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RG-0060: Justice, General Records of the Department of

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Title Number/Filename
The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Programmatic Progress Report System DAA-0060-2011-0001
Justice Planning and Performance Reporting System (JPPRS) DAA-0060-2011-0002
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Federal Financial Report System DAA-0060-2011-0004
Mail, Multimedia and Publication Services (MMPS) Billing System DAA-0060-2011-0006
Pre-Approved for Conversions of Political Appointees to Career Positions Records DAA-0060-2011-0007
Department of Justice (DOJ) Directives and Guidance DAA-0060-2011-0009
Front Office Tracking System (FOTS) DAA-0060-2011-0010
Records of the Office of Tribal Justice DAA-0060-2011-0016
Criminal Division Internal Website (CRMLink) DAA-0060-2011-0017
Civil Division- Automated Matters Management System (AMMS) DAA-0060-2011-0018
INTERPOL - OA ENVOY System DAA-0060-2011-0020
Civil Rights Division (CRT) - Language Survey System DAA-0060-2011-0021
Civil Rights Division (CRT) - FDNY System DAA-0060-2011-0022
Civil Rights Division - Grant Review System DAA-0060-2011-0023
Civil Rights Division (CRT) - Office of Special Counsel (OSC) Electronic Mail Tracking System (OSC EMTS) DAA-0060-2011-0025
Records of the Office of Professional Responsibility DAA-0060-2011-0027
Pigford Case Files DAA-0060-2011-0029
Foreign Evidence Request Management System (FERMS) DAA-0060-2012-0001
Trustee Uniform Final Report System (TUFR) DAA-0060-2012-0004
Department of Justice (DOJ)-Component Level Organization Charts DAA-0060-2012-0005
Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Control Program DAA-0060-2012-0006
Activator System DAA-0060-2012-0007
File Room Tracking System DAA-0060-2012-0008
Judicial Nominations Files DAA-0060-2012-0009
Classification Tracking System (CLASS) DAA-0060-2012-0010
Records of the Office of the Inspector General DAA-0060-2012-0011
Senior Leadership Personnel Rosters DAA-0060-2012-0012
Attorney General Weekly Reports DAA-0060-2012-0013
Report of Investigation Tracking System DAA-0060-2012-0014
Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance Tracking (MLAT) Tracking System DAA-0060-2012-0015
Access to Justice Records DAA-0060-2012-0016
Unified Financial Management System (UFMS) DAA-0060-2012-0017
Office of Legal Policy (OLP) - Appointment Rosters DAA-0060-2012-0018
Audit Workplan DAA-0060-2012-0019
September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of 2011 (VCF 11) DAA-0060-2012-0020
Attorney Bar Certification Forms DAA-0060-2012-0023
Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) IQ System DAA-0060-2012-0025
Attorney Bar Certification DAA-0060-2012-0026
Civil Rights Division (CRT) - Admin Customer Feedback Survey DAA-0060-2012-0027
Appointment Index Cards DAA-0060-2013-0001
Public Facing Social Media Applications DAA-0060-2013-0002
Information Data Exchange Architecture (IDEA) DAA-0060-2013-0006
Information Quality Records DAA-0060-2013-0008
Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) Director Michael Shaheen Records DAA-0060-2013-0009
Legislative Files DAA-0060-2013-0010
Patent and Rights Files DAA-0060-2014-0002
Citizen/Public Mail DAA-0060-2014-0004
Feeder/Component Copies DAA-0060-2014-0005
Tribal Government Correspondence DAA-0060-2014-0006
Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Policy and Training - Program Management Records DAA-0060-2015-0004
U.S. Department of Justice Assistant Attorneys General Email DAA-0060-2015-0006
Email Records of the Heads of Components DAA-0060-2015-0007
Electronic Records of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, Associate Attorney General, and their program staffs from the administrations of Janet Reno, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, and Michael Mukasey DAA-0060-2015-0008
Job Application Materials and Candidate Evaluation Records Held by DOJ Component-Level Selection Committees DAA-0060-2016-0004
