Other/Project Specific Motion Picture Film [MPD-D99]

Record Type Digital Moving Images from Film-based Source Material
Expected Use Distribution Copy
Product Name Other/Project Specific Motion Picture Film [MPD-D99]
Product Purpose

As determined by project needs

Nature of Source Material

Any digital reproduction master file.

File Properties Data Format

As determined by project needs

Capture Information

As determined by project needs

Possible File Derivatives

As determined by project needs


Products are dependent on system capability to product them, including the availability of equipment, technological capabilities or limitations, staff resources, the size and scope of the request, etc. Acquiring additional resources to produce a non-standard desired product may be considered after a cost-benefit analysis and investigation into the availability of funding to meet project needs.

Other Information

Audio and video levels may be adjusted as appropriate during the initial capture process but otherwise, the preservation files are unaltered. Reproduction and distribution files may have additional image improvements such as minimal color correction if necessary.

Quality Control Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Digital Imaging Products

The Digitization Services Branch’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QA) program is evolving as new tools and resources are acquired and implemented. We are moving towards more automated and integrated systems to assure the products we make meet the specifications outlined. Digital products created by the Digitization Services Branch are validated against standardized format specifications and signature files when possible. We use a variety of format specific batch evaluation and validation tools both open source and vendor supplied, to assure technical quality level specifications are met. All files, but especially distribution system specific files, are inspected for successful playback in a variety of tools and environments. Additional quality control workflows are in development.

Equipment/System Evaluation
NARA implements scheduled service and calibration protocols according to manufacturer recommendations as well as on an "as needed" basis.

Embedded metadata: NARA is working on embedded metadata guidelines for all file types.
Technical metadata: NARA is finalizing technical metadata schemas for all file types.

Customer Level Evaluation / Order Completeness

NARA is developing an in house job tracking order system to better coordinate work at the Branch level.

Item Level Evaluation: Automated File Characteristics Analysis
Fixity: NARA is evaluating workflows to create and validate checksums for each digital file.

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