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Disposition of Federal Records - Chapter V

Figure 5-7. Combining the Schedule and the Filing System
General training correspondence files

Description and Disposition:

  1. General correspondence relating to training that cannot logically be filed with the detailed records listed below: Destroy after 2 years.
  2. Documents relating to training that are received for information only, on which no action is required: Destroy after 1 year.

Unit-level individual training files

Rescinded.Use file number 350-37a.

Training inspections

Documents related to scheduled training and training inspections. Included are training schedules, training inspection reports, and related information.

HQDA, major Army commands, and major subordinate commands: Destroy after 2 years.
Other offices: Destroy after 1 year.

Physical fitness evaluation scorecards

Documents used to monitor the physical fitness of individual soldiers.

Destroy on retirement, separation, death, or transfer of information to new card.

Training facility requirements

Documents related to deciding needs for training facilities. Included are requirements for acquiring, activating, retaining, using, expanding, consolidating, deactivating, and disposing of facilities. Also included are studies, justifications, maps, and similar information.

Office performing Army-wide responsibility: Destroy after 10 years.
Other offices:
Destroy after 5 years.

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