Digital Cinema Package [MPD-D3]

Record Type Digital Moving Images from Film-based Source Material
Expected Use Distribution Copy
Product Name Digital Cinema Package [MPD-D3]
Product Purpose

The purpose of this product is to create a Digital Cinema Package (DCP). This file is at an appropriate information capture level for theater exhibition packaging.

Nature of Source Material

Any 16mm and 35mm film elements (B&W or color) and corresponding WAV files of high content value and/or of high cultural /historical significance.

File Properties Data Format

Image Data

  • JPEG2000 wrapped in MXF
  • Lossless compression
Capture Information

To be announced later

Other Information
  • Film elements are digitally captured at 2K raw DPX files in-house. The creation of the DCP from the 2K raw DPX files is done by an external vendor. The 2K DPX files are not retained after the creation of the DCP.
  • Due to its very large file size, this product is not accessed directly by researchers and is only used for theatrical exhibition.
  • The integrity of the sources aspect ratio will be maintained.
Quality Control

Because they are intended for exhibition, DCPs often contain additional image improvements such as the use of restoration tools including dust and scratch removal as needed and scene-by-scene color correction.

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