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When surrounded by quotation marks, the words are treated as a phrase and only pages with the exact phrase "audit files" will appear in results. This is the most powerful query refinement technique.

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You can reject words with the minus (-) sign.
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Tip 4: Spell Out All Acronyms

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Avoid using acronyms for instance: IRS for Internal Revenue Service can be mistaken for another acronym such as IRS-CI and effect search results.

Tip 5: Searching by Job Number

Example:  N1-016-00-001

NOTE: You MUST enter the job number in the correct format. Consult the SF 15 Numbering Key if necessary.


RG-0361: Defense Logistics Agency

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Title Number/Filename
240.31 Enterprise Business System (EBS) DAA-0361-2013-0001
Wide Area Work Flow (240.45) DAA-0361-2013-0002
Routine Surveillance Recordings DAA-0361-2013-0003
Web 2.0 Social Media Program Records DAA-0361-2013-0006
Strategic Network Optimization Files DAA-0361-2013-0007
Small Arms Serialization Program DAA-0361-2013-0008
Unclassified Department of Defense (DoD) Computer Hard Drives DAA-0361-2013-0009
Equipment Management and Control System DAA-0361-2013-0011
Contracting Officer Appointment Files DAA-0361-2014-0001
Property Demilitarization Records DAA-0361-2014-0002
Firearms Registration DAA-0361-2014-0003
Electronic Document Access System DAA-0361-2014-0006
Confined Space Entry Permits DAA-0361-2014-0007
Schedule of Daily Activities DAA-0361-2014-0008
Police Center Database (POLC) DAA-0361-2014-0013
Defense Information System for Security (DISS) DAA-0361-2014-0014
Non-appropriated Funds (NAF) DAA-0361-2015-0002
Family, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Files DAA-0361-2015-0003
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Energy Records DAA-0361-2015-0004
Office Administrative Records DAA-0361-2015-0005
Personally Owned Abandoned Property DAA-0361-2017-0001
Food Inspection Records DAA-0361-2017-0002
Small Arms Control Fire (Active / Inactive) DAA-0361-2017-0003
Sales Contracts for Disposal of Combatant Vessels DAA-0361-2017-0005
Safety and Health Information Reporting System (SHIRS) N1-361-01-002
Headquarters Electronic Request Service N1-361-03-001
Environmental Records N1-361-04-001
Lactation Coordination Records N1-361-05-001
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Records N1-361-05-002
Hometown News Releases N1-361-05-003
Information Operations N1-361-06-001
Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIRS) and Hotline Program N1-361-08-003
Labor Hours and Materials Surveillance N1-361-08-005
Digital Monitoring Recordings N1-361-09-001
Department of Defense Electronic Mall (DOD EMALL) N1-361-10-001
Hazardous Material Information Resource System (HMIRS) N1-361-10-002
Law Enforcement Support Office N1-361-10-003
Mapping Enterprise Business System; Map Support Office Distribution System N1-361-10-004
Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization System (ASSIST) N1-361-11-001
Resources Management Division - Contract Case Files N1-361-86-001
Hazardous Material Contracts N1-361-86-002
Resources Management Division - Model Installation Program N1-361-86-003
Resources Management Division - Internal Control Program N1-361-86-004
Frauds and Irregularities and Standards of Conduct N1-361-86-005
Position Management N1-361-86-006
Multiple Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) File Categories N1-361-87-001
Audits, Reviews, and Surveys N1-361-87-002
Series No Longer Requiring Permanent Retention N1-361-88-001
Automated Data and Telecommunications N1-361-88-002
Safety Program N1-361-88-003
Internal Review Reports N1-361-89-001
National Defense Stockpile N1-361-89-002
Criminal Incident Investigative File N1-361-89-003
Procurement Contracts N1-361-89-004
Master Files Automated Information Systems N1-361-89-005
Updates N1-361-90-001
Internal Review N1-361-90-002
Public Affairs N1-361-90-003
