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Disposition of Federal Records - Chapter V

Figure 5-6. Sample of a Functional Schedule
General Records Schedule No. 10 (Excerpt)

Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Operation Records

Item Number and Description of Records Authorized Disposition
1. Motor Vehicle Correspondence Files. Correspondence in the operating unit responsible for maintenance and operation of motor vehicles not otherwise covered in this schedule. Destroy when 2 years old.
2. Motor Vehicle Operating and Maintenance Files.
a. Operating records including those relating to gas and oil consumption, dispatching, and scheduling.
Destroy when 3 months old.
b. Maintenance records, including those relating to service and repair. Destroy when 1 year old.
3. Motor Vehicle Cost Files. Motor vehicle ledger and work sheets providing cost and expense data. Destroy 3 years after discontinuance of ledger or date of work sheet.
4. Motor Vehicle Report Files. Reports on motor vehicles (other than accident, operating, and maintenance reports), including SF82, Agency Report of Motor Vehicle Data, and SF82-D, Agency Report of Sedan Data. Destroy 3 years after date of report.
5. Motor Vehicle Accident Files. Records relating to motor vehicle accidents, maintained by transportation offices, including SF 91, Operator's Report of Motor Vehicle Accident; SF 91A, Investigation Report of Motor Vehicle Accident; and SF 94, Statement of Witness. Destroy 6 years after case is closed.
6. Motor Vehicle Release Files. Records relating to transfer, sale, donation, or exchange of vehicles, including SF 97A, Agency Record Copy of U.S. Government Certificate of Release of Motor Vehicle. Destroy 4 years after vehicle leaves agency custody.
7. Motor Vehicle Operator Files. Records relating to individual employee operations of Government-owned vehicles, including driver tests, authorization to use, safe driving awards, and related correspondence. Destroy 3 years after separation of employees or 3 years after recision of authorization to operate Government-owned vehicle, whichever is sooner.

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