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Prologue Magazine Spring 2005 Table of Contents

Spring 2005 Highlights:

Belva LockwoodBelva Lockwood: Blazing the Trail for Women in Law - She stood up to a President, became the first woman to argue before the Supreme Court, and helped stir the woman suffrage movement.

Good Humor AdThe Frozen Sucker War - In pre - air-conditioning America, Good Humor and Popsicle square off in search of market share in the growing frozen sucker market.

photo of files20th-Century Veterans' Service Records: Safe, Secure—and Available - How records of soldiers, sailors, and airmen are preserved in our St. Louis facility and how to get copies of them.

Table of Contents

Spring 2005: Vol. 36, No. 4

Prologue in Perspective:
Secrecy and Salesmanship in the Struggle for NARA's Independence

Robert M. Warner

The Frozen Sucker War
Jefferson M. Moak

Belva Lockwood: Blazing the Trail for Women in Law
Jill Norgren

Winema and the Modoc War: One Woman's Struggle for Peace
Rebecca Bales

Four New Venues Open for National Archives Holdings

Finding Place for the Negro: Robert C. Weaver and the Groundwork for the Civil Rights Movement
Walter B. Hill, Jr.

Spotlight on NARA:
20th-Century Veterans' Service Records: Safe, Secure—and Available

Norman Eisenberg

Genealogy Notes:
Sealing the Sacred Bonds of Holy Matrimony: Freedmen's Bureau Marriage Records

Reginald Washington

Authors on the Record: Old Ironsides: Warrior and Survivor

Foundation for the National Archives

Pieces of History: General Robert E. Lee's Parole and Citizenship

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