National Archives at Philadelphia

Making Improvements: Summer and Fall, 2013

We will be closing our Market Street facility for on-site research and reference, as well as our Exhibit Gallery and on-site programs, beginning Monday, 29 July. We expect to reopen the facility in early December.


We have just begun the final phase of our improvements: renovating the research and reference areas. Once done, we’ll have more Public Access Computers, including a set for hands-on instruction, fewer microfilm machines, more secure space for using original records, and a better flow. See the accompanying "before" and "after" floor plans.

National Archives in Philadelphia has been busy since we posted the initial "Making Improvements" announcement in 2009: We renovated 2 facilities to up-to-date archival storage conditions for our holdings. One is on-site at Market Street; the other is off-site in northeast Philadelphia.

We bar coded over 150,000 individual boxes and volumes; and then used that system to manage the move of these boxes and volumes out of the old spaces and into the new spaces.

We also took in to the renovated off-site facility some 90,000 individual boxes and volumes from our sister facility the National Archives in New York, which moved into a new reference and public facility earlier this year.

What does this mean for you?

You'll still reach Research Services the same way to ask a research question or submit a reference request: or 215.606.0100 or Order online for Naturalizations.

We will schedule researchers using original records (not microfilm or public access computers) at the off-site facility. This is by confirmed appointment only. So please contact us well in advance of any planning visit.

You’ll also still reach the Education team the same way:
Andrea Reidell

On-site programs, such as Wednesday Workshops and First Fridays, are cancelled. However, we will still be offering off-site programs, by request.
Contact Andrea Reidell for Education programs, including National History Day.
Contact Beth Levitt for genealogical and other programs.

Come see the La Historia de Mi Familia exhibit, by Esperanza Academy students, in July!


National Archives at Philadelphia staff will still be busy throughout the renovations. Check our Facebook page for updates and stories and pictures, as well as a schedule of off-site genealogical and general appearances.

Please contact Leslie Simon if you have particular questions or concerns about access to archival records, as well as First Fridays and Wednesday Workshops. Please contact Andrea Reidell if you have questions about Education programs.