Office of Information Policy DAA-0060-2016-0005
Annual Work Planning Records DAA-0060-2017-0004
Giglio Records DAA-0060-2017-0006
Records Documenting Compliance with Preservation Obligations for Component Information DAA-0060-2017-0007
Mentor Program Records DAA-0060-2017-0008
Training Records DAA-0060-2017-0009
Directives - Background Files DAA-0060-2017-0016
Computer Systems Activity and Access Records N1-060-00-001
Office of Public Information - Indices to Press Releases and Speeches N1-060-00-005
Audiovisual Media Section Still Photography N1-060-00-006
Year 2000 Program Records N1-060-00-007
Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) - Evaluation and Review Staff (EARS) Evaluation Records (Re-Registered as N1-060-00-008) N1-060-00-008
Non-Litigative Correspondence N1-060-00-009
Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) N1-060-00-011
Office of the Assistant Attorney General Tax Division N1-060-01-001
Federal Employee Transportation Pre-Tax Benefit Records N1-060-01-002
Office of Intergovernmental Affairs N1-060-01-003
Assistant Attorney General, Office of Policy Development (OPD) N1-060-01-004
Public Affairs of the Waco Investigation N1-060-01-006
Office of Public Affairs Transcripts of Weekly Meetings with News Media N1-060-01-007
Civil Division, Office of the Assistant Attorney General N1-060-01-008
Civil Rights Division: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Class 205 N1-060-02-001
Deputy Assistant Attorneys General and Special Assistants - Environment and Natural Resources Division N1-060-02-003
COINTELPRO (Counterintelligence) and Agency Committee Records N1-060-02-004
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Security Programs (Webster Commission) N1-060-02-005
Civil Division / Comments Relating to the "9/11 Victim Compensation Fund of 2001" N1-060-02-007
Criminal Division / Office of Enforcement Operation - Witness Immunity Unit N1-060-03-001
Department of Justice Performance and Accountability Report N1-060-03-002
Civil Rights Division / Interactive Case Management System (ICM) N1-060-03-003
Civil Division Declarations and Lists of Annuity Brokers in Structured Settlements Negotiated by United States N1-060-03-004
Professional Responsibility Advisory Office (PRAO) N1-060-04-001
Trustee Supervision Records N1-060-04-002
Department Contact Records N1-060-04-003
S-VISA Program Records N1-060-04-006
Duplex Numeric Case Files: 212- September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of 2001 N1-060-04-007
Duplex Numeric Case Files: Class 90 - Water Rights Cases N1-060-04-008
September 11 Commission Documents N1-060-05-001
Japanese American Redress Verification Information System (JARVIS) N1-060-05-002
Automated Case Tracking System III (ACTS III) N1-060-05-003
Duplex Numeric Case Files: Class 209 - Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act N1-060-05-004
Grant Case - Office of Justice Programs - Violence Against Women Office N1-060-05-005
Environment and National Resource Division Case Management System N1-060-05-006
Solicitor General Automated Docket System N1-060-05-007
Dallas Bank Fraud Task Force Dallas, Texas N1-060-05-008
New England Bank Fraud Task Force Boston Massachusetts N1-060-05-009
Personnel Index Card Tracking System N1-060-05-010
Anti - Trust Division Matter Tracking System Database (MTSD) N1-060-05-011
Tax Division Case Management System N1-060-05-012
Civil Division Case Management System N1-060-05-013
Executive Secretariat, Correspondence Management System N1-060-05-014P
Whistleblower Protection Case Files N1-060-06-001
Grant and Audit Case Files N1-060-06-002
Counterterrorism Files N1-060-06-003
Department of Justice (DOJ) Website N1-060-06-005
Consolidated Asset Tracking System (CATS) N1-060-06-006
Civil Division - Class 9 - War Matters Miscellaneous Unscheduled Records N1-060-07-001
Case Reporting Forms and Reports (Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces) N1-060-07-002
Intelligence Materials N1-060-07-003
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) Litigation Materials N1-060-07-004
