Federal Records Management

NWM 04.2009

November 04, 2008

MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY CONTACTS: Availability of presidential transition resources in the Toolkit for Managing Electronic Records

This memo notifies agencies that NARA's Toolkit for Managing Electronic Records now includes resources to assist agencies in protecting Federal records (both electronic and paper) and other documentary materials from unauthorized removal during the upcoming presidential transition.

On February 4, 2008, NARA issued NARA Bulletin 2008-02 which reminded heads of Federal agencies that official records must remain in the custody of the agency. To assist in complying with NARA Bulletin 2008-02, NARA provides example resources (tools) in the Toolkit for Managing Electronic Records. Currently available tools from the Department of the Treasury include:

  • Treasury Order 101-31, Requests by Departing or Former Employees to Access or Remove Documentary Materials which establishes policy on requests by departing and former employees to access, or remove from the custody of the Department of Treasury, documentary materials.
  • Brochure - Removal of Records by Departing Officials which provides a quick reference to information about removal of records by departing officials.
  • Slide Presentation - Removal of Records by Departing Employees which describes the process implemented at the Treasury Department to prevent unauthorized removal and access of records (paper and electronic) by employees and departing officials.

These tools can be accessed from the "New Tools" section of the Toolkit, and are searchable under the "Presidential Transition" topic. I would like to thank the Treasury Department for sharing these tools and I encourage other agencies to share resources by contacting the Toolkit Team at toolkit@nara.gov.

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