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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0095: Forest Service

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Title Number/Filename
Significant Civil Case Files DAA-0095-2014-0002
Disaster and Emergency Operations, Homeland Security DAA-0095-2014-0003
Aerial Photography DAA-0095-2016-0001
Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) - Legacy Data DAA-0095-2016-0002
Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) - Database DAA-0095-2016-0003
Environmental Policies and Procedures DAA-0095-2017-0001
Laws, Regulations and Orders DAA-0095-2018-0001
Forest Service Directive System Program Management DAA-0095-2018-0002
State and Private Forestry Program Administration DAA-0095-2018-0004
Organization and Position Management DAA-0095-2018-0005
Cooperative Fire Protection DAA-0095-2018-0007
Extreme Fire Situation Program DAA-0095-2018-0008
Records, Reports, Studies, and Publications (Cooperative Wildfire Program) DAA-0095-2018-0009
Rural Forestry Assistance DAA-0095-2018-0010
Forest Management Assistance DAA-0095-2018-0011
Cooperative Nursery Production DAA-0095-2018-0012
Rural Development DAA-0095-2018-0013
Pesticide Use, Management and Coordination DAA-0095-2018-0015
Wildland Fire Management DAA-0095-2018-0017
Wildfire Prevention DAA-0095-2018-0018
Hazardous Fuels Management and Prescribed Fire DAA-0095-2018-0020
Wildfire Response DAA-0095-2018-0021
Suitability Requirements, Training, and Standards DAA-0095-2018-0022
Purchases and Donations (Land) DAA-0095-2018-0023
Exchanges (Land) DAA-0095-2018-0024
Partial Land Interest General Program Administration DAA-0095-2018-0025
Rights-of-Way Acquisition DAA-0095-2018-0026
Sales, Grants, Special Acts DAA-0095-2018-0027
Aviation Management DAA-0095-2018-0028
Energy Management DAA-0095-2018-0029
Grazing and Livestock Use Fee Permit System DAA-0095-2018-0030
Range Improvements DAA-0095-2018-0031
Correspondence Management DAA-0095-2018-0032
Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros DAA-0095-2018-0033
Records Management DAA-0095-2018-0034
Recreation, Wilderness, and Related Resource Management DAA-0095-2018-0036
Procurement Program Management DAA-0095-2018-0037
Publicly Managed Recreation Opportunities DAA-0095-2018-0038
Trail, River, and Similar Recreation Opportunities DAA-0095-2018-0040
Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Acquisition DAA-0095-2018-0041
Interpretive Service DAA-0095-2018-0042
Timber Appraisals DAA-0095-2018-0043
Finance and Accounting DAA-0095-2018-0044
Commercial Timber Sales DAA-0095-2018-0045
Accounting - Timber Sale and Associate Road Development Cost Analysis DAA-0095-2018-0046
Designating, Cruising, Scaling, and Accountability DAA-0095-2018-0047
Systems Management -National and Departmental Standards DAA-0095-2018-0048
Timber Sale Contract Administration DAA-0095-2018-0049
Safety and Occupational Health DAA-0095-2018-0050
Safety and Health Program Administration DAA-0095-2018-0051
Silvicultural Practices DAA-0095-2018-0052
Radiation Safety DAA-0095-2018-0053
Watershed Protection and Management DAA-0095-2018-0054
Water Resource Management DAA-0095-2018-0055
Water Uses and Development DAA-0095-2018-0056
Groundwater Resource Management DAA-0095-2018-0057
Habitat Planning and Evaluation DAA-0095-2018-0058
Special Uses Administration DAA-0095-2018-0059
Road and Trail Rights-of-Way (ROW) Grants DAA-0095-2018-0060
Federal Power Act Projects DAA-0095-2018-0061
Mineral Leases, Permits, and Licenses DAA-0095-2018-0062
Reclamation Bonding and Plans of Operation DAA-0095-2018-0063
Forest Service Authorized Prospecting and Mineral Collecting DAA-0095-2018-0064
Geologic Resources, Hazards, and Services DAA-0095-2018-0065
Minerals and Geology Certification DAA-0095-2018-0066
Invasive Species DAA-0095-2018-0067
Engineering Operations Administration Records DAA-0095-2018-0068
Engineering Pre-Construction and Construction Test Data DAA-0095-2018-0070
Management Improvement Administration DAA-0095-2018-0071
Knowledge Sharing and Conservation DAA-0095-2018-0072
Office of Inspector General Audits DAA-0095-2018-0073
Cooperative Forestry Assistance Reviews DAA-0095-2018-0074
Environmental Compliance Program DAA-0095-2018-0075
Performance Accountability DAA-0095-2018-0076
Public Service Programs DAA-0095-2018-0077
State, Tribal, County, and Local Agencies, Public and Private Organizations DAA-0095-2018-0079
Appeals and Litigation DAA-0095-2018-0080
Public Involvement Programs DAA-0095-2018-0081
Library Administration DAA-0095-2018-0083
Direct Programs DAA-0095-2018-0087
