Federal Records Management

Electronic Records Management Automation: Opportunities for Federal Agency Staff

Federal agency records management, information management, and IT staff can get involved in the ongoing work of electronic records management automation in several ways. You can learn what other agencies are doing to automate electronic records management, you can learn what vendor solutions are on the market, or you can actively participate with a working group of NARA and other agency staff to help your agency meet the goals of the Managing Government Records Directive.

Electronic Records Management (ERM) Automation Working Group

All interested Feds are welcome in the ERM Automation Working Group! In AC 14.2013, we invited Federal agency staff interested in Directive goal A3.1 to get involved in finding more economically viable automated solutions for electronic records management. In response to that call, a lively group of agency records officers, records management staff, and IT staff have formed an ERM Automation Working Group to share information, discuss automation strategies and challenges, and support NARA’s work in meeting the goals of the Managing Government Records Directive.

The group has monthly teleconferences and collaborates in a wiki between calls (https://max.omb.gov/community/x/5QlfJw ). Recent discussion topics have included different technical approaches for autocategorizing e-mail and other records. We’ve also discussed the value of standards in encouraging interoperability among different business and records systems

If you’d like to join the working group and get involved in the discussion about PRMD A3.1, send a note to PRMD@nara.gov and request to be added to the working group and wiki. Any Federal staffer with an interest is welcome.

Agency Presentations

The ERM Automation working group continues to welcome agency presentations of innovative automated solutions for their Federal colleagues. The group has listed the questions that demos should address on the wiki to make sure other agencies can learn the most useful things about each implementation.

Join the working group to receive notifications of presentations.

Vendor Presentations

The ERM Automation Working Group welcomes vendor presentations to increase awareness of solutions that can help agencies increase automation in the management of their electronic records. If vendors wish to provide a presentation via webinar, NARA will forward the information to the ERM Automation Working Group. Any vendor that wants to offer a presentation addressing our questions is welcome; NARA is not selecting or endorsing vendors who offer presentations.