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When surrounded by quotation marks, the words are treated as a phrase and only pages with the exact phrase "audit files" will appear in results. This is the most powerful query refinement technique.

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RG-0374: Defense Threat Reduction Agency

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Title Number/Filename
Classified Investigative Case Files DAA-0374-2012-0002
Force Protection Program DAA-0374-2014-0002
Inspector General Audit Case Files DAA-0374-2014-0003
Policy and Precedence - Administrative DAA-0374-2014-0006
Organizational Charts DAA-0374-2014-0007
Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiements (ACHRE) Documentation DAA-0374-2014-0008
Stockpile Program Planning DAA-0374-2014-0009
Stockpile Program Planning - Unique Issues DAA-0374-2014-0010
Stockpile Reports - DTRA-ABQ DAA-0374-2014-0012
Emergency Relocation Site Administration DAA-0374-2014-0015
Stockpile Emergency Verification (SEV) Instructions DAA-0374-2014-0016
Nuclear Surety Program - QA DAA-0374-2014-0019
Nuclear Accident Response Capability DAA-0374-2014-0022
Nuclear Accident Training Exercise (NUWAIX) DAA-0374-2014-0023
501.09 Installation Clearance Program DAA-0374-2014-0024
Meteorological Observations DAA-0374-2014-0025
Transportation Officer Appointment Files DAA-0374-2014-0026
Emergency Planning and Reporting (Natural Disasters) DAA-0374-2014-0029
Strategic Plans DAA-0374-2014-0030
Controlled Materials Allocation and Reporting DAA-0374-2014-0031
Priority Rating Cases DAA-0374-2014-0032
Material Stockpile References DAA-0374-2014-0033
Manufacturing Quality Control DAA-0374-2014-0034
Tool Drawings DAA-0374-2014-0035
Preservation and Packing DAA-0374-2014-0036
Materiel Quality Control DAA-0374-2014-0037
Material Standardization Plans DAA-0374-2014-0038
Standardization Document Formulation DAA-0374-2014-0039
Military Supply Standards DAA-0374-2014-0040
Standardization Reporting DAA-0374-2014-0041
Due-In Documents DAA-0374-2014-0042
Nuclear Inventory Management and Cataloging System (NIMACS) DAA-0374-2014-0043
Nuclear Inventory Management System (NIMS) DAA-0374-2014-0044
1406.18c Nuclear Integrated Data System (NIDS) DAA-0374-2014-0045
Projects Control Register DAA-0374-2014-0046
Enewetak Records Collection DAA-0374-2014-0047
Human Research/Animal Use Oversight DAA-0374-2015-0002
212.07b Stockpile Emergency Verification (SEV) History DAA-0374-2017-0002
212.04b Stockpile Reports DAA-0374-2017-0004
On-Site Inspection Records N1-374-01-001
Chemical-Biological Defense Records N1-374-01-002
Acquisition Management Records N1-374-02-001
Office of the Director N1-374-02-002
Treaty Inspection Management System (TIIMS) N1-374-02-003
Operating Records of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Information Analysis Center (DTRIAC) N1-374-02-004
Records Related to Safety and Health Planning, Assessments, and Training N1-374-02-005
Records of Technology Development Directorate - Technology and Test Support Division N1-374-02-006
Records of the Defense Nuclear Weapons School N1-374-02-007
Records of Technology Development Directorate, Radiation Experiment Command Center N1-374-02-008
Audiovisual Records N1-374-03-001
Cooperative Threat Reduction N1-374-05-001
Publications, Protocols N1-374-05-002
Scientific and Technical Information Library Automation System (STILAS) N1-374-05-003
Data Archival and Retrieval Enhancement (DARE) N1-374-05-004
Electronic Radiation Response Information Center (ERRIC) N1-374-05-005
Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) - Comprehensive Schedule N1-374-07-001
Manpower On-Line Mangement (MOM) Electronic Information System and Manpower Records N1-374-09-001
Directed Investigation Case Files N1-374-09-002
Arm Control Enterprise System (ACES) N1-374-09-003
Nuclear Test Personnel Review (NTPR) N1-374-09-004
Comprehensive Cost and Requirement System - Enterprise (CCARS-E) and Comprehensive Cost and Requirement System - Chemical Biological (CCARS-CB) N1-374-09-005
Centralized Accounting and Financial Resources Management System (CAFRMS) N1-374-09-006
Automated Grants Management System (AGMS) N1-374-09-007
Counter-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction N1-374-10-001
Chronological Reading Files N1-374-88-001
Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSWP) Organizational Records N1-374-88-004
Individual Radiation Protection Files N1-374-88-006
Johnston Atoll Per Diem Files N1-374-89-002
Common Mission Files N1-374-89-003
Support Services Division (Assistant Direcor / Logistics and Engineering) - Procurement Operations N1-374-89-004
Procurement Policy N1-374-89-005
Programing and Budget N1-374-89-006
Fire Prevention and Environmental Pollution Files N1-374-89-007
Military Planning Design, Construction, Facilities Engineering N1-374-89-008
