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RG-0059: State, General Records of the Department of

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Title Number/Filename
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Overseas Protective Operations DAA-0059-2011-0001
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of the Chief Technology Officer DAA-0059-2011-0002
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction Countermeasures Division DAA-0059-2011-0003
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Office of Human Resources Management DAA-0059-2011-0004
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Research and Development Branch DAA-0059-2011-0005
Diplomatic Security Deputy Executive Director and Management Services Records DAA-0059-2011-0006
Bureau of Public Affairs, United States Diplomacy Center DAA-0059-2011-0007
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Certification, Accreditation and Transit Security Branch DAA-0059-2011-0008
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Foreign Missions DAA-0059-2011-0009
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Professional Responsibility DAA-0059-2011-0010
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Domestic Operations DAA-0059-2011-0011
Office of Commissary and Recreation Records (A/OPR/CR) DAA-0059-2011-0012
Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Iraq Economic and Assistance Affairs DAA-0059-2011-0013
Bureau of International Organizations, Office of Policy, Regional, and Functional Organizations DAA-0059-2011-0014
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of English Language Programs DAA-0059-2011-0015
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Information Security DAA-0059-2011-0016
eCountry Clearance System (eCC) Schedule DAA-0059-2011-0017
Records for the Office of Domestic Facilities Protection DAA-0059-2012-0001
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Public Affairs Office Records DAA-0059-2012-0002
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of Global Educational Programs, Humphrey Fellowship Branch and Teacher Exchange Branch DAA-0059-2012-0003
Risk Analysis and Management (RAM) System; Office of Logistics Management (A / LM) DAA-0059-2012-0004
Office of Information Programs and Services (A/GIS/IPS) Staff Assistants Record Schedule DAA-0059-2012-0005
Directives Management (A/GIS/DIR) Records DAA-0059-2012-0006
Logistics Management State Assistance Management System (SAMS) DAA-0059-2012-0007
Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) DAA-0059-2012-0008
Records of the Office of International Visitors Program DAA-0059-2012-0009
Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Middle East Partnership Initiative - MEPI DAA-0059-2012-0010
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, Records for the Office of Threat Finance Countermeasures and Economic Sanctions DAA-0059-2013-0001
Records of the Foreign Service Grievance Board DAA-0059-2013-0002
Records of the Office of Iraq Programs DAA-0059-2013-0003
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Records of Computerized Management Maintenance System (CMMS) DAA-0059-2013-0004
Bureau of Administration, Records of Parking Permit and Car Pool Records Information Systems of General Services Management DAA-0059-2013-0005
Insular Passport Case Files (Puerto Rico), 1911-1925 DAA-0059-2013-0006
Passport Correspondence (1906-25) DAA-0059-2013-0007
Rapid Response Unit (RRU) Records DAA-0059-2013-0008
Records of Personnel-Related Class Action Lawsuits Against the Department of State DAA-0059-2014-0001
eServices 2.0 Master File DAA-0059-2014-0002
Passport Master Index (1906-1959) DAA-0059-2014-0003
Controlled Passport Case Files DAA-0059-2014-0004
Office of the Historian's Oral History Program DAA-0059-2014-0005
Records for the Office of Treaty Affairs DAA-0059-2014-0007
Office of the Chief of Protocol, Records of the Diplomatic Partnership Division DAA-0059-2014-0008
EVEREST DAA-0059-2014-0015
Records of the Office of International Conferences DAA-0059-2014-0017
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Office of Program Strategies and Design DAA-0059-2014-0018
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Records for Conflict and Stabilization Operations Front Desk DAA-0059-2014-0019
Office of Domestic Facilities Protection DAA-0059-2014-0020
Records of the Office of Electricity and Energy Efficiency (ENR/ETR/EEE) DAA-0059-2014-0021
Records for the Office of the Assistant Secretary and Front Office Staff (ENR/FO) DAA-0059-2014-0022
Records for the Office of Environmental Quality and Transboundary Issues (OES/EQT) DAA-0059-2014-0023
Bureau of Counterterrorism Front Office (CT/FO) DAA-0059-2014-0024
Records of the Office of Learning and Training DAA-0059-2014-0025
