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Results of the Homepage Redesign Vote

Thank you to everyone who voted and commented on the homepage designs and features!

Design C received the highest number of votes.

Archives Homepage Redesign C

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The results are in and Design C received the most votes. Design C will be used to proceed, with minor modifications based on usability testing and user feedback.

  • In-Person Votes:   1,866
  • Online Votes:   1,388*
  • E-mail Votes:   3

Voting was open Friday, July 2–Monday, July 12, 2010:

  • Online voting was open July 2nd through July 12th
  • In-person voting was available July 6th through July 9th in the Public Vaults in Washington, DC
  • In-person voting was extended to the College Park and Washington, DC, Research Room areas and available July 7th through July 9th

* About Online Voting

Ideascale, an online voting tool, was used for the online homepage redesign voting. This tool allows logged-in voters to vote for or against a design and to vote for or against homepage features. Features votes are distinct from the design votes – features votes are about what to include on the homepage (News / Slideshow / Document of the Day etc.).

  • There were a total of 1,388 online votes. Of these, 1,254 were for homepage designs and 134 were for features.

Online and in-person comments and votes confirmed the preference for a simpler, cleaner homepage design.

  • These charts combine the 1,866 in-person votes, 3 e-mail votes, and 1,254 online design votes.
  • These charts show the difference between considering the online "agree" votes (left) and the net total of the "agree" and "disagree" votes (right).
Refer to Caption In Person / E-mail votes in combination with online Agree votes only. Design A:   6% Design B:   31% Design C:   36% Design D:   27%
Refer to Caption In Person / E-mail votes in combination with the net total of the Agree and Disagree online votes. Design A:   6% Design B:   21% Design C:   44% Design D:   29%

These were the designs voted on between July 2 and July 12, 2010.

View the Data Analysis and Feedback that helped us design these four initial concepts.