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NWM 05.2008

December 12, 2007

MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY CONTACTS: Results from the FY 2007 Records Management Customer Satisfaction Survey and Training Program Impact Survey.

I am pleased to announce that the results from NARA's FY 2007 Federal Records Management Training Certificate Program Impact Survey and the Records Management Services Customer Satisfaction Survey are now available online at http://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/policy/surveys.html.

The Certificate Program was developed to meet the changing needs of the Federal records management community. In 2006, NARA staff updated and expanded NARA's existing records management courses, creating one standard national records management training program. Five of these standard courses and their related examinations comprise the Certificate Program.

To assess the effectiveness of the Certificate Program, the National Records Management Training Program conducted its first impact evaluation (in the form of an on-line survey) in March 2007 after a full year of revised course offerings. The objective of the evaluation was to gauge the impact that the training had on the records management work performance of those completing the Certificate Program. A summary of the resulting Report and the Participant survey instrument is now available online. The full technical report is available by request from NARA.Recordsmgttraining@nara.gov.

The Records Management Services Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted for the third time in May 2007. The customer satisfaction survey helps NARA improve scheduling and appraisal, electronic records guidance products, and training services by identifying the most important drivers affecting customer satisfaction. This allows us to focus our resources to improve service in the areas that are most important to our customers.

The full FY 2007 Customer Satisfaction Survey report is available at http://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/policy/survey-2007.html

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