Federal Records Management

PRMD Goal A3.1 Questions for Electronic Records Automation Vendor Presentations

Questions for Electronic Records Automation Vendor Presentations

  1. Are you presenting a single solution or an integration service that will incorporate other products?

  2. How does your solution apply automation to reduce the burden of records management on end users?

    Examples might be: capture by harvesting [perhaps for social media records], associating records with retention categories by workflow rules or by metadata, by content analysis, by autocategorization, etc.

  3. What tasks of ERM can the solution automate?
    • Capture into management system
    • Categorization into retention schedule items
    • Retention Management
      • Event driven dispositions [e.g. dispositions driven by completion of an audit or investigation, or the lifting of a legal hold]
      • Legal Hold
    • Disposition
      • Destruction
      • Export of permanent records and associated metadata to NARA or a successor system in the agency
    • Case file management
    • Storage and preservation
    • Management and updating of metadata, including access restrictions, etc.
    • Search
    • Creation and maintenance of records retention schedules
  4. What content types does the solution handle?
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Vector Graphics
    • Digital Audio
    • Digital Moving Images
    • Digital Still Images
    • Email – what programs or formats?
    • Geospatial
    • Presentation
    • Social media – what platforms?
    • Textual data (word processed, structured and unstructured text)
    • Structured Data (databases, spreadsheets, statistical and scientific data)
    • Web records
    • Information in other business applications or platforms
  5. How does the solution ensure interoperability with other information management products?

  6. With what records and information management standards does the solution comply?
    • DOD 5015.2
    • RMS – Records Management Services
    • CMIS – Content Management Interoperability Standard
    • MoReq2 - Model Requirements Specification for the Management of Electronic Records
    • Other (please specify)

  7. Which Federal agencies have implemented your solution?
    • Did they implement it department-wide?
    • Can we contact anyone there for more information?

  8. What conditions in a customer environment ensure a smooth deployment of your product? (Policy, procedures, leadership, skills, technical environment, particular types of retention schedules, etc.)

  9. What is the greatest volume of data or number of users your solution has been proven to handle without degrading performance?

  10. What is the average time to operations for your last three customers from install? How many seats were installed?

  11. On what procurement vehicles is your product/service available? e.g. on GSA schedule number XXX, Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), etc.

  12. We are seeking “economically viable automated records management solutions.” If you can share any information that demonstrates that your solution is affordable and economically viable for both large and small Federal agencies, please provide it.