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Records N1-361-90-004
Offices of Telecommunications and Information System N1-361-91-001
Administration N1-361-91-002
Congressional Affairs N1-361-91-003
Directorate of Contracting and Production Records N1-361-91-004
Legal Services N1-361-91-005
Program and Technical Support N1-361-91-006
Command Security N1-361-91-007
Distribution Records N1-361-91-010
Small Business Office N1-361-91-011
Command Records N1-361-91-012
Directorate of Contract Management N1-361-91-013
Quality Assurance N1-361-91-014
Safety and Health N1-361-91-015
Directorate of Technical Operation N1-361-91-016
Personnel N1-361-91-017
Defense Logistics Services N1-361-91-018
Industrial Plant Equipment N1-361-91-019
Supply Operations N1-361-92-001
Defense Revitilization and Marketing N1-361-92-002
Comptroller and Policy and Plans N1-361-92-003
Defense Full Supply Center - Alternative Fuels N1-361-92-004
National Stockpile Center N1-361-92-005
Publication Background Files N1-361-93-001
Flight Operations N1-361-93-002
Legal Opinions N1-361-93-003
Enrollee, Market Research, and Record Activity Clearance Eligibility Listing (RACEL) N1-361-93-004
Logistics and Plant Clearance N1-361-93-005
Intelligence Files N1-361-93-006
Base Realignment and Closure Commission N1-361-93-007
Situation Report (Sitrep) Files N1-361-93-008
Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Files N1-361-93-009
Hazardous Waste Profile Sheets N1-361-94-001
Hazardous Materials and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Licenses N1-361-94-002
International Programs N1-361-94-003
Records Disposition Authority (RDA) Information Support Services N1-361-94-004
Foreign Military Sales N1-361-95-001
Wage Rates N1-361-95-002
Complaint Investigative Case Files N1-361-95-003
Computer Access Records N1-361-96-001
Defense Logistics Agency N1-361-97-001
Chaplain Records N1-361-97-002
Master Files for Automated Information Systems N1-361-97-003
Complaint Case Records & International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Quality System Record N1-361-97-004
Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) Database N1-361-98-001
Defense Automated Printing Service (DAPS) N1-361-98-002
Inspections -Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project File #212.66 N1-361-98-003
Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Non-Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Contract Records N1-361-99-001
Visual Communication and Presentation Directorate N1-361-99-002
DLA Administrative Support Center (DASC-VC) N1-361-99-003
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) - Electronic Copies of Documents Using Electronic Mail and Word Processing Inactive N9-361-00-002
Patent Royalties NC-361-75-001-SF115
Patent Royalties NC-361-75-001
Loan Agreements and Insurance Files NC-361-75-002
War and Emergency Support Planning NC-361-75-003
Civilian Personnel Programs and Strength Reports, Recruiting and Hiring, Morale, Welfare and Recreation NC-361-75-004
Industrial Labor Relations and Standards, Labor- Management Disputes NC-361-75-005
Inspector General Investigations NC-361-76-001
Non-Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) Assigneed Contracts NC-361-76-002
Documents Relating to Industrial Facilities Protection NC-361-76-003
Inspector General Investigations NC1-361-76-01
Reading Files, Industrial Security Administration, Criminal Investigation Reports, Histories, Audiovisual Documentation NC1-361-76-04
Interagency Interservices, and Intra-agency Agreement NC1-361-76-05
Personnel Policies and Procedures NC1-361-76-06
Interservice Cross and Common Service Agreements, Budget Program Data, Estimates and Review NC1-361-76-07
Standardization in Various Departments NC1-361-76-08
Records Pertaining to Procurement NC1-361-76-09
Material Management, Cognizance, and Programs NC1-361-76-10
Engineering Support NC1-361-76-11
Paying Office Contract Files NC1-361-76-12
Procurement Regulations, Instructions, Assignments and Reports NC1-361-76-13
Standardization Programs NC1-361-76-14
Equipment Evaluation Case Files, Publications and Printing Management NC1-361-76-15