Committee on Foreign Assets in the United States N1-060-07-005
Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program (ASLRP) N1-060-07-006
Class 215- Domestic Security Section (DSS) N1-060-07-007
Department of Justice (DOJ) Criminal Division Nationwide System N1-060-08-001P
Consolidated Debt Collection System (CDCS) N1-060-08-002
Office of Inspector General Audit Tracking System N1-060-08-003
Government Accountability Office (GAO) Final ReportsTracking System N1-060-08-004
Victim Notification System (VNS) N1-060-08-005
Department of Justice Rent Management System (DRMS) N1-060-08-006
Case Access System for Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) (CASE) N1-060-08-007
Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO) Automated Case Management System (ACMS) N1-060-08-008
Digital Audio Recording (DAR) Records N1-060-08-010P
Prisoner Transfer System N1-060-08-011
Gambling Registration System (GRS) N1-060-08-012
S-Visa Program Application N1-060-08-013
Title III Tracking System N1-060-08-015
Witness Immunity System N1-060-08-016
Witness Security Tracking System N1-060-08-017
Phone Log Tracking System N1-060-08-018
Class 210, Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 N1-060-08-020
Personnel Locator System N1-060-08-021
Attorney Search Warrant/Subpoena Systems N1-060-08-022
Office of Intelligence Case Tracking System Files N1-060-08-023
Foreign Agents Registration Act System Records N1-060-08-024
Office of Legislative Affairs Nominations Files N1-060-08-026
Audit Liaison Group (ALG) N1-060-08-027
Civil Applicant System (CAS) N1-060-08-028
Class 157- Federal Tort Claims Act N1-060-08-029
Tax Division Settlement Memoranda N1-060-09-001
Office of the Federal Detention Trustee Workflow System (OWS) N1-060-09-002
Employment Information System (EIS) N1-060-09-003
Justice Command Center N1-060-09-004
National Commission on Judicial Discipline and Removal N1-060-09-005
Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Immigration Judge Complaint Files N1-060-09-006
Case Management System in the Office of Community Oriented Policing (COPS) N1-060-09-007
Honors Program and Summer Law Intern Program (HP/SLIP) Database N1-060-09-008
United States Attorney Nominations and Appointments N1-060-09-009
Civil Division Automated Records Tracking System (ARTS) N1-060-09-010
Office of Special Investigations N1-060-09-011 P
Attorney General's Advisory Committee of United States Attorneys (AGAC) N1-060-09-012
Environment and Natural Resources Division Appraisal Management System N1-060-09-013
Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) N1-060-09-014
Telecommunications Account Billing System (TABS) N1-060-09-015
Reporting and Analysis Center (RAC) / Employment Fact Book N1-060-09-016
United States Attorneys Annual Statistical Reports N1-060-09-018
United States Attorneys' Manual (USAM) United States Attorneys' Bulletins (USAB) and United States Attorneys' Procedures (USAPs) N1-060-09-019
Comprehensive Human Resource Information Systems (CHRIS) N1-060-09-021
Capital Case Application N1-060-09-023
The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Office of the General Counsel N1-060-09-024
Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Audits, Evaluations and Inspections, and Investigations N1-060-09-025
Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) Learning Management System N1-060-09-026
Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Oversight and Review Division Case Tracking System N1-060-09-027
Financial Management Information System (FMIS) N1-060-09-028
Continuing Legal Education Accreditation Records N1-060-09-030
LearnATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and LearnDOJ (Justice Management Division) N1-060-09-031
Voting Redistricting Application (DX) Geospatial N1-060-09-032
Debtor Audit System (DAS) N1-060-09-033
Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Management and Planning Division (M & P) N1-060-09-034
Criminal Enforcement Tracking System (CETS) N1-060-09-035
