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Fiscal Year 2016

September 2016

The National Archives Celebrates Constitution Day—Constitution Day/Citizenship Day is September 17, 2016 9/12/2016

The National Archives Hosts Noontime Book Talks in September 9/8/2016

Film Screening and Panel Discussion “The People and the Police” at the National Archives, September 8 9/7/2016

Madeleine Albright to Speak at National Archives Naturalization Ceremony 9/6/2016

August 2016

National Archives Celebrates National Park Service Centennial on August 25 8/24/2016

July 2016

Information Security Oversight Office Releases its Annual Report to the President 7/29/2016

National Archives Presidential Libraries and PBS series American Experience Launch #ElectionCollection Challenge 7/26/2016

The National Archives Welcomes Millionth Visitor in FY 2016 7/19/2016

National Archives Exhibits Featured Online in American Democracy Collection 7/18/2016

June 2016

National Archives Presents "Shared Legacies: Honoring the Black-Jewish Civil Rights Alliance" on July 21 6/30/2016

National Archives Holds Free Records Programs in July and August 6/29/2016

FDR Library and Museum Mark the Library's 75th Anniversary with Free Public Events June 30 - July 2, 2016, and New Pearl Harbor Exhibit 6/15/2016

Explore, Discover, and Create Using National Archives’ Primary Sources on 6/13/2016

Upcoming Free Educational Programs for Family and Kids at the National Archives 6/9/2016

National Archives Exclusive: Press Opportunity to Photo and Video Original FOIA in Advance of 50th Anniversary 6/7/2016

National Archives June 16, Program Explores the Equal Rights Amendment 6/7/2016

National Archives Holds Free Records Programs This Summer 6/7/2016

Celebrate July 4th at the National Archives in DC and Across the Nation 6/6/2016

June 10 National Archives Screens New Documentary on Vietnam POW Jeremiah Denton 6/2/2016

National Archives Presents a Discussion of “Memorials For the Future” on June 8 6/2/2016

May 2016

National Archives Awards $3.2 Million in Grants for Documentary Editing and Archival Projects 5/25/2016

National Archives Holds Free Records Programs in May 5/9/2016

The National Archives Hosts Special Program on Lincoln and the Jews May 31 5/5/2016

Annette Gordon-Reed and Peter Onuf to Discuss New Book on Thomas Jefferson at the National Archives May 19 5/4/2016

National Archives Hosts Screening of New Documentary “Lincoln’s Greatest Speech” on May 9 5/3/2016

April 2016

The National Archives Presents Free Noontime Author Lecture Series in May 4/29/2016

National Archives Marks Election Season with Free Political Cartoon eBook 4/28/2016

National Archives Celebrates National Park Service Centennial May 11 4/28/2016

Laurence Brewer Appointed New U.S. Chief Records Officer 4/22/2016

National Archives Issues Sixth Volume of President Obama’s Public Papers 4/20/2016

The National Archives Hosts “Eye on the 60s” Program April 21 4/18/2016

National Archives Hosts Special Political Program with Lee Hamilton on April 27 4/14/2016

National Archives Explores African American Life in DC before Emancipation 4/7/2016

The National Archives Hosts Special Public Programs in April 4/6/2016

March 2016

Upcoming Free Family and Youth Educational Programs at the National Archives 3/31/2016

National Archives Honors Wright Brothers with Upcoming Special Display 3/24/2016

National Archives McGowan Forum to Explore Women in Technology March 24 3/16/2016

National Archives Opens Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Records 3/11/2016

National Archives Holds Free Records Programs in March and April 3/8/2016

National Archives Launches New Exhibit with Programs on the Bill of Rights (March 10) and the Constitutional Convention (March 11) 3/3/2016

The National Archives Hosts Special Public Programs in March 3/2/2016

National Archives Celebrates National Park Service Centennial with Film Program 3/2/2016

Press Preview for National Archives “Amending America” Exhibit March 8 3/1/2016

February 2016

Declassified CIA and Henry Kissinger State Department Records 2/18/2016

National Archives’ OGIS Celebrates “Sunshine Week” On March 14th 2/16/2016

National Archives Hosts Program on Rosenwald Documentary February 4 at 7 p.m. 2/2/2016

National Archives Presents Panel Discussion on The History of Finance in American Political Campaigns 2/1/2016

January 2016

Free Screenings of 88th Academy Award® Nominees at the National Archives 1/19/2016

National Archives Holds Free Records Programs in January and February 1/12/2015

National Archives Hosts Special Concert by the Air Force Strings January 28 at 7 p.m. 1/11/2016

December 2015

President Obama to Deliver Keynote Address at National Archives Naturalization Ceremony on December 15 12/11/2015

National Archives Museum Honors Tuskegee Airmen with Special Display 12/10/2015

Statement from the National Archives: Update on NARA’s Activities and Communications Related to Email Management at the Department of State 12/7/2015

National Archives Opens "Amending America" Exhibit March 11, 2016 12/2/2015

National Archives Museum Displays CA’s ratification of 13th Amendment 12/1/2015

November 2015

National Archives Holds Free Records Programs in December 11/25/2015

National Archives to Co-host DPLAfest 2016 11/24/2015

National Archives Explores Alcohol and Technology December 3 at 7 p.m. 11/23/2015

National Archives Displays the Refugee Act of 1980 11/20/2015

National Archives Awards $1.8 Million in Grants for Historical Records Projects for Historical Records Projects 11/17/2015

National Archives Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the 13th Amendment December 7 11/17/2015

National Archives Selects Former Atlantan to Head Carter Presidential Library 11/16/2015

National Archives Hosts Program on Resconstruction November 12 at 6:30 p.m. 11/9/2015

National Archives Holds Free Records Programs in November 11/5/2015

National Archives Announces Digitization Partnership with the National Collection of Aerial Photography 11/2/2015

October 2015

National Archives Marks Veterans Day in Washington, DC and Nationwide 10/29/2015

National Archives Holds Panel on Honoring Veterans November 5 at 7 PM 10/28/2015

National Archives Hosts 11th Annual McGowan Forum on Communications November 18 10/22/2015

National Archives Congratulates the Monuments Men 10/22/2015

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito to Speak at the National Archives on October 29 10/22/2015

National Archives Renews Digitization Partnerships with FamilySearch and Ancestry 10/14/2015

National Archives Publishes Chinese Exclusion Act Book and Course 10/13/2015

National Archives Screens Documentary “Projections of America” on October 14 10/8/2015

National Archives Hosts WikiConference USA October 9-11, 2015 10/5/2015

National Archives Hosts Special Daytime Programs in October 10/2/2015

National Archives Hosts Special Educational Programs in October 10/2/2015

Archivist David S. Ferriero To Speak at Duke’s Founders’ Day Ceremony 10/1/2015