Records of the Office of Export Control Cooperation (ISN/ECC) DAA-0059-2014-0026
Records for the Office of the Executive Director of Staff DAA-0059-2015-0001
Office of Energy Diplomacy Regional Offices DAA-0059-2015-0002
Records Concerning the Office of Energy Programs DAA-0059-2015-0003
Records Concerning the Office of the Overseas Operations Teams DAA-0059-2015-0004
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Records, Office of Policy and Programs (CSO/P/PP) DAA-0059-2015-0005
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Records Concerning the Office of Partnerships and Strategic Communications (CSO/PL/P) DAA-0059-2015-0006
Records of the Office of Alternative and Renewable Energy (ENR/ETR/ARE) DAA-0059-2015-0007
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, High Threat Programs Directorate DAA-0059-2015-0008
Office of Diplomatic Security Services DAA-0059-2015-0009
Records of the Office of Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy (ENR/EGA/PAPD) DAA-0059-2015-0011
Records of the Office of Physical Security Division's Project Coordination Branch (DS/PSD/PCB) DAA-0059-2015-0013
Regional Support Center's Electronic Merit Based Compensation (eMBC) DAA-0059-2015-0014
Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) - Declassification Review Working Files DAA-0059-2015-0017
Bureau of African Affairs, Geographic and Regional Policy Files for African Affairs Spanning 1965-1989 DAA-0059-2016-0002
Passport Office Decimal File (1910-1963) DAA-0059-2016-0003
Records of the Foreign Service Selection Board DAA-0059-2016-0004
Bureau of Arms Control Verification and Compliance, Nuclear Risk Reduction Center (AVC/NNRC) DAA-0059-2016-0005
Records Concerning the Victims' Resource Advocacy Program (VRAP) DAA-0059-2016-0006
Records of the Center for Lessons Learned Knowledge Library DAA-0059-2016-0007
Personnel Files N1-059-00-001
Special Advisor on Haiti N1-059-00-002
1967-1975 Disposable Lot Files N1-059-00-003
Transition Files N1-059-00-004
Iran White Paper N1-059-00-005
Extradition Case Files N1-059-00-006
Personnel - Recruitment, Examination, and Employment N1-059-00-007
Personnel - Executive Director N1-059-00-008
Civil Service Personnel Management Official Position Descriptions N1-059-00-009
Combined Federal Campaign Records N1-059-00-010
Personnel - Performance Evaluation N1-059-00-011
Personnel - Policy Coordination N1-059-00-012
Personnel - Career Development and Assignments N1-059-00-013
Personnel - Overseas Employment N1-059-00-014
Records of the Grievance Staff, Bureau of Human Resources N1-059-00-015
Personnel - Retirement N1-059-00-016
Personnel - Resource Management and Organization Analysis N1-059-00-017
Personnel - Family Liaison Office N1-059-00-018
Year 2000 (Y2K) Records N1-059-00-019
Moscow Embassy Building Control Office N1-059-00-020
Iran-Contra Hearing Video Tapes N1-059-01-001
Records Relating to Panama and Noriega, 1973-1991 N1-059-01-002
Ambassador at Large (Walters) N1-059-01-003
Ambassador at Large and Special Representative for Central America N1-059-01-004
Rumsfeld Middle East Negotiations, 1983-84 N1-059-01-005
President's Interagency Council on Women N1-059-01-006
Department of State Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security N1-059-01-007
International Cooperative Administrative Support Service N1-059-01-008
Legal Adviser for Arms Control and Nonproliferation N1-059-01-009
Bureau of Verification and Compliance (VC) N1-059-01-010
Bureau of Arms Control N1-059-01-011
Bureau of Nonproliferation N1-059-01-012
Public Service Announcement Files and Broadcast Tapes N1-059-01-013
Special Representative for Holocaust Issues N1-059-01-014
Office of Intelligence Resources N1-059-01-015
Overseas Schools Country Files N1-059-01-016
Political-Military/International Security Operations N1-059-01-017
Political-Military/Plans, Policy and Analysis N1-059-01-018
Political-Military/Contingency Planning and Peacekeeping N1-059-01-019
Political-Military Affairs/Humanitarian and Demining N1-059-01-020
Political-Military Affairs/Regional Security and Arms Transfers N1-059-01-021
Political-Military Affairs/Defense Trade Controls N1-059-01-022
Political-Military Affairs/Congressional and Public Affairs N1-059-01-023
Political-Military Affairs/Asst. Secretary N1-059-01-024
Legal Adviser for Nonproliferation N1-059-02-001
Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues N1-059-02-002
Office of Intelligence Coordination N1-059-02-004
Employee Services Center N1-059-02-005
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence Policy and Coordination N1-059-02-006
Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Research (INR) N1-059-02-007
Secretary of State Memorandums of Conversation (MemCons) N1-059-02-008
Information Technology Operations and Management N1-059-02-009
Public Affairs - Condolence Books N1-059-03-001
