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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0026: United States Coast Guard

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Title Number/Filename
Real Property Case Files DAA-0026-2013-0001
Harbor Safety Committees DAA-0026-2013-0002
Licensing and Certificating DAA-0026-2013-0004
WatchKeeper (WK) System DAA-0026-2013-0005
Health Care Administration Records DAA-0026-2013-0006
SSIC 5219 Publications Management Inactive DAA-0026-2013-0009
National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC) Case Files DAA-0026-2016-0001
Maritime Analytic Support System (MASS) DAA-0026-2019-0003
Records of the Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) DAA-0026-2020-0001
Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0026-2019-0001
Large Unit Financial System (LUFS) Inactive N1-026-01-001
Marine Safety Information System (MSIS) N1-026-02-002
Omega Transmitter Station Strip Charts, 1973-84 N1-026-04-002
Log Navigation Data Sheet N1-026-04-003
Training, Education and Learning Management Systems N1-026-05-001
Great Lake Pilotage Individual Pilots Personnel File N1-026-05-002
Cutter Training Records N1-026-05-003
District-Level Program Correspondence Files N1-026-05-005
Recreational Boating Law Enforcement Case Files N1-026-05-006
Law Enforcement Monthly Files N1-026-05-007
Family Advocacy Child/Spouse Abuse Case Files Inactive N1-026-05-008
International Ice Patrol Records N1-026-05-009
Auxiliary Management Information System (AUXDATA) N1-026-05-010
Ship Arrival Notification System (SANS) N1-026-05-011
Facility Security Plans N1-026-05-012
Applications for Numbers for Undocumented Vessels N1-026-05-013
Contingency Preparedness System (CPS) N1-026-05-014
Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement (MISLE) System N1-026-05-015
Shipping Papers for Ordnance Materials N1-026-05-017
Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Training Records N1-026-05-018
Aids to Navigation Case Files N1-026-05-019
Medical and Dentistry (General), Routine Correspondence N1-026-05-020
Pharmacy Records N1-026-05-021
Health and Medical Records N1-026-05-022
Laboratory Tests Records and Logs Inactive N1-026-05-023
Pilot Letters of Violations N1-026-06-001
Port Safety and Security Records N1-026-06-002
Case Matters Management Tracking System (CMMT) N1-026-06-003
Integrated Aids to Navigation Information System (I-ATONIS) N1-026-06-004
Disaster Operations Records N1-026-06-005
HOMEPORT System N1-026-06-006
Search and Rescue (SAR) Case Files N1-026-06-007
Inventory Control Point Records Inactive N1-026-06-008
Employee Assistant Program Coordinator (EAPC) Case Records Inactive N1-026-07-001
Maintenance Procedure Cards and Personal Clothing and Equipment Record (AF Form 538) N1-026-07-002
Cutter Drill and Exercise Records N1-026-07-004
Weight and Physical Fitness Standards Program Records Inactive N1-026-07-005
Cutter Surface Swimmer (CSS) Pre-Deployment Checklist N1-026-07-006
Biological Monitoring - Spore Testing Records Inactive N1-026-07-007
Enlistedmen Card Index, 1900-96 N1-026-07-008
Special Needs Program Records N1-026-07-009
Maritime Awareness Global Network (MAGNET) System Inactive N1-026-08-001
Intelligence Database (IDB) Pathfinder System N1-026-08-002
Long Range Navigation (LORAN/OMEGA) Abnormality Records N1-026-08-003
World War II Merchant Marine Records, 1941-47 Inactive N1-026-08-004
Merchant Marine Personnel and Licensing Records N1-026-08-005
Inland River Vessel Movement Center (IRVMC) Records N1-026-09-001
Automated Mutual- Assistance Vessel Rescue System (AMVER) N1-026-10-001
Vessel Security Plan (VSP) N1-026-11-001
Personnel Processing Checklists and Worksheets Inactive N1-026-11-003
Search and Rescue Case Files N1-026-12-001
Family Advocacy Program Records N1-026-12-002
Coast Guard Exchange System Scholarship Program Records N1-026-12-003