Quality Assurance (QA) Contrator Files and Contracts NC1-361-76-16
Protective Services (General), Agreements, Authorizations, Special Equipment; Disciplinary Control NC1-361-76-17
Orders and Publications Records Sets NC1-361-76-18
Arms, Aummunition and Explosives Survey Reports; Agreements with Service Educational Activities NC1-361-76-19
Demilitarization and Mutilation Programs; Vehicle Title Files NC1-361-76-20
Joint Action Files, Memorandums of Policy and Joint Staff Memorandums, Chief of Staff Notes NC1-361-77-01
Contractor Employment Compliance: Construction, Construction Reviews, Plans/ Bid Conditions NC1-361-77-02
Surplus Property Accounts Adjustment Approvals and Sales Contracting Officers; Bidders Mailing Lists NC1-361-77-03
Adverse Action Files NC1-361-77-04
Contracts Involving only Progressing and Expediting of Surveillance NC1-361-77-05
Executive Level Position Files NC1-361-77-06
Within-Grade Increase Denials NC1-361-78-01
Statistical Reports: Federal Catalog System or Defense Integrated Data System NC1-361-78-02
Personal Property Sales Unsuccessful Bids NC1-361-78-03
Security and Personnel Records NC1-361-78-04
Contractor Transportation Performance NC1-361-78-05
Publications Background Papers NC1-361-78-06
Microfiche Purge Listings; Industrial Security Index; Facility Security Clearance Certificate NC1-361-78-07
Orders Record Sets NC1-361-78-08
Publications Records Sets and Background Papers NC1-361-78-09
Program Development NC1-361-78-10
Part II of Review of Records Scheduling in Compliance with 101-11.401-1 NC1-361-78-11
Real Property Outgrants, Leasing of Real Property NC1-361-79-01
Technical Analysis of Cost Proposals (TACPs) NC1-361-79-02
Industrial Facility Address File NC1-361-79-03
Qualifications Procedures, Qualified Products Lists (QPL) and Test Reports NC1-361-79-04
Criminal Incident/ Investigation: Polygraph Examination, Lab Reports, Crime Prevention Surveys NC1-361-79-05
Industrial Hygiene Survey Reports NC1-361-80-01
Records of the Administrative Management Division NC1-361-80-02
Technical Analysis of Cost Proposals (TACPs) NC1-361-80-03
Records Related to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Productivity Program NC1-361-80-05
Assignment and Maintenance of Manufacturer and Contractor Codes NC1-361-80-06
Visitors and Vehicle Temporary Passes and Permits Files NC1-361-80-07
Industrial Personnel Security Case Files NC1-361-80-08
Item Supply Control Files NC1-361-80-10
Records Related to Staff Visits NC1-361-80-11
Records Relating to Activities of the Inspector General NC1-361-80-12
Records Relating to Activities of the Inspector General NC1-361-80-13
Records Related to General Accounting Office (GAO) Audits and Investigations NC1-361-80-14
Records Relating to Defense Audit Service Audits NC1-361-80-15
Care and Preservation Case Files NC1-361-80-16
Special Measurement and Orthopedic Footwear Files NC1-361-81-01
Defense Audit Service Reviews/Surveys NC1-361-81-02
General Accounting Office Reviews / Surveys NC1-361-81-03
Receiving Report Files NC1-361-81-04
Aircraft Sales Contracts NC1-361-81-05
Hazardous/ Protected Materials NC1-361-81-06
Special Analysis Reports NC1-361-81-07
Small Arms Serialization Program Records NC1-361-81-08
Nondestructive Evaluation Qualification Files NC1-361-81-09
Defense Logistics Agency Administrative Records NC1-361-81-10
Examination Accommodations/Shipment of Materials/ Examination Announcement Case Files NC1-361-81-11
Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) NC1-361-81-12
Defense Logistics Agency Resources Management Division NC1-361-81-13
Civilian Employee Health Case Files NC1-361-82-01
Materiel Deficiency Reporting NC1-361-82-02
Receiving Report Files NC1-361-82-03
Bills of Lading NC1-361-82-04
Loan Agreements NC1-361-82-05
Standardization Studies NC1-361-83-01
Construction Projects NC1-361-83-02
Organization and Functions Management Studies NC1-361-83-03
Medical Technical/ Engineering Item History Files NC1-361-83-04
Radiation Protection Files NC1-361-84-05
Commercial Activity Program Documentation Files NC1-361-84-06
Comprehensive Environmental Quality NN-174-000075