Bureau of Public Affairs Office of the Historian (PA/HO) N1-059-03-002
Protocol - Condolence Books N1-059-03-003
School of Language Studies N1-059-03-004
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Enlargement Files N1-059-03-005
Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs N1-059-03-006
Office of Defense Trade Controls Miscellaneous Correspondence N1-059-03-007
Secretariat Control Registers and Logs N1-059-03-008
Nairobi Bombing Claims Forms N1-059-03-009
General Services Management Files N1-059-03-010
Group of Eight (G-8) Summit Planning Organization (SPO) N1-059-04-001
Passport Services N1-059-04-002
The Office of Foreign Missions Information System (TOMIS) N1-059-04-003
The Defense Trade Application System (DTAS) N1-059-04-004
Current Intelligence Staff N1-059-04-005
September 11 Commission Documents N1-059-04-006
Airgram Log N1-059-04-007
Ombudsman for Civil Service Employees N1-059-04-008
Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs N1-059-05-001
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Academic Programs N1-059-05-002
Office of Academic Exchange Programs N1-059-05-003
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Professional and Cultural Exchanges N1-059-05-004
Office of Citizen Exchanges N1-059-05-005
J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board N1-059-05-006
Cultural Property Advisory Committee N1-059-05-007
Political Military Action Team N1-059-05-008
1975-1980 Temporary Lot Files N1-059-05-009
Chief Special Agent N1-059-05-010
Passport Special Issuance Records N1-059-05-011
Thank You Letters and Letters of Appreciation N1-059-05-012
Office of the Executive Director (ECA-IIP/EX) N1-059-05-013
Information Centers Service (Defunct Organization) N1-059-05-014
Office of Policy and Evaluation (ECA/P/V) N1-059-06-001
Office of Exchange Coordination and Designation (ECA/EC) N1-059-06-002
Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons N1-059-06-003
Travel Notifications N1-059-06-004
Secretariat Tracking and Retrieval System (STARS) N1-059-06-005
Office of Research N1-059-06-006
Internet-Based Travel Registration System N1-059-06-009
International Motion Pictures Division Office of International Information N1-059-06-010
Office of International Information/International Information Administration N1-059-07-001
Mobile Security Deployments N1-059-07-002
Subject TAGS N1-059-07-003
Office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program N1-059-07-004
Resource Management N1-059-07-005
Background Information Files N1-059-07-007
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operation Iraq Project Coordination Office (OBO/IPCO) Records Disposition Schedule N1-059-07-008
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations - Front Office N1-059-07-009
Office of Civil Rights N1-059-07-010
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Computer Security N1-059-07-011
Office of Treaty Affairs N1-059-07-012
Project Files N1-059-07-013
Overseas Buildings Operations, Office of the Chief of Staff N1-059-07-014
Overseas Buildings Operations, Project Execution Office N1-059-08-001
Overseas Buildings Operations, Planning and Development N1-059-08-002
Office of Refugee Admissions N1-059-08-003
Dayton History Project Files N1-059-08-004
Overseas Buildings Operations, External Affairs N1-059-08-005
Assistant Secretary Consular Affairs N1-059-08-006
Foreign Service Institute -Executive Director for Management Office of the Registrar (FSI/EX/REG) N1-059-08-007
Disposition Schedule for Near Eastern Affairs NEA - Office of Regional Affairs (NEA/RA) N1-059-08-008
Subject or Program Files N1-059-08-009
Disposition Schedule for Near Eastern Affairs NEA/Geographic Offices N1-059-08-010
Near East Asia/South and Central Asian Affairs -Executive Office (NEAlSCA/EX) N1-059-08-011
Legal Adviser for Legislation and Foreign Assistance N1-059-08-012
Legal Adviser for Ethics and Employment Law N1-059-08-013
PASS -Personnel Administration Security System Files N1-059-08-014
Long Term Lease File N1-059-08-016
Diplomatic Security / Personal Security N1-059-08-018
Office of Operations Streamlining Initiative N1-059-09-002
Treaty Information Management System (TIMS) N1-059-09-003
Department of State Public Website N1-059-09-004
Overseas Buildings Operations N1-059-09-005
Special Envoy for Middle East Regional Security N1-059-09-006
System Stored Data Files N1-059-09-007
Bureau of East Asian & Pacific Affairs-Office of Economic Policy N1-059-09-008
Bureau of Consular Affairs - Office of Children's Issues - Adoptions Tracking Systems (ATS) N1-059-09-009
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Front Office (EAP/FO) N1-059-09-010
Office of United States Speaker and Specialist Programs International Information Programs (IIP/S) N1-059-09-011
Office of Publications (IIP/ PUBPS) N1-059-09-012
