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Disposition of Federal Records - Chapter V

Figure 5-5. Sample of an Organizational Schedule

Office of the Director and Deputy Director
Voice Of America (VOA/M)

1. Directorate Subject Files. Letters, memorandums, telegrams, Radio Marti Program Fact Sheets, weekly reports to the Director of USIA, other reports, speeches, briefing books, minutes of staff meetings, and other materials relating to the Radio Marti mandate. Arranged by subject-numeric filing system.

PERMANENT. Cut off annually. Transfer to WNRC 5 years after cutoff. Transfer to the National Archives 25 years after cutoff in 5 year blocks.
2. Biographic Files.
  1. Biographies of prominent Cubans, mainly government officials, compiled from interviews by Radio Marti and other USIA personnel and from published sources. Arranged alphabetically.

    PERMANENT. Cut off file every 5 years. Transfer to the National Archives when 25 years old or when no longer needed for research, whichever is sooner.

  2. Tapes of interviews used as sources for biographies.

    TEMPORARY. Destroy when no longer needed.

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