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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0334: Interservice Agencies

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Title Number/Filename
1408-04 - Found Property Files DAA-0334-2013-0001
1307-02 Diamond Trade Ups DAA-0334-2013-0002
1307-03 Refunds, Repairs and Store-Owned Fine Jewelry/Watch Merchandise DAA-0334-2013-0003
1203-04 Procurement Customs Clearance Entry Files and Duty Drawback Files DAA-0334-2014-0001
POS Transaction Logs - Containing PCI Data DAA-0334-2015-0001
Permanent Electronic Records - Publications DAA-0334-2016-0001
System Audit Logs DAA-0334-2018-0007
Payroll Allotment Files DAA-0334-2018-0008
Department of Defense, Army and Air Force Exchange Service [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0334-2016-0001
Army Air Force Exchange Service, Official Personnel Files N1-334-01-001
Individual Retirement Files N1-334-02-001
Cash Count Files N1-334-06-001
Criminal Investigation Report Files Inactive N1-334-08-001
Army-Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Forms Register N1-334-09-001
Serious Incident Report Files N1-334-09-002
Criminal Investigation Report Files N1-334-09-003
Memorandum of Inquiry N1-334-09-004
Sample Merchandise Receiving Notification (SMRN system) N1-334-09-005
Inspector General Records N1-334-10-001
Individual Accounts Receivable Files N1-334-12-001
Miscellaneous Records N1-334-86-001
Transportation Contract Advice, Personnel Travel, and Design Analysis and Cost Estimates Records N1-334-86-002
Employee Service Record Card Files Inactive N1-334-87-001
Potential Legal Cases, Account Registers, AAFES Health and Beauty Aids, Inventory Variances, Military Exercise Reports, and Contractor's Performance N1-334-87-002
Individual Accounts Receivable Records N1-334-88-001
Personnel Records N1-334-88-002
Video Recordings N1-334-89-001
Central Promotion Board Files N1-334-89-002
Criminal Investigation Reports and Memorandum of Inquiry Records Inactive N1-334-89-003
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Statistics Files Inactive N1-334-89-004
Employee Benefits Statements N1-334-91-001
Vehicle Management Projects, Computer Abuse Control Files, and Marketing Research Studies/Surveys Records N1-334-92-001
Personnel Staffing Records N1-334-93-001
Army and Air Force Exchange Service Insurance Claims Files N1-334-96-001
Personal Property Shipment Records Inactive N1-334-97-001
Miscellaneous Records NC-174-000133
Postal Records and Mailroom Receipts Inactive NC-174-000200
Inventory Investigation Files and Report of Audit Files NC-334-75-001
Committee Files, Management Improvement Project Control, and Paperwork Management Surveys Records NC-334-75-002
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-76-01
Inventory Control Data Recording Files Inactive NC1-334-76-02
Paid Check List Files Inactive NC1-334-76-03
Check-Cashing Privilege and Fraudulent Check Files Inactive NC1-334-77-01
Letters of Reference and Pre-employment Credit Report Files NC1-334-77-02
Payroll Salary Advance Reports NC1-334-77-03
System Log, Fixed Asset Writeoff Files, and Fixed Asset Official Inventory Files NC1-334-78-01
Cash Register Report Files and Daily Cash and Sales Report Files Inactive NC1-334-78-02
Stockroom Inspection Files Inactive NC1-334-78-04
Weekly Activity Report, Library Acquisition Files, and Organizational Membership Files NC1-334-78-05
Field Courses Given by the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 1948-60 Inactive NC1-334-79-01
Inventory Investment, Replenishment Authority Forecast; Control Files, and Delegations; Designations of Authority and Additional Duty Assignments NC1-334-79-02
Records Management Survey Files Inactive NC1-334-79-03
General Correspondence Files NC1-334-79-04
Correspondence with Participating Medical Schools, 1952-69 Inactive NC1-334-79-05
Leave Application Files Inactive NC1-334-79-06
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-80-01
Catalog Sales Files NC1-334-80-02
Criminal Activities, OSHA Activities, and Personnel Security Status Records NC1-334-80-03
Audit Files, Inspections, Inspector General Complaint Case Files NC1-334-80-04
Quality Assurance Records NC1-334-80-05
Marketing Research Records Inactive NC1-334-81-01
Food Quality Control Records NC1-334-81-02
Payroll Activities Records NC1-334-81-03
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-81-04
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-81-05
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-82-01
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-82-02
Parking Violations, Weely Application of Audit Time, and Merchandise and Vendor Files NC1-334-82-03
Committee Management Files, Commander Trip Files, and Incoming/Outgoing Message Files Inactive NC1-334-83-01
Internal Control Checklists and Affirmations, Motion Picture Booking and Theater Operations, Operations Research Study Files NC1-334-83-02
Executive Management Records Inactive NC1-334-84-01
Reading or Chronological Files NC1-334-84-03
Training Records, Management Surveys - Motor Vehicle/Distribution, and Price Change Voucher Files NN-173-000300
Miscellaneous Records NN-174-000066
Miscellaneous Records NN-174-000067