Activities of Coordinator, Principal and Deputy Coordinators, and Special Assistants N1-059-09-013
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs N1-059-09-014
Bureau of Diplomatic Security N1-059-09-015
Office of Regional Programs Files N1-059-09-016
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Diplomatic Security Service (DS/DSS) N1-059-09-017
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Overseas Protective Operations N1-059-09-018
Bureau of International Programs N1-059-09-019
Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP/C) N1-059-09-020
Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP/IR) N1-059-09-021
Bureau of Consular Affairs and Policy Coordination N1-059-09-022
Bureau of Public Affairs, Rapid Response Unit N1-059-09-023
Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) Buildings Management Integrated System (BMIS) N1-059-09-024
Consular Affairs (CA)-Visa Request System N1-059-09-025
Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO)-Information Resource Management System N1-059-09-026
Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) - Facilities Environmental Tracking System N1-059-09-027
Consular Affairs- Waiver Review System N1-059-09-028
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Exchanges Statistical Management System (ESMS) N1-059-09-029
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Federal Exchanges Data System (FEDS) N1-059-09-030
Academic Exchange Information System (AEIS2) - Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) N1-059-09-031
Board of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) - EUREKA Database N1-059-09-032
Exchange Visitor Database-Enhanced (EVDBe) - Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) N1-059-09-033
Exchange Visitor Information System (EVIS) - Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) N1-059-09-034
From the Space Objects Registry: Master Data File and Registry Reports N1-059-09-035
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Investigations and Counterintelligence N1-059-09-036
International Vetting and Security Tracking System (INVEST) - DRL N1-059-09-038
Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of the Executive Director (CA/EX) N1-059-09-039
Bureau of Consular Affairs, Directorate of Overseas Citizens Services, American Citizens Services and Crisis Management(OCS/ ACS) N1-059-09-040
Classified Passport Application Files N1-059-09-041
Undersecretary for Democracy and Global Affairs (G) N1-059-09-042
Special Envoy and Special Representative Files N1-059-09-043
North and Central American Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA and CAFTA) N1-059-09-044
Office of the Chief of Protocol - Ceremonials N1-059-09-045
Office of Civil Service Human Resources Management, Career Development Division N1-059-09-046
Foreign Service Institute, School of Applied Information Technology N1-059-09-047
Moved to Job Number n1-084-09-002 N1-059-09-048
Records of the Office of the Historian N1-059-10-001
Moved to Job Number n1-084-10-001 N1-059-10-002
Conflict and Stabilization Operations - Front Office (G/CSO) N1-059-10-003
Conflict and Stabilization Operations Internal Website (G/CSO) N1-059-10-005
Conflict and Stabilization Operations External Website (G/CSO) N1-059-10-006
Moved to Job Number n1-076-10-001 N1-059-10-007
Office of Emergency Management (OEM) N1-059-10-009
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Office of Public Affairs (EAP/P) N1-059-10-010
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Office of Investigations and Counterintelligence N1-059-10-011
Records of the Bureau of Resource Management N1-059-10-012
Bureau of Administration, Office of Emergency Management (A/OEM)-Centralized Emergency Notification Systems (CENS) N1-059-10-013
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Office of Regional Security and Policy (EAP/RSP) N1-059-10-014
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Executive Office (EAP/EX) N1-059-10-015
Freedom of Information Document Management System N1-059-10-016
Bureau of Administration Office of Global Publishing Solutions N1-059-10-017
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Special Programs and Coordination N1-059-10-019
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of the Diplomatic Courier Services N1-059-10-020
BNet N1-059-10-021
Bureau of Administration Office of the Deputy Assistant Security (DAS) for Global Information Services N1-059-10-022
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Threat Investigations and Analysis Directorate (DS/DSS/TIA) N1-059-10-023
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Intelligence and Threat Analysis (DS/DSS/ITA) N1-059-10-024
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Diplomatic Security Services (DS/DSS) N1-059-10-025
