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Disposition of Federal Records - Chapter VI

Figure 6-3b. Instructions for NA Form 13148: Report to NARA on Permanent and Unscheduled Records Over 30 Years Old in Agency Custody

Describe only records that have been appraised as permanent on a Standard Form 115 (Request for Records Disposition Authority) or that are unscheduled, and that are held by the agency or for the agency by an institution other than a Federal records center. Excluded from this reporting requirement are (a) records authorized for disposal by the General Record Schedules or by an approved SF115 and (b) records that have been transferred to a Federal records center.

Entry 1. Enter the name of the department or independent agency that has custody of the records identified on the form.

Entry 2. Enter the name, telephone number, and office affiliation of the individual within the agency who should be contacted for further information on these records. It is very important that this entry be filled in on every form submitted.

Entry 3. Describe the records at the series level, just as on the SF 115. A record series is a group of documents filed or maintained together because of subject, function, physical form, or some other factor related to their creation, receipt, or use.

Follow these instructions for the individual subentries:

a. Each series should be given a brief descriptive title.

b. Give the inclusive dates for the series of records. The dates can be expressed in years.

c. The volume of records should be expressed in cubic feet. It is not necessary to be more precise than to the nearest cubic foot.

d. The series description should be brief but should include information on the function for which the records were created, their current use, the media or format of the records, and their content and arrangement. The existence of any finding aids should be noted, as should the level of securitys classification or any other restrictions on access to and use of the records.

Agencies that retain numerous series of records over 30 years old may fill out one form for all records series that would have the same entry for Location of Records (entry 5) and attach a listing of the series or a copy of an agency finding aid that describes the record series.

Entry 4. Give the manual and item number and the SF 115 and item number for scheduled permanent records. Indicate "unscheduled" if no disposition has been approved. If multiple series are included on one form, please provide all appropriate disposition authorities.

Entry 5. Give the location of the series of records as precisely as possible, including the complete address of the office that is responsible for maintaining the records.

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