Scan on Demand [IMG-D6]

Record Type
Expected Use Distribution Copy
Product Name Scan on Demand [IMG-D6]
Product Purpose

The purpose of this product is to document the expected products for records "scanned on demand" on local document scanners when offered in all NARA locations.

Nature of Source Material
  • Any digital preservation or reproduction master file or,
  • Any textual or photographic source object
File Properties Data Format

Depending on project needs, the follow file formats are options:

  • TIFF, version 6.0 (.tif), uncompressed
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • BMP
  • Additional file formats may vary by locations.
Capture Information


  • Minimum: 300 ppi at original document size or 3000 pixels on the long dimension for film scans
  • Maximum: 400 ppi at original document size or 4000 pixels on the long dimension for film scans
  • Customers may request lower scanning resolutions

Tonal orientation: The image is always presented as a positive image regardless of its original polarity.

Bit depth: 1 bit for B&W, 8 bits for grayscale, and 24 bit for color

Color options: B&W, grayscale, color

Size: All NARA locations offering Scan on Demand services will be able to scan objects up to 8.5" x 14". Other sizes will vary by location.

Image adjustment: NARA staff will make no adjustments to the scanned image.

Typical file size: ~24 MB

Other Information

This product qualifies as the Basic Digitized Scan option on the NARA Reproduction Fee Schedule.

Quality Control

There are no standard quality control procedures for this product.

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