Maritime Operational Environment Simulation (CG-MOES) System N1-026-12-005
Original Shipping Articles Inactive N1-026-86-001
Radiograph Records N1-026-87-001
Family Advocacy Child/Spouse Abuse Records Inactive N1-026-88-002
Child Care Program Records N1-026-88-003
Court Martial Records N1-026-89-001
Disability Claims Case Files of Former Life-Saving Service Personnel and War Monuments and Burial Ceremony Records, 1882-1958 Inactive N1-026-89-002
Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharge Records N1-026-92-001
Muster Rolls, 1941-49; Seaman's Records, 1937-50; Shipping Articles, 1939-47, Disability Claims Files, 1931-38 Inactive N1-026-92-002
First District Boundary Records and Significant Correspondence Inactive N1-026-93-001
Recreational Boating Accident Report System N1-026-93-002
Marine Pollution Retrieval System (MPRS) N1-026-93-003
Casualty Maintenance (CASMAIN) System, Vessel Casualty Database (VESCAS), and Personnel Casualty Database (PERCAS) N1-026-93-004
Vessel Documentation Records N1-026-97-001
Public Rulemaking Dockets and Associated Background Working Papers N1-026-97-002
Shipping Articles N1-026-98-001
Schedule 1 - Headquarter's Records NC1-026-76-02
Applications for Numbers for Undocumented Vessels 1940 to 1960 Inactive NC1-026-76-03
Seamans Personnel Jackets NC1-026-76-04
Blueprints, Drawings, Tracings of Commercial Vessels and Related Records NC1-026-77-01
Controlling Vessel Traffic in Port Areas Records NC1-026-77-02
Miliary Personnel Records Inactive NC1-026-77-03
International Consultative Organization (IMCO) Meetings Records Inactive NC1-026-78-01
Commercial Vessel Case Files Inactive NC1-026-78-02
Marine Safety Council Records NC1-026-78-03
Long Range Navigation (LORAN) Stations Reports NC1-026-78-04
Marine Environmental Protection Records NC1-026-79-03
Lifesaving Award Records NC1-026-80-01
Forms Master Files NC1-026-80-02
Commercial Vessel Case Files NC1-026-80-03
Field Records NC1-026-80-04
Hydrographic Data NC1-026-80-06
Boating Accident Records NC1-026-81-02
Boating Accident Records NC1-026-81-03
Military Personnel Records Inactive NC1-026-82-01
Bureau of Light-Houses, Monthly Reports of Temporary Employees, 1909-21 Inactive NC1-026-82-02
Registration Numbering of Recreational Vessels Records, 1971-80 Inactive NC1-026-82-03
Abstracts of Operations for Aircraft, Boats, and Cutters NC1-026-82-04
Military Personnel Records NC1-026-82-05
Boards of Survey Site Files NC1-026-82-06
Contract Files Inactive NC1-026-82-07
Cooperative Agreements and Federal Grants to States Records Inactive NC1-026-82-08
High/Medium Endurance Cutter Ship Records and Characteristics Cards NC1-026-82-09
Site Files NC1-026-82-10
Omega Transmitter Station Strip Charts Inactive NC1-026-82-11
Merchant Marine Personnel and Licensing Files NC1-026-82-12
United States and Foreign Merchant Marine Vessels Records NC1-026-82-13
Abstracts of Operations and Individual and Summary Reports for Aircraft, Boats, and Cutters NC1-026-82-14
Reports of Investigation NC1-026-83-02
Navigation Records and Command Control and Communications Records NC1-026-83-03
Search and Rescue Records NC1-026-84-01
Personnel Rosters, 1974 and earlier NC1-026-84-02
Research and Development Project Case Files NC1-026-84-03
Formal Boards of Investigation Index Cards NC1-026-84-04
Admeasurement Case Files NC1-026-84-05
Commercial Vessel and Admeasurement Case Files and Inspection Records NC1-026-84-06
International Ice Patrol Records Inactive NC1-026-84-07
Financial Responsibility of Vessels for Pollution Liability Files NC1-026-84-08
Merchant Marine License Officers Files Inactive NC1-026-84-09
Licensing Records and Shipping Articles Inactive NC1-026-84-10
Operational Intelligence Case Files, Merchant Vessel Inspections Case Files, Correspondence Files, and Marine Pollution Prevention Convention Violations Reports Inactive NN-173-000250
Engineering, Contracts, and Marine Safety Records NN-173-000317