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(Army, Army Air Corps, Army Air Force, and Air Force only)

A Morning Report is not a roster of all personnel assigned to the unit; it is an exception based report, meaning that a soldier’s name will on appear on the report if his status has changed from the previous report.  For example, from present for duty to ordinary leave, or from present for duty to sick in quarters, or from sick in hospital to present for duty, or promoted, or reassigned, etc. 

Morning reports are unit records that were filled out each day to reflect changes in duty status for personnel assigned to the unit; such as, gains, losses, leave, transfers, TDY, promotions, etc.  The entries show the name of service member, service number/SSN, and rank.  Also shown are unit strength, the location of the unit, and sometimes a Record of Events.  Army morning reports were discontinued approximately September 30, 1974, and USAF discontinued June 30, 1966.

Information needed to conduct a search:

  • Complete name of the unit (to the smallest echelon: company, battalion, regiment, squadron, etc.)
  • The month (or season) and year of the event (wound, injury, hospitalization, etc.)

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