Natural Resource Planning DAA-0095-2018-0090
Land Management Planning DAA-0095-2018-0091
Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment Activities DAA-0095-2018-0092
Equipment Development Records DAA-0095-2018-0099
Survey Program General Administrative Records DAA-0095-2018-0101
Signs and Posters DAA-0095-2018-0102
Materials Engineering DAA-0095-2018-0103
Aerial Adventure Course Records DAA-0095-2018-0104
Public Health and Pollution Control Facilities DAA-0095-2018-0105
Solid Waste Systems DAA-0095-2018-0106
Dam Management System DAA-0095-2018-0107
Travel Management DAA-0095-2018-0108
Travel Planning DAA-0095-2018-0109
Transportation System Development DAA-0095-2018-0110
Road System Operations and Maintenance DAA-0095-2018-0111
Environmental Policies and Procedures DAA-0095-2020-0001
Wildland Fire Incident Management DAA-0095-2021-0005
Department of Agriculture, Forest Service [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0095-2023-0002
Research Administration, Information and Education, Fire Planning, and Research Stations Inactive N1-095-00-001
Computer Century Conversion (Y2K) Records Inactive N1-095-01-001
Fire Reports Inactive N1-095-02-001
Fire Regimes for Fuels Management and Fire Use Databases (Systems), 1986-2000 Inactive N1-095-04-001
National Interagency Fire Management Integrated Database (System) Inactive N1-095-05-001
Fire Records Inactive N1-095-05-002
Washington Office Correspondence Inactive N1-095-05-003
Hopkins United States System Index (HUSSI) N1-095-06-001
Fire Program Analysis - Preparedness Module (FPA-PM) N1-095-06-003
Fire Effects Information System (FEIS) N1-095-06-004
Disaster Management - Fire and Other Disasters N1-095-09-001
Fire and Disaster Management System N1-095-09-002
Agency Website Records N1-095-10-001
Revisions to 1000, 2000, and 3000 File Series N1-095-10-002
New Items in 1000, 2000, and 3000 File Series N1-095-10-003
Revisions to Temporary 1000, 2000, and 3000 File Series N1-095-10-004
Revisions to Permanent 1000, 2000, and 3000 File Series N1-095-10-005
Revisions to 1000, 2000, and 3000 File Series N1-095-10-006
New 5000, 6000, and 7000 File Series N1-095-10-007
5000, 6000, and 7000 File Series N1-095-10-008
Revisions to 5000, 6000, and 7000 File Series N1-095-10-009
New Series and Revsions to Existing Series N1-095-10-010
Research Programs Records N1-095-12-001
Research Facilities and Areas Records N1-095-12-002
Research Programs Records N1-095-12-003
Research and Development Records N1-095-12-004
Research and Development Records N1-095-12-005
Recreation Fee Envelopes N1-095-12-006
Change Management Initiative Records N1-095-12-007
Motion Picture Production Records Inactive N1-095-86-001
Still Photograph Records N1-095-86-002
Human Resource Program N1-095-86-003
Cooperative Fire Protection Program N1-095-86-004
Timber Resource Planning N1-095-86-005
ADVENT Printouts N1-095-86-006
Records of the Chief Inactive N1-095-86-007
Special Studies of the Resources Program and Assessment Staff N1-095-86-008
Lands-Special Use Management Function N1-095-87-001
Chief and Staff Notes and Standard Sessions N1-095-87-002
Issuance of Rules of Regulations N1-095-87-003
Economic and Social Analysis Records N1-095-87-004
Information Management 1390 Information Management, 1390-1 Plans and Studies N1-095-87-005
Systems Management Records N1-095-87-006
Minerals and Geology Staff 2850-1 Permits/2850 Mineral Materials N1-095-87-007
Schedule on Cost-Sharing Forest Conservation Program Records N1-095-87-008
International Forestry Activities N1-095-87-009
Timber Management Staff Plans and Studies N1-095-87-010
Cooperative Forestry Assistance Reviews N1-095-87-011
Range Management Ecosystem, Classification, Interpretation, and Application Records N1-095-87-012
Solid Waste Systems Service-Wide Direction N1-095-87-013
Methods of Conducting Cooperative Forest Research N1-095-87-014
Interdepartmental Agreement Working Papers N1-095-87-015
Watershed Records N1-095-87-016
Energy Mangement and Research Programs for Forest Products as Energy Sources N1-095-87-017
Cooperative Fire Protection Program Poster Artwork N1-095-87-018
Policy and Direction on Pesticide Use Records N1-095-87-020
Recreation Management Endeavors N1-095-88-001
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-095-88-002
Various End-of-Year Budget and Financial Reports N1-095-88-003
Forest Service Meeting Records N1-095-89-001
Financial Analysis for Non Successful Bidders Inactive N1-095-90-001
Automated Timber Sale Accounting (ATSA) System Inactive N1-095-90-002
Smokey Bear Records N1-095-90-003