Automated Case Management System (ACMS) N1-060-09-036
Environment and Natural Resources Division Net N1-060-09-037
Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) General Case Management System N1-060-09-038
Civil Division Intranet N1-060-09-039
Litigation Technology Service Center (LTSC) Data Systems N1-060-09-040
Civil Rights- Submission Tracking and Processing System (STAPS) N1-060-09-041
Department of Justice (DOJ) Internal Website (DOJNet) N1-060-09-043
Audit Division Operational Tracking System (ADOT) N1-060-09-044
Office of Inspector General (OIG) - Medical Database N1-060-09-045
Tax Division - Intranet (TAXweb) N1-060-09-046
Office of Operations Audit Tracking and Information System (OO) N1-060-09-047
Audit Division Administrative Management System (ADAM) N1-060-09-048
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office N1-060-09-050
Significant Accomplishments Reporting System (SARS) N1-060-09-051
Chapter 11 Quarterly Fee Information Collection System (FICS) N1-060-09-052
Credit Counseling and Debtor Education System (CC/DE) N1-060-09-053
Anti-Trust Division Intranet N1-060-09-054
Anti-Trust Division, Bank Acquistion Tracking System (BATS) N1-060-09-055
Anti-Trust Division, Correspondence and Complaint Tracking System (CCTS) N1-060-09-056
Human Resources Information System (HRS) N1-060-09-057
The Insider N1-060-09-058
Online Investigative Management Tool (OIMT) N1-060-09-059
Complaint Adjudication Office (CAO) N1-060-09-060
OIGNet (Office of Inspector General Net) N1-060-09-061
United States Trustee Program (USTP) Intranet (USTNET) N1-060-09-062
Means Test Review Management System (MTR) N1-060-09-063
Office of Inspector General Controlled Correspondence System N1-060-09-065
Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Investigations Database Management System (IDMS) N1-060-09-066
Information Tracking System N1-060-09-067
Office of Inspector General Resolution Tracking System N1-060-09-068
Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Intranet N1-060-09-070
Professional Timekeeping System (PTS) N1-060-09-071
Audit Management System N1-060-09-072
Automated Trustee System N1-060-09-073
Asset Forfeiture Records N1-060-10-001
Social Media (WEB 2.0) Applications N1-060-10-002
Office of Dispute Resolution Funding Requests Database N1-060-10-003
Acquisition Career Management N1-060-10-004
Department of Justice (DOJ) Strategic Plans N1-060-10-005
Organization and Management N1-060-10-006
Management Studies and Projects N1-060-10-007
Computer Matching/Privacy Protection Act Program Agency Agreements N1-060-10-008
Audio Visual Records N1-060-10-012
Office of Public Affairs Records N1-060-10-013
Security Program Operating Manual (SPOM) N1-060-10-014
Election Monitoring System N1-060-10-015
Bivens Actions - Attorney- Client Privileged Records N1-060-10-016
Audits, Evaluations and Inspections, and Investigations N1-060-10-017
Security Compliance Review Case Files N1-060-10-018
Antitrust Division Classification Cards N1-060-10-019
Department of Justice (DOJ) Component Level Strategic Plans N1-060-10-020
Office of Information Safeguard and Security Oversight N1-060-10-021
Department of Justice (DOJ) Fact Witness Program- Special Authorization N1-060-10-022
United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) Citizen Mail Inactive N1-060-10-023
Office of General Counsel Program Files N1-060-10-024
United States Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General and Associate Attorney General Records N1-060-10-025
Records of the Director and the Office of Intergovernmental & Public Liaison N1-060-10-026
United States (US) Trustees Annual Reports N1-060-10-027
Office of Inspector General (OIG) Management & Planning (M&P) Customer Satisfaction Survey System N1-060-10-028
Office of Legal Counsel N1-060-10-031
Office of Attorney Management and Recruitment N1-060-10-032
Civil Division Litigation Client Satisfaction Study N1-060-10-033
National Security Division High Level Official N1-060-10-034
