Other/Project Specific [VID-D99]

Record Type: Digital Moving Images from Video Source Material

Expected Use: Distribution Copy

Product Name: Other/Project Specific [VID-D99]

Product Purpose: As determined by project needs

Nature of Source Material: Dependent on media.

Possible File Derivatives: As determined by project needs

Dependencies: Products are dependent on system capability to produce them, including the availability of equipment, technological capabilities or limitations, staff resources, the size and scope of the request, etc. Acquiring additional resources to produce a non-standard desired product may be considered after a cost-benefit analysis and investigation into the availability of funding to meet project needs.

File Properties

Container Format As determined by project needs
File Specifications As determined by project needs

Quality Control

Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Project Specific Video Projects 

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) uses a commercially available, automated batch processing software tool to evaluate specific quality metrics. Current processes are dependent on the project specific media.


The filename contains metadata that associates the file with external sources of descriptive and technical metadata. Each filename is a unique identifier composed of the item’s record group, series, and item number.

Embedded metadata: NARA is working to develop embedded metadata guidelines for reformatted video. Additional information will be added to this site when available.

Technical metadata: NARA is finalizing technical metadata schemas for all file types.

Item Level Evaluation: Automated File Characteristics Analysis

Fixity: NARA creates a checksum on the local workstation where the file is created. This checksum is verified once the file reaches long-term tape storage to ensure that no changes have occurred during quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC) procedures and file transfers on networked storage.

Item Level Evaluation: Automated Quality Analysis

Using automated batch-processing software tools, test plans are developed for each format and/or each appropriate project. The test plan allows for some characteristics to be evaluated on an actionable basis (warning, fail or pass depending on the defined parameters). Others are logged for internal use but are not actionable as a warning, pass or fail. Aim points for these benchmarks are evaluated against NARA's product specifications as well as NARA defined aim points which may change depending on specific project goals.