Federal Records Management

AC 07.2011

August 30,, 2011

MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL RECORD OFFICERS: Operating Status of the Washington National Records Center for Tuesday, August 30 and Wednesday August 31, 2011

AC 07.2011

The Washington National Records Center (WNRC) will remain closed on Tuesday, August 30 and Wednesday, August 31. Engineers have determined that the steel frame structure of the building did not sustain any structural damage as a result of the earthquake or hurricane. However, the building will remain closed to staff to enable clean up of fallen masonry, repairs to loose masonry, and air sampling to ensure no contaminates were caused by the damage.

A small team of WNRC staff will be on duty to service emergency reference requests for Federal agencies.

In addition to the aggregate data for your agency, please submit inventories or spreadsheets to your appraiser or the NARA records management contact that you regularly work with that lists: (a) the name of the electronic records series and/or system, (b) a brief description, and (c) the scheduling status (i.e., pending NARA approval or drafted but not submitted to NARA). This information will be used to validate data entered into the portal, and to assist NARA staff in evaluating scheduling workload.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates. We will also post to the Federal Records Centers Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NARAFRC) and Twitter feed (www.twitter.com/NARAFRC).

Chief Records Officer for the
U.S. Government