Federal Records Management

Records Management Contacts

The Office of the Chief Records Officer for the U.S. Government is responsible for Records Management Policy, Appraisal, Scheduling, Oversight, Reporting, and Training for federal government organizations covered under the Federal Records Act (FRA).

annual.move@nara.gov For questions about the annual move process
GRS_Team@nara.gov For general records schedule questions
legacy.schedules@nara.gov For requesting that a legacy disposition authority be entered into ERA for an imminent transfer to NARA
lssp_team@nara.gov For questions about the records control schedules posted online, including missing schedules, technical issues, revisions to 115s
permanentrecords@nara.gov For questions about permanent records issues and accountability
records.management@nara.gov For general or specific records management questions
request.schedule@nara.gov For requesting or commenting on schedules posted to the Federal Register.
rm.communications@nara.gov For general questions or communicating with the Chief Records Officer for the U.S. Government
rmpolicy@nara.gov For questions about records management policy related to bulletins, white papers, OMB directives, and other initiatives
rmstandards@nara.gov For questions about records management policy related to standards, formats, and technical transfer guidance
RMT1@nara.gov For questions about records management training
ro.updates@nara.gov For updates to the List of Agency Records Officers
unauthorizeddisposition@nara.gov For allegations or self-reported instances of unauthorized dispositions