Email Records of Administrative Staff for the Offices of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, and Associate Attorney General N1-060-10-035
Email Records of Program Staff of the Offices of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, and Associate Attorney General N1-060-10-036
Class 195 Case Files: Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act of 1969 N1-060-10-037
Clearance Tracking Database N1-060-11-001
Employee Database N1-060-11-002
Project Proposal Database N1-060-11-003
Tax Division Class 236517 N1-060-11-004
Class Action Fairness Act Database (CAFAD) N1-060-11-005
Office of General Counsel (OGC) Correspondence Tracking System N1-060-11-007
Historically Significant Video Tapes of Attorney General N1-060-11-008
Human Resource Policy and Advisory Services N1-060-11-009
Attorney General Microfilm N1-060-11-010
United States Displaced Persons Commission (DPC) Declassified Files N1-060-11-011
Criminal Division Mail, File, and Records Unit N1-060-86-001
International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) - United States National Central Bureau (USNCB) Case File Revisions N1-060-87-001
Office of Special Investigations Visa Application and Displaced Persons Case Files N1-060-87-002
Admiralty Field Office Case Files N1-060-87-003
Office of Liaison Services Correspondence and Program Files N1-060-87-004
Land and Natural Resources Division - Class 198 Criminal Environmental Matters Case Files N1-060-88-001
Criminal Division Non-litigative Correspondence Files N1-060-88-002
Class 197 - Unfair Immigration Employment Practices Case Files N1-060-88-003
Carter Warehouse and Billy Carter Gas Station Records N1-060-88-004
Displaced Persons Commission Administrative Files, 1948-1951 N1-060-88-005
Tax Return Information Records N1-060-88-006
Records of the Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division (AAG/CRM) and Deputy Assistant Attorneys General, Criminal Division (DAAG/CRM) N1-060-88-007
Attorney Time Reporting Records N1-060-88-008
Assistant Attorney General (AAG) and Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) Records N1-060-88-009
Duplex Numeric Files N1-060-88-010
Straight Number Files N1-060-88-011
Class 90 (Land Matters) N1-060-88-012
Class 146 World War II N1-060-88-013
Executive Secretariat / Attorney General's Records N1-060-88-014
Records of the Office of the Deputy Attorney General N1-060-89-001
Daily Worker, 1922-1955 N1-060-89-002
Files of Louis F. Oberdorfer, 1961-1965 N1-060-89-003
Office of Planning and Evaluation Planning, Programming and Budgeting (PPB) Files N1-060-89-004
Federal Debt Recovery Act Debt Collection Management Records N1-060-89-005
United States (U.S.) Versus Felt, et. al. (177-16-33) Records N1-060-89-006
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act Litigation Files N1-060-89-007
Class 196 - Closed Amicus Matters N1-060-89-008
Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO) Case Files N1-060-89-009
Department of Justice: Records of the Office of the Assistant Attorney General N1-060-89-010
Murder (Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald "Fatal Vision" Case) N1-060-90-001
Oil Company Control of Pipelines (Elkins Cases) N1-060-90-002
Justice Management Division Directives N1-060-90-004
Civil Rights Division- Docket Cards, Criminal Section N1-060-90-005
Office of Policy Development/Asylum Review Case Files N1-060-90-006
Civil Rights Division Classification Cards N1-060-90-007
Japanese Internment During World War II N1-060-90-008
Deputy Assistant Attorney General Files, Civil Division N1-060-90-009
Civil Rights Division/Special Assistant's Files N1-060-90-010
War Relocation Authority Microdata N1-060-91-001
Subject Index to Litigation Files N1-060-91-002
Civil Division / Customs Section Correspondence Registers N1-060-91-003
Executive Secretariat / Congressional Records N1-060-91-004
Criminal Division / Deputy Assistant Attorneys General (DAAG) N1-060-91-005
Japanese-American Redress Records N1-060-91-006
Deputy Attorney General - Mariel Cuban Parole and Repatriation Review Program Records N1-060-91-007
