in Nineteenth Century New York (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014).

  • Tuesday, June 30th, Join author Amy Bentley selling and signing her book, Inventing Baby Food: Taste, Health and the Industrialization of the American Diet (California, 2014).

  • Thursday, July 2nd, Join author Marion Nestle selling and signing her book, Eat, Drink, Vote: An Illustrated Guide to Food Politics.