Federal Records Management

Agency Reporting Requirements - PRMD

Goal 2: Demonstrate Compliance with Federal Records Management Statutes and Regulations
The Federal Government should commit to manage more effectively all records consistent with
Federal statutes and regulations and professional standards. Agencies must meet the following

2.5 SAO Shall Ensure that Records are Scheduled
By December 31, 2016, the SAO shall work with the Agency Records Officer to ensure
records schedules have been submitted to NARA for all existing paper and other non­
electronic records. To facilitate this goal, the Agency Records Officer will work with
NARA to identify all unscheduled records, by December 31 , 2013. This should include
all records stored at NARA and at agencies' records storage facilities that have not yet
been properly scheduled.

Please contact the PRMD Project Management Office (PMO) with any questions concerning these responsibilities at PRMD@nara.gov.