Office of Policy Development / Congressional Records N1-060-91-008
Environment and Natural Resources Division / Class 90-1-2-3 N1-060-92-001
Civil Division / Classification and Index Cards N1-060-92-002
Office of Special Counsel / Form I-772 N1-060-92-003
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Recurring Reports N1-060-92-004
United States Trustees N1-060-92-005
Newspaper Preservation Act Files N1-060-93-001
Class 201 - Radiation Exposure Compensation N1-060-93-002
Class 199 - National Childhood Vaccine Injury N1-060-93-003
Class 200 - Inter-American Convention N1-060-93-005
Office of Intelligence Policy and Review (OIPR) Foreign Counter Intelligence Review Forms N1-060-93-006
Office of Intelligence Policy and Review (OIPR) Subject & Policy Files N1-060-93-007
Water Rights Case Files N1-060-93-009
Records Relating to Asset Forfeiture N1-060-93-010
Deputy Attorney General - Classified Files N1-060-93-011
Judgement Enforcement Records N1-060-93-012
Class 203 - Money Laundering Control Act/Bank Secrecy Act N1-060-93-013
Class 90-6 - Indian Resources N1-060-93-014
Dallas Bank Fraud Task Force N1-060-93-015
Class 236539 - International Prisoner Transfer N1-060-93-016
Class 227333, Carson River Water Rights N1-060-93-017
Antitrust Division - Assistant and Deputy Assistant Attorney General N1-060-93-018
Class 90 - Lands Field Offices - Revision N1-060-94-001
Official Records of the Attorney General N1-060-94-002
Bankruptcy Documents Civil Division N1-060-94-003
Radiation Exposure Compensation System N1-060-94-004
Class 5 Case Files: Tax Matters N1-060-94-005
Civil Division "Submitted Documents" N1-060-94-006
Photographs of Attorneys General N1-060-94-007
Call Detail Records N1-060-94-008
Files for Court of Claims & Tax Assessment Cases N1-060-94-009
Solicitor General's Files N1-060-95-001
Assistant Attorney General (AAG), Office of Policy Development N1-060-95-002
Requests for Autopen N1-060-95-003
Exxon Valdez Discovery Materials N1-060-95-004
Swine Flu Claim System N1-060-95-005
Executive Secretariat Correspondence Index System N1-060-95-006
Solicitor General Case Files N1-060-96-001
Litigation Support Documentation, Love Canal Case N1-060-96-002
New England Bank Fraud Cases N1-060-96-003
Inspector General (IG) Case File - Good Old Boy Roundup N1-060-96-004
Legal Support Records - Criminal Division N1-060-96-005
Solicitor General Files N1-060-96-006
Criminal Division - Submitted Documents N1-060-96-007
Civil Rights - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Grant Cases N1-060-96-008
Computer Security Records N1-060-97-001
Class 93 Cases - Habeas Corpus N1-060-97-002
Class 202 and 204 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 N1-060-97-003
Office of the Inspector General Investigation Case Files N1-060-97-004
Class 90-12, Amicus Cases N1-060-97-006
Criminal Division, International Criminal Investigation Training Assistant Program N1-060-98-001
Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section Quarterly Reports N1-060-98-002
Records Removal Request for Departing Employees N1-060-98-003
Death Penalty Recommendation Records N1-060-98-004
Class 208 - Church Arson N1-060-98-005
Class 206 Litigation Files - Clinic Access N1-060-98-006
Class 207 - Litigation Case Files - Police Misconduct N1-060-98-007
Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project - Conscientious Objectors N1-060-98-009
Solicitor General Docket Cards N1-060-98-011
Automated Case Management System (LIONS) N1-060-99-001
Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project N1-060-99-002
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Program - Successful Grant Applications N1-060-99-003
Automation Project Support Records - Office of the International Tribunal N1-060-99-004
Background Technical Files, Radiation Compensation Litigation N1-060-99-005
Office of Professisonal Responsibility (OPR) N1-060-99-006
General Files for Selected Primary Classes of the Duplex Numeric System N1-060-99-007