Energy Conservation Files N1-374-89-009
Auditing Services Files N1-374-89-010
Procurement Programs - Defense Nuclear Agency Fuctional Filing System N1-374-89-011
Facilities Security and Protective Services N1-374-89-013
Physical Security and Facility Control N1-374-89-014
Support Services Division - Information Security Files N1-374-89-015
Signal Security Files N1-374-89-016
Personnel and Counterintelligence Security N1-374-89-017
Signal Communications Services Files N1-374-89-018
Supply Control and Quantitative Material Standardization Files N1-374-89-021
Information Management Files N1-374-89-022
Support Services Division - Training Records N1-374-89-023
Non-Appropriated Fund Accounting N1-374-89-024
Headquarters Medical Unit Files N1-374-89-027
Congressional Liaison Files N1-374-89-028
Support Services Division - Personnel Files N1-374-89-029
System Administration Files - All Services N1-374-89-030
Support Services Division - Personnel Movement and Travel N1-374-89-031
Management Improvement and Feasability N1-374-89-032
Support Services Division - Civilian Personnel Management N1-374-89-034
Publications Supply Files N1-374-89-035
Equal Employment and Opportunity (EEO) Files N1-374-89-036
Storage Reporting Files N1-374-89-037
Support Services Division - Emergency Action Files N1-374-89-038
Publications Management N1-374-89-039
Manpower Authorization Files N1-374-89-040
Military History Program N1-374-89-041
General Supply Accounting N1-374-89-042
System Administration Files N1-374-89-050
Official Photography of Atmospheric Nuclear Testing Program N1-374-93-001
Program Records Created by the Interservice Nuclear Weapons School N1-374-95-001
Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA) Instruction 5015 N1-374-95-002
Environmental, Assessments, and Training Directorate N1-374-95-004
Agencywide Records NC1-374-78-01
Agencywide Records NC1-374-78-02
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Office (CTBTO) Program Records NC1-374-81-01
Manpower and Organization Planning Records NC1-374-81-03
Inspector General and Command / General Inspection Files NC1-374-81-06
Publication Record Set Files and Permanent Order Records Set Files NC1-374-81-07
Publications Management Files NC1-374-81-08
Military History Program and Operations, Historical Inquiry, Annual Historical Summary, Installation Files NC1-374-81-09
Data Processing Systems, Procedures, and Operations Files NC1-374-81-10
Legal Opinion Precedent Files and Legal Assistance Case Files NC1-374-81-16
Claim (Investigating and Processing) and Litigation Files NC1-374-81-17
Counterintelligence, Personnel, and Industrial Security NC1-374-81-22
Security Classification Files and Security Violations Case Files NC1-374-81-24
Civilian Personnel Action, Position and Pay Files NC1-374-81-30
Civilian Personnel Files NC1-374-81-31
Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA) Disposal Jobs NC1-374-81-32
Civilian Employment Application and Career Management Files NC1-374-81-33
Military Personnel Files NC1-374-81-34
Radiobiological Effects Files NC1-374-81-35
Medical Files NC1-374-81-36
Personnel Travel Files NC1-374-81-37
Administrative Motor Vehicle and Traffic Management Files NC1-374-81-38
Communication Files NC1-374-81-39
Signal Communications Services Files NC1-374-81-40
Postal and Mail Services Files NC1-374-81-41
Research and Development Life Cycle Management Files NC1-374-81-43
Procurement Policy and Individual Procurement Transaction Files NC1-374-81-44
Small Business Program Files NC1-374-81-45
Labor Relation and Industrial Equal Employment Opportunity Files NC1-374-81-46
Defense and Critical Materials Requirement, Manufacturing, and Material Engineering Files NC1-374-81-47
Material Standardization Files NC1-374-81-48
Supply Cataloging and Disposition, Stock Control and Requisition, and Storage Files NC1-374-81-49
Supply Control and Quantitative Materiel Requirements Files NC1-374-81-50
General Supply Accounting Files NC1-374-81-51
Library Files of the Defense Nuclear Agency NC1-374-81-52
Petroleum and Solid Fuel Supply Files NC1-374-81-53
Port Supply Files NC1-374-81-54
Installation Selection, Evaluation, Master Planning and Real Property Acquisition Files NC1-374-81-55
Real Property Management, Utilization, and General Maintenance Files NC1-374-81-56
Military Planning, Design, Construction and Facilities Engineering Files NC1-374-81-57
Fire Prevention and Environmental Pollution Files NC1-374-81-58
Civil Works Planning Files NC1-374-81-59
Nuclear Surety Files NC1-374-81-60
Radiological Cleanup of Enewetak Atoll, 1968-1980 NC1-374-81-61
Radiation Protection Program Files NC1-374-81-62
Standards of Conduct Files NC1-374-81-63
Individual Radiation Protection Files NC1-374-81-64
Records of the Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group NC1-374-84-01