Conversion from UNSYSIS to IBM N1-095-91-001
Radio Procurement and Radio Frequency Records Inactive N1-095-91-002
Consent Decree Action in Region 5 of the Forest Service Inactive N1-095-91-003
Volunteers in the National Forests Program N1-095-92-001
Forest Supervisor's Office Records and Forest Supervisor's Land Files Inactive N1-095-92-002
Special Use Permits Case Files N1-095-93-001
Regional Office Records Dated June 30, 1945 and Earlier/Regional Office Records Dated July 2, 1946 Through June 30, 1959 Inactive N1-095-94-001
Site Plans for Publicly Managed Recreation Sites and Visitor Information Sites N1-095-94-002
Significant Engineering Projects N1-095-94-003
Diaries and Daily Logs Inactive N1-095-94-004
Smokey Bear Licensees N1-095-95-001
Drinking Water N1-095-96-001
National Forest Supervisor's Office Records dated July 1, 1946 through June 30, 1959 Inactive N1-095-96-002
Still Photography N1-095-98-001
Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project Inactive N1-095-99-001
Recreation Management Files NC-095-75-001
Computer Science Group, Administrative Management Staff Records NC-095-75-002
Research Administration NC-174-000215
Administration Management NC-174-000245
Forest Service Committee Management NC1-095-76-01
Records Under the 1510 Legislation NC1-095-78-01
Landownership Adjustment Program Records NC1-095-78-02
6600 Systems Management NC1-095-78-03
Forest Service Directive System Inactive NC1-095-78-04
Youth Conservation Corps Program and Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers Program NC1-095-78-05
Organization Management Assistance Program NC1-095-78-06
Forest Service Directive System NC1-095-78-07
Range Managment Program NC1-095-79-01
Records Under File Designations in 1200, 1300 and 1400 Series NC1-095-79-02
Engineering Records Filed Under the 7000 Series NC1-095-80-01
Forest Service - Covers Records Under File Designation 1700 Series, Civil Rights NC1-095-80-03
Forest Service - Covers Records in the 7500 Series NC1-095-81-01
Grants and Agreements Records NC1-095-81-02
Special Interest Areas (Recreation) Records NC1-095-81-03
7000 Engineering File Series NC1-095-81-04
Various Records in the 2200 File Series NC1-095-81-05
1900 Series Planning for the Washington Office and Field Units NC1-095-81-06
7490 File Series Sanitiation Standards for Food Including Permits, Licenses, and Inspections NC1-095-81-07
Land and Resource Management Planning NC1-095-81-08
Proceeds From Lands or Resources of Lands Withdrawn for Native Selection Inactive NC1-095-81-09
Program Development and Program Budgeting NC1-095-81-10
Young Adult Conservation Corps NC1-095-82-02
Labor Management Relations NC1-095-82-03
Management of Fish and Wildlife on Forest Lands NC1-095-82-05
Management of Mineral Resources on National Forest System Lands NC1-095-82-06
Forest Service Personnel Management NC1-095-82-07
United States (U.S.) Department of Agriculture Forest Resources and Economic Research NC1-095-82-09
Enrollee Records NC1-095-82-10
Forest Pest Management NC1-095-82-11
Budget Records of the Forest Service NC1-095-82-12
Boundary Atlas Records NC1-095-82-13
Land Adjustment Records NC1-095-82-14
Patent Case Files NC1-095-82-15
Personnel Management NC1-095-82-16
National Forest System Land Management Regional Planning Process NC1-095-82-17
Employment Actions, Status Changes and Personnel Files NC1-095-82-18
Forest Service Fire Management Guidelines NC1-095-82-19
Youth Conservation Corps NC1-095-82-20
Rural Forestry Assistance NC1-095-83-01
Youth Conservation Corps NC1-095-83-02
Law Enforcement in National Forest System Lands NC1-095-83-03
Maintenance of and Accounting for Real and Personal Property NC1-095-83-04
Defense and Emergency Operations Records NC1-095-83-05
Organization and Management Functions NC1-095-83-06
Fiscal and Accounting Management Function of the Forest Service NC1-095-83-07
Management of Watersheds in the National Forests NC1-095-83-08
Cooperative Watershed Records NC1-095-83-09
Public Information Programs NC1-095-83-10
Audio-Visual Records of the Office of Information of the U.S. Forest Service NC1-095-83-11
Procurement File Code NC1-095-84-01
Forest Service Cooperation with State Foresters NC1-095-84-02
Machine Readable File (ADVENT), Forest Service NC1-095-84-03
Boundary Modifications and Land Transfer Analyses NC1-095-84-04
Forest Service Publications NC1-095-84-06
Timber Management Records NC1-095-84-07
Reports of the Forest Service NC1-095-84-08
Forest Service File Codes 7150-1, 7150-2 and 7150-3 NC1-095-84-09
Appeals and Litigation Records NC1-095-85-03
Annual Forestry Plans of Work NC1-095-85-04