Records of International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) - Criminal and Non-Criminal Case Files N1-060-99-008
Environment and Natural Resources Division Index Cards N1-060-99-009
Office of Alien Property N1-060-99-010
Office of the Inspector General - Audit / Inspection Files N1-060-99-011
Office of the Associate Attorney General N1-060-99-012
Class 32: Federal Building Space Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-001
Class 3: Weeks Forestry Act Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-002
Class 102: Fair Trade Act Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-003
Class 33: Federal Building Sites Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-004
Class 101: Mortgage and Lien Foreclosure Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-001
Class 130: Federal Housing Act Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-002
Class 142: Eviction and Delinquent Rentals Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-003
Class 136: Farmers Home Administration, Farm Security, Rural Rehabilitation Loans and Soil Conservations, Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act N2-060-14-004
Class 116: Farm Credit Administration Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-005
Class 52: Theft of Government Property Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-006
Class 17: War Risk Insurance Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-007
Class 47: Impersonation of Federal Officer Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-008
Files of the Classification, Mail and File Unit NC-060-76-001
Classification, Mail and File Unit in the Criminal Division NC-060-76-002
Correspondence and Memoranda, Court Documents, Investigative Reports, Working Papers, Miscellaneous Related Materials NC-060-76-003
Memorandums, Court Documents, Courts of Appeal, Litigation Reports, Notes and Workpapers NC-060-76-004
Tax-Income, Inheritance, Bail Bonds/Forfeitures, Bituminous Coal Conservation Act, Claims Court NC-060-76-005
Civil Division Case Files NC-060-76-006
Customs Section Case Files NC-060-76-007
Non-Permanent Antitrust Division Cases, Investigations, Enclosures NC1-060-76-08
Abstracts: Testimony Before Senate Select Committee in Executive/Regular Sessions NC1-060-76-09
Master and Duplicate Copies: Press Releases, Official Speeches, Testimonials, Court Findings NC1-060-76-10
Internal Audit Staff: Audit Records, Internal Reports, Judicial Examination, General Accounting Office NC1-060-76-11
Legislative History Files NC1-060-76-12
Records of the Economic Warfare Section, 1940-1946 NC1-060-77-01
Documents of Mitchell Rogovin, Assistant Attorney General, Tax Division: 1960-1967 NC1-060-77-02
Documents Relating to Commission on International Rules of Judicial Procedure NC1-060-77-03
Case Index Cards and/or Logs NC1-060-77-04
Destroy Index Cards Documenting Intelligence from Federal, State, Local Agencies:1961-1972 NC1-060-77-05
Alleged Incidents of Misconduct on Part of Department of Justice Employees NC1-060-77-06
Matters With Legal Action Taken/Considered; Subordinates to Offices of United States Attorneys NC1-060-78-01
Files of the Office for Improvements in the Administration of Justice NC1-060-78-02
Request to Dispose of All Remaining Racketeer Profile Data by June 30,1979 NC1-060-78-03
Racketeer Profile Information NC1-060-78-04
Final Report/Files of Intradepartmental Committee to Review the Marshals Office NC1-060-78-05
Documentation Relating to Person's Investigation, Arrest, Indictment, Trial, Verdict:Controlled Substances Act NC1-060-79-01
Inter-Division Information Unit: Civil Disturbances and Incidents Organized by Geographic Area NC1-060-79-02
Files and Correspondence of Deputy/Associate Deputy Attorney General NC1-060-79-03
Retention Standards Pertaining to Selection of Federal Judge Nominations NC1-060-79-04
Background Checks: United States Judges, Attorneys, Marshals NC1-060-79-05
Request to Dispose of Organize Crime and Racketeering Section File Checkout System NC1-060-79-06
Litigation Case Files Maintained by the Tax Division NC1-060-79-07
Documents Obtained Pursuant to Grand Jury Subpoena, Civil Investigative Demand, from Other Agencies NC1-060-79-08
General Name Index Cards from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Central Files NC1-060-80-01
Final Report and Files of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Task Force to Review the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Martin Luther King, Junior, Security and Assassination Investigations NC1-060-80-02
Administrative Support Records of the Committee on the Selection of the Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) NC1-060-80-03
Controlled Substances Act- Nonpublic Records NC1-060-80-04
Invitations Received by the Attorney General NC1-060-80-05
Administrative Management Records NC1-060-80-06
Subject Files of the Assistant Attorneys General Tax NC1-060-80-07
Grand Jury Court Reporter Clearances NC1-060-80-08
Department of Justice, Executive Office for the United States Trustees NC1-060-80-09
The Stocks and Bonds Intelligence Control Card File System NC1-060-80-10
Pre-Appointment Investigation Reports NC1-060-80-11
Files Generated from Marvin Wall as Special Assistant to the Attorney General NC1-060-80-12
Files of the Department of Justice (DOJ) 1976 Bicentennial Commemoration NC1-060-81-01
Young American Award Records NC1-060-81-02
International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) Case Files NC1-060-81-03
Bankruptcy Case Files Created by the United States Trustees NC1-060-81-04
Department of Justice Case Files NC1-060-81-05
Information on Individuals Proposed for Nomination as a Federal Judge NC1-060-81-06
Files of the Office for Improvements in the Administration of Justice (OIAJ) NC1-060-81-07
Office of the Attorney General NC1-060-81-08
Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General NC1-060-81-08
Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) NC1-060-81-09
Foreign Agent Registration NC1-060-81-10
Deputy Attorney General Files NC1-060-81-14
Inventory of Information Systems and Sources NC1-060-81-15
Honor Program Applications NC1-060-81-16
Department of Justice: Audit Staff NC1-060-82-01
Department of Justice: Tax Division NC1-060-82-02
Land and Natural Resources Division NC1-060-82-03
Department of Justice: Numbered Memorandum NC1-060-82-04
Tax Division NC1-060-82-05
Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 (PL-598) NC1-060-82-06
Judicial District Administrative Files NC1-060-82-07
Task Force on Violent Crime NC1-060-82-08
Tax Division: Classification Locator Unit (CLU) NC1-060-82-09
Department of Justice: Interpol NC1-060-82-10
Records of the Assistant Attorney General, Tax Division NC1-060-82-11
Records of the Assistant Attorney General for Administration NC1-060-82-12
Office of the Deputy Attorney General NC1-060-82-13
Office of the Deputy Attorney General Records of the Office of Criminal Justice, 1969-1973 NC1-060-82-14
Records Relating to Bankruptcy Proceedings NC1-060-83-01
Occupational Health Physical Fitness Program Files (OHPFP) NC1-060-83-02
Indices of Correspondence NC1-060-83-03
Straight Number Files NC1-060-83-04
Records of the Civil Division, Classification and Data Units NC1-060-83-05
Civil Rights Division - Office of the Assistant Attorney General NC1-060-83-07
Machine-Readable Files of United States (U.S.) Attorneys NC1-060-83-08
Claims for Death, Personal Injury, or Damages Resulting from the Swine Flu Vaccination Program of 1976 NC1-060-84-01
Requests to Dispose of Weekly Statistical Reports NC1-060-84-02
Board of Immigration Appeals Decisions NC1-060-84-03
Department of Justice Files of the Associate Attorney General NC1-060-84-05
Machine-Readable Files of Antitrust Division NC1-060-84-06
Record of Proceedings Cases NC1-060-84-07
Timekeeper Copies of Time and Attendance Reports NC1-060-84-08
International Trade Litigation Case Files NC1-060-85-02
The Civil Division, Classification and Data Units of the Department of Justice NC1-060-85-03
Newspaper Preservation Act Files NC1-060-85-04