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Circuit Court of the united States for the District of Pennsylvania Term of April 1800

The United States
vs          Indictment for Libel under the Sedition Law
Thomas Cooper

The above named defendant (protesting against the insinuation and constructions in the said indictment alleged against him) pleads not guilty; of this he puts himself pleads not guilty, this he pleads himself in this county and will give the follwing parts in evidence in the trial in justification of the supposed Libel stated in the aforesaid Indictment.

I. That Mr Adams either by himself or by the Officer of the State acting under his authority has given the Public to understand that he would bestow ____ Office but on persons who conformed to his political opinions.

II. Mr. Adams has declared that a Republican Government may mean anuthing.

III. Mr. Adams did sanction the Alien Law, and thereby entrenched his public character behind the legal provisions of that law.

IV. Mr. Adams did sanction the Sedition Law and thereby entrenched his public character behind the provisions of that law.

V. Under the auspices of Mr. Adams the expense of a permanent navy is saddled on the people.

VI. Under the auspices of Mr. Adams we are threatened with the assistance of a standing army.

VII. The Government of the United States has borrowed money at 8 percent in time of Peace.

VIII. The unnecessary violence of official ____ used by Mr. Adams, and those in authority under him, and his adherants, might justly have provoked a war.

IX. Political acrimony has been fostered by those who call themselves his friends and adherants.

X. Mr. Humphries after being indicted of assault and battery on Benjamin Franklin backs the printer of the Aurora merely from political motives, was before his sentence was expired, promoted by Mr. Adams to a public Office ____ to carry his dispatches to France.

XI. Mr. Adams did project and put in execution embassies to Prussia, Russia and the Sublime State.

XII. Mr. Adams is the cause of ____ Robbins alias Nash did interfere to influence the decision of a Court of Justice.

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