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Rewards for Justice Program (DS/ DSS/ PII/ RFJ) N1-059-10-026
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Overseas Security Advisory Council (DS/DSS/OSAC) N1-059-10-027
Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Office of the Geographer- War Crimes and Atrocities N1-059-10-028
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Office of Public Diplomacy (EAP/ PD) N1-059-11-001
Bureau of International Information Programs, Office of Web Management N1-059-11-002
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Office of International Programs Directorate Office of Regional Directors (DS/IP/RD) Records Disposition Schedule N1-059-11-003
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Protection N1-059-11-011
Office of the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Office of Policy, Planning and Resources N1-059-11-012
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Investigations and Counterintelligence N1-059-11-013
Financial Planning Division / Financial Execution Division Files N1-059-11-014
Executive Director Chronological Files N1-059-11-015
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement N1-059-11-016
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Defensive Equipment and Armored Vehicles Division N1-059-11-017
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Countermeasures Directorate N1-059-11-018
Foreign Service Grievance Board Records of Proceedings N1-059-86-001
Visa Office Case Files on Individual Aliens N1-059-86-002
General Subject Files of the Office of the Comptroller (Assistant Secretary) N1-059-86-003
United States National Commission for United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization Films N1-059-86-004
Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Registry Files N1-059-86-005
Comprehensive Files of the Office of International Conference Administration N1-059-86-006
Communications - Policy File N1-059-86-007
Foreign Service Employees Conduct, Suitability, and Discipline N1-059-86-008
Course Presentation File of the School of Professional Studies N1-059-87-001
Comprehensive Files of the Authentication Office N1-059-87-002
Orientation and Training Films & Speaker Card Catalogue Index N1-059-87-003
Records Relating to the Special Group (CI) N1-059-87-004
Current Economic Developments N1-059-87-005
Subject File of the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs N1-059-87-006
Foreign Affairs Meetings N1-059-87-007
Lend-Lease and Surplus Property Files, 1941-1968 N1-059-87-008
Comprehensive Files of the Office of Foreign Missions N1-059-87-009
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs - Data Bank of Economic Officers N1-059-87-010
Real Estate Management System (REMS) N1-059-87-011
Financial Statements N1-059-87-012
Records of the Special Hungarian Project N1-059-87-013
Law of the Sea & Two Hundred Mile Limit Legislation Files N1-059-87-014
Geographic Area Affairs Records N1-059-87-015
A/OASIS Study N1-059-87-016
Aircraft Incident, TREVI & Records Relating to Legislation on Un-American Activities Files N1-059-88-001
Comprehensive Files of the Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs (P) N1-059-88-002
Bureau of Intelligence and Research N1-059-88-003P
International Boundary Water Commission U.S. and Mexico and General Subject Files N1-059-88-004
Miscellaneous Files, Name Files & Subject Files N1-059-88-005
Foreign Relations of the United States: Copies of Despatches, Memos, Memos of Conversation, Correspondence, Gallery Sheets and Checklists N1-059-88-006
Comprehensive Files, 1946-77 N1-059-88-007
General Subject & Country Files N1-059-88-008
Overseas Presence USg (OPUS I and OPUS II) N1-059-88-010
Position Control System (PCS) N1-059-88-011
Post Profile System N1-059-88-012
Comprehensive Files of the Community Liasion Office (CLO) N1-059-88-013
Background and History E.O. 10422 Files N1-059-88-014
Automated Personnel Transaction System (APTS) N1-059-88-015
Personnel From Side (PERFS) N1-059-88-016
Bureau for International Narcotic Matters N1-059-88-017
Reports on Travel Regulations 1972-1975 for Eastern European Countries N1-059-88-018
Comprehensive Files of the Office of Inspector General N1-059-88-019
Verbatim Transcripts of the Language Services Division N1-059-88-020
Moscow Microwave, Interagency Committee & Manpower Utilization Progress Files N1-059-88-021
Records Relating to United States Participation in the South-East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), 1954-1977 N1-059-88-022
Management Correspondence Files N1-059-88-023
Bilateral Agreements between countries in which the U.S. is not a participant N1-059-88-024
Comprehensive Files of the Records Service Center N1-059-88-025
Personnel Models and Inventories System N1-059-88-026
Office of Supply and Transportation N1-059-88