Item Level Evaluation: Automated Quality Analysis

Using automated batch-processing software tools, test plans are developed for each format and/or each appropriate project. The test plan allows for some characteristics to be evaluated on an actionable basis (warning, fail or pass depending on the defined parameters). Others are logged for internal use but are not actionable as a warning, pass or fail. Aim points for these benchmarks are evaluated against NARA's product specifications as well as NARA defined aim points which may change depending on specific project goals. The following represents the quality test plan technical characteristics for AVI products.

Terms used in the QC protocols are defined in the Glossary of Terms.

Category Technical Characteristic Warning/Pass/Fail or Logged Data
AVI Container Features
  • Video Tracks (number of)
  • Audio Tracks (number of)
  • Mismatch in Audio and Video Duration
  • File Size
  • Content Layout
  • PIDs Allowed for Audio and Video
Logged data
AVI File Format Characteristics OpenDML AVI File Format Extension Warning/Pass/Fail
Uncompressed YUV Video Essence: Video Description Features
  • Chroma Format
  • Frame Rate (Fps)
  • Resolution (Width/Height)
  • Bits Per Pixel (Luma and Chroma)
  • Resolution Change
  • Video Format
  • Average Bitrate (Mbps)
  • Active Pixels (Percentage)
  • Duration
Logged data
Uncompressed YUV Video Essence: Video Quality Features Video Signal Levels (Luma/Chroma) Warning/Pass/Fail
  • Color Bars
  • Black Bars
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • White Point
  • Freeze Frames
  • Cadence Break
  • Upconversion
  • Field Order
Logged data
LPCM Audio Essence: Audio Description Features
  • Sampling Frequency (Hz)
  • Audio Channels (Number)
  • Bits per sample (Number)
  • Duration
  • Bit Rate (Kbps)
  • LFE Channels (Number)
Logged data
LPCM Audio Essence: Audio Quality Features
  • Maximum Level
  • Audio Clipping
LPCM Audio Essence: Audio Quality Features
  • Test Tone
  • Average Level
  • Phase Mismatch
  • Level Mismatch
  • Loudness
  • DialNorm-Loudness Mismatch
  • Misplaced Channels
  • Background Noise
  • Transient Noise
  • Wow and Flutter
  • Jitter Noise
  • High Frequency Noise
  • Overmodulation
Logged Data

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