Federal Records Management

NWM 01.2011

October 14, 2010

MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY RECORDS OFFICERS: Adding E-mail Addresses to the Records Officer lists on Archives.gov

The NARA records management web content staff will be adding the e-mail addresses of agency records officers to the list of records officers on our website at http://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/agency/officers-lists.html. The website currently includes only the mailing address and phone number. We believe this is an important step to improve communication and supports the objectives of the Administration's open government initiative.

If you do not want your e-mail address published on the NARA website, or you need to inform us of any recent changes to your contact information, please send an e-mail to RM.Communications@nara.gov by October 29, 2010. The new listing of records officer e-mail addresses will be available in mid-November.

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