Vault 131 Project

Vault 131 contains approximately 1,300 cubic feet of material, representing many different original record types, record groups, and series. The Lincoln materials currently being digitized represent a portion of the vault materials. Vault items are of high intrinsic and monetary value, and often do not represent full or logical series or groups of items. The Photographic Imaging, Microfilm and Textual Preservation Lab plans to progress through the vault materials in stages, beginning with RG 59, General Records of the Department of State materials, as these are a large, cohesive group as well as frequently requested. Although the Vault project is an access project (records are not at risk for loss or obsolescence), preservation master TIFF copies of these records may be produced during the project, due to their archival value. Specifications for the preservation master file will depend upon original record type (textual, photographic, object and artifact, etc.).

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