RG 181, Brooklyn Navy Yard Glass Plate Negatives

Soon after its establishment in 1798, the Department of the Navy created navy yards and other fleet service shore establishments. A system of naval districts for the United States was not formally established, however, until 1903. The system was supervised by the Bureau of Navigation until 1915 when it became the responsibility of the Chief of Naval Operations. The New York Navy Yard, Brooklyn, New York, was established by the U.S. Navy in 1800. The Yard was closed in 1974 and its land was transferred to the Department of the Interior for use as a recreational area.

This collection from RG 181, Records of Naval Districts and Shore Establishments - New York Region – Brooklyn Navy Yard, contains 4,000 glass plate negatives. The Photographic Imaging, Microfilm and Textual Preservation Lab will scan all glass plate negatives as well as any film interpositives (of any nitrate previously reformatted). Although this project initially came to the labs as a preservation project to create film copies, the glass plates are in stable condition and are not at risk for deterioration or loss. Therefore, the current primary goal of this project is to create a reference copy of the glass plates in order to reduce handling of the original. The plates will be digitized on the Stokes camera system as one of the first projects to test the workflow capabilities of the camera. Because the lab would like to evaluate the camera, preservation master quality scans of the plates will be produced. Although the intent of this project is primarily for access purposes, a Still Photo Maximum - 4000 Line [SPF-P1] file, Still Photo Maximum - 6000 Line [SPF-P2] file, or Still Photo Maximum - 8000 Line [SPF-P3] file will be produced. This file will be captured in 16-shot mode on the Stokes camera at 800 ppi, 16-bit grayscale, and will remain in negative mode, and will also include the step tablet as a reference in the frame. Two derivative files may also be produced: the first is a Standard Distribution Image [IMG-D1] file, and the second is a Letter-Sized Distribution Image [IMG-D2] file.

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