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When surrounded by quotation marks, the words are treated as a phrase and only pages with the exact phrase "audit files" will appear in results. This is the most powerful query refinement technique.

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You can reject words with the minus (-) sign.
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Avoid using acronyms for instance: IRS for Internal Revenue Service can be mistaken for another acronym such as IRS-CI and effect search results.

Tip 5: Searching by Job Number

Example:  N1-016-00-001

NOTE: You MUST enter the job number in the correct format. Consult the SF 15 Numbering Key if necessary.


RG-0026: Coast Guard, U.S.

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Title Number/Filename
Real Property Case Files DAA-0026-2013-0001
Harbor Safety Committees DAA-0026-2013-0002
Licensing and Certificating DAA-0026-2013-0004
WatchKeeper (WK) DAA-0026-2013-0005
Health Care Administration Records DAA-0026-2013-0006
U.S. Coast Guard Publications Management DAA-0026-2013-0009
National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC) DAA-0026-2016-0001
Large Unit Financial System (LUFS) N1-026-01-001
Office of Resource Management - Marine Safety Information System N1-026-02-002
United States Coast Guard (USCG) Omega Transmitter Station Strip Charts N1-026-04-002
Log Navigation Data Sheet N1-026-04-003
Training and Education N1-026-05-001
Great Lake Pilotage Individual Pilots Personnel File N1-026-05-002
Cutter Training Records N1-026-05-003
General Administration and Management N1-026-05-005
Recreational Boating Law Enforcement Case Files N1-026-05-006
Law Enforcement Monthly Files N1-026-05-007
Morale and Personal Affairs, Family Advocacy Case Records N1-026-05-008
International Ice Patrol N1-026-05-009
Auxiliary Management Information System (AUXDATA) N1-026-05-010
Ship Arrival Notification System (SANS) N1-026-05-011
Facility Security Plans N1-026-05-012
Recreational Boating Safety, Application for Undocumented Vessels N1-026-05-013
Contingency Preparedness System (CPS) N1-026-05-014
Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement (MISLE) System N1-026-05-015
General Ordnance, Ammunition, and Explosives - Shipping Papers N1-026-05-017
Travel and Transportation N1-026-05-018
Aids to Navigation N1-026-05-019
Medical and Dentistry (General) N1-026-05-020
Pharmacy Records N1-026-05-021
Health and Medical Records N1-026-05-022
Preventive Medicine N1-026-05-023
Coast Guard Auxiliary N1-026-06-001
Port Safety and Security N1-026-06-002
SSIC 5801 Legal Assistance N1-026-06-003
Integrated Aids to Navigation Information System (I-ATONIS) N1-026-06-004
Emergency and Disaster Documentation N1-026-06-005
Homeport Portal N1-026-06-006
SSIC 16100 Search and Rescue N1-026-06-007
SSIC 4500 Redistribution and Disposal of Property - Item 7 - Inventory Control Point Records N1-026-06-008
Family Support Program N1-026-07-001
Safety and Survival Equipment and Devices N1-026-07-002
Cutter Drills and Exercises N1-026-07-004
SSIC 6200 Preventive Medicine - Health Promotion Program N1-026-07-005
Cutter Surface Summer Checklist N1-026-07-006
SSIC 6200 Preventive Medicine - Spore Testing N1-026-07-007
Enlistedmen Card Index N1-026-07-008
SSIC 1700 Morale and Personal Affairs - Special Needs Program N1-026-07-009
Maritime Awareness Global Network (MAGNET) System N1-026-08-001
Intelligence Database (IDB) Pathfinder System N1-026-08-002
Long Range Navigation (LORAN/OMEGA) Abnormality Records N1-026-08-003
SSIC 5750 Historical Matters - World War II Merchant Marine N1-026-08-004
Merchant Marine Personnel and Licensing Records N1-026-08-005
Inland River Vessel Movement Center (IRVMC) Records N1-026-09-001
Automated Mutual- Assistance Vessel Rescue System (AMVER) N1-026-10-001
Vessel Security Plan (VSP) N1-026-11-001
Military Pay Checklists / Worksheets N1-026-11-003
Search and Rescue Case Files N1-026-12-001
Work-Life Information Management System (WIMS) N1-026-12-002
Coast Guard Exchange System Scholarship Program N1-026-12-003
Coast Guard Maritime Operational Environment Simulation (CG - MOES) N1-026-12-005
Original Shipping Articles N1-026-86-001
Headquarters Records Control Manual Revision: X-rays N1-026-87-001
Family Advocacy Child/Spouse Abuse Records N1-026-88-002
Child Care Program Records N1-026-88-003
Court Martial Textual and Electronic Finding Aids N1-026-89-001
Disability Claims Files and War Monuments N1-026-89-002
Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharge Records N1-026-92-001
Washington National Records Center (WNRC) - Records Disposition Project N1-026-92-002
Unscheduled First Coast Guard District Records at Boston Federal Records Center (FRC) N1-026-93-001
Recreational Boating Accident Report System N1-026-93-002
Marine Pollution Retrieval System (MPRS) N1-026-93-003
Casualty Maintenance (CASMAIN) System N1-026-93-004
Vessel Documentation Records N1-026-97-001
United States Coast Guard Dockets Records N1-026-97-002
Shipping Articles/Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project N1-026-98-001
Amendment to Permit Marine Inspection Office to Purge Deceased Seamen's Records NC-026-76-001
Comprehensive Records Control Schedule Number 1 NC1-026-76-02
Applications for Numbers for Undocumented Vessels 1940 to 1960 NC1-026-76-03
Seamans Personnel Jackets NC1-026-76-04
Retention of Blueprints, Drawings, Tracings of Commercial Vessels NC1-026-77-01
Retention of Media Relating to Controlling Vessel Traffic in Port Areas NC1-026-77-02
Officer and Enlisted Military Personnel Records NC1-026-77-03
International Consultative Organization Meetings Records NC1-026-78-01
Commercial Vessel Case Files NC1-026-78-02
Conversion of Five Permanent Records to Microfilm NC1-026-78-03
Request for Extension of Retention of Reports on Loran Stations NC1-026-78-04
Headquarters Records Control Manual: Items 432 and 432a NC1-026-79-01
Military Pay Records: Records Control Manual Item 227a NC1-026-79-02
Coast Guard Headquarters - Marine Environmental Protection NC1-026-79-03
Coast Guard Comprehensive Records Schedule Number 1 - Lifesaving Award Jacket NC1-026-80-01
Paperwork Management Branch - Forms Master File Conversion to Microfiche NC1-026-80-02
Office of Merchant Marine Safety - Commercial Vessel Case Files NC1-026-80-03
Coast Guard Field Records NC1-026-80-04
United States (US) Coast Guard Boards of Survey (B/S) NC1-026-80-05
Office of Operations, Oceanographic Unit - Oceanographic Data NC1-026-80-06
U.S. Coast Guard Military Personnel Records NC1-026-81-01
United States Coast Guard Headquarters Records Control Manual NC1-026-81-02
Headquarters Records Control Manual of the Coast Guard NC1-026-81-03
United States Coast Guard Military Personnel Records NC1-026-82-01
Bureau of Light-Houses, Monthly Reports of Temporary Employees NC1-026-82-02
Registration Numbering of Recreational Vessels NC1-026-82-03
Headquarters Records Control Manual Amendment Request NC1-026-82-04
Coast Guard Headquarters Records Control Manual Amendment Request NC1-026-82-05
Coast Guard Comprehensive Records Control Schedule Amendment Request NC1-026-82-06
Contract Files of Transactions NC1-026-82-07
Federal-State Relation Documents NC1-026-82-08
High/Medium Endurance Cutter Ship Records and Characteristics Cards NC1-026-82-09
Title Papers and Easements of the Site Files for Coast Guard Property NC1-026-82-10
Strip Charts of Omega Navigation System Operations Detail (G-ONSOD) NC1-026-82-11
Merchant Marines Officers Files, Merchant Seamens Case Files, Certification and Examination Sheets, and Unacted Upon License or Certificate of Registry Applications NC1-026-82-12
Ship Structure Committee (SSC) NC1-026-82-13
Copies of Abstract of Operations and Individual and Summary Reports for Aircraft, Boats, and Cutters NC1-026-82-14
Copies of Reports of Investigation NC1-026-83-02
Coast Guard Headquarters Records Control Schedule Amendment Request NC1-026-83-03
Search and Rescue Records NC1-026-84-01
Personnel Rosters NC1-026-84-02
United States Coast Guard Research and Development Project Case Files NC1-026-84-03
United States Coast Guard Formal Boards of Investigation Index Cards NC1-026-84-04
United States Coast Guard Admeasurement Case Files NC1-026-84-05
Commercial Vessel Case Files, Booklets and Manuals, and Admeasurement Case Files NC1-026-84-06
International Ice Patrol Facsimile Charts, Reconnaissance Detachment Logs (ICERECDET) and Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR) Films NC1-026-84-07
Financial Responsibility of Vessels for Pollution Liability Files NC1-026-84-08
Merchant Marine License Officers Files NC1-026-84-09
Files of Licenses Issued to Officers on Merchant Vessels NC1-026-84-10
Comprehensive Case Files for the United States Coast Guard from the United States Department of Transportation NN-173-000250
Official Comprehensive Field Records of the United States Department of Transportation NN-173-000317