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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0085: Immigration and Naturalization Service

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Title Number/Filename
FD 258 Fingerprint Card Tracking System Inactive N1-085-00-001
Headquarters Subject Policy Files N1-085-01-001
Central Office Subject Correspondence Files,1906-57; Counterfeit and Fradulent Reentry Permits, 1925-48; Administrative Letters, Commissioner Decisions, Adjudication Office Decisions, General Counsel Opinions, Public Health Service Foreign Quarantive Field Memorandums, 1909-56 Inactive N1-085-86-001
Documented False Claims to United States (U.S.) Citizenship N1-085-86-002
Inspector's Visa Log and Daily Control Sheet Form I704 N1-085-87-001
Petition for Alien Relative and Petition to Classify Alien on Basis of Profession or Occupation, Form I-130, I-130A, I-140, and I-140A N1-085-88-001
Forensic Document Laboratory Case File Inactive N1-085-88-002
I-791 Visa Waiver Pilot Information Form; 1-775 Visa Waiver Program Agreement; 1-736 Guam Visa Waiver Information Form; 1-760 Agreement N1-085-90-001
Deportation Investigation Case of San Francisco Labor Activist Harry Bridges Inactive N1-085-90-002
Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program N1-085-90-003
I-102 Application by Non-Immigrant Alien for Replacement of Arrival Document Inactive N1-085-90-004
Litigation Cases, Legislative Monitoring, and Legislative History Records N1-085-90-005
Automated Documents Information System (AIS) Change Management Requests, Tactical Plan and Planning Dcouments N1-085-90-006
Procurement Litigation Files N1-085-90-007
Congressional Correspondence N1-085-91-001
Public Inquiries N1-085-91-002
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Master Index Inactive N1-085-91-003
Alien Registration Microfilm Reels N1-085-91-004
United States Citizen's Identification/Border Crossing Cards, 1924-45 Inactive N1-085-91-005
Camera Cards Inactive N1-085-91-006
Replenishment Agricultural Worker (RAW) Program Inactive N1-085-91-007
Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program N1-085-92-001
Protocol Registration Microfilm Reels Inactive N1-085-92-002
Priority Automated Commuter Entry System (PACES) Inactive N1-085-93-001
Form I-95 AB - D1/D2 Crewman's Landing Permits N1-085-93-002
Video Cassette Recordings Files N1-085-94-001
Application for Employment Authorization Form I-765 Inactive N1-085-94-002
Investigation Files, 1948-85 N1-085-94-003
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Service Center Receipt Files N1-085-96-001
Consenting Alien Program Operational Records N1-085-96-004
Agreements Between Transportation Lines and The United States N1-085-96-005
Denied Humanitarian Parole Cases N1-085-96-006
I-775 - Visa Waiver Program Agreement N1-085-96-007
Form I-418 Crew Lists and Associated Forms N1-085-97-001
Form I-89 Camera Cards N1-085-97-002
Employer Sanctions Program N1-085-97-003
Designated Entity Information Management System (DEIMS) N1-085-97-004
Firearms Operating Module (FOM) N1-085-98-001
Bond Management Information System (BMIS) Inactive N1-085-98-002
Clinical Records of Detainees Inactive N1-085-99-001
Central Office Subject File, 1957-74; 23/Series, 1929-44; Citizen Education Addresses, 1937-61; Hungarian Refugees, 1956-57 Inactive N1-085-99-002
Attorney/Representative Complaint/Petition Files N1-085-99-003
Forensic Document Laboratory Case Files Inactive N1-085-99-005
Office of Internal Audit N1-085-99-006
Address Report Inactive NC-085-75-001
Central Office Forms for Microfilming Inactive NC-085-76-001
Implementation of Contract Labor Files 1946 - 1955 Inactive NC1-085-76-02
Work and Assignment Sheet (G-259) NC1-085-77-01
Statistical Punch Card-Immigrant Arrivals (G-188) NC1-085-77-02
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Statistical Reporting System NC1-085-78-01
Nonimmigrant Arrival and Departure Documents and Index NC1-085-78-03
Service Lookout Book Inactive NC1-085-78-04
Work Measurement Reports Inactive NC1-085-78-05
Central Office Congressional Correspondence Inactive NC1-085-78-06
Central Office Identification Index NC1-085-78-07
Alien Address Reporting System NC1-085-78-08
Closed Immigration Bond Files NC1-085-78-09
Statistical Reporting System on Individuals Entering or Departing the United States NC1-085-79-01
Contact Cards (G-598) NC1-085-79-02
Automated Master Index System Inactive NC1-085-79-03
Application for Cards of Identification, 1943-56 Inactive NC1-085-79-04
Reentry Permits NC1-085-79-05
Refugee Travel Document NC1-085-79-06
Nonimmigrant Visa Petition Files Inactive NC1-085-79-07
Secondary Log (Form 1-605) NC1-085-80-01
Permanently Bound Book Listing Each Security Form N-560, N-561, N-570 and N-581 Issued NC1-085-80-02
Record of Security Forms (Form G-625) NC1-085-80-03
Nonimmigrant Visa Petition Files NC1-085-80-04
Service Case Files Inactive NC1-085-80-05
Field Office Subject Files NC1-085-80-06
Seized Vehicles Files NC1-085-81-01
Quota Immigrant Visa Files Inactive NC1-085-81-02
Record Court Hearing Cassettes NC1-085-81-03
Local Files Indexes NC1-085-81-04
Immigration and Naturalization Service Re-entry Permits, 1929-44 Inactive NC1-085-83-01
Alien Registry Case Files, 1930-44 Inactive NC1-085-83-02
Forms I-20b, I-94, I-213, I-506a, I-530, I-538a, I-539a; Non-immigrant Arrivals in, Status in, and Departures from the United States NC1-085-83-03
E Files of the Deportation Proceedings of Individual Aliens, 1951-1952 Inactive NC1-085-83-04
V and T Non-immigrant Files, 1951-1955 Inactive NC1-085-83-05
Form I-94 Non-Immigrant Arrival and Departure Records NC1-085-83-06
Immigration and Naturalization Service Central Office Identification Index Inactive NC1-085-83-07
Record of Apprehension or Interview (Form I-213 or Similar Forms) NC1-085-83-08
Immigration and Naturalization Service Semiannual Theft Report (Form G-796) NC1-085-83-09
Claims for Overtime Payments, 1947-54; Overtime Payments, 1931-40; Chines Certificates of Identity, 1904-42; Military Naturalization Indices, 1918; Registrations under the Alien Registration Act of 1940 Inactive NC1-085-83-10
General Public Non-Action Mail NC1-085-83-11
Central Office Subject Correspondence Files, 1906-32 Inactive NC1-085-84-01
Form I-92 - Aircraft/Vessel Report Inactive NC1-085-84-02
Foreign Student Program Forms; I-94, I-17, I-17A, I-17B, I-20, I-20A, I-20M, I-102, I-506, I-530, I-538, I-702, I-721 NC1-085-85-01
Notification of Arrival; Head Tax Forms 535; Correspondence; Notice to Detain Crew Members; Changes of Crew; Notice to Payoff or Discharge Crew Member, 1918-54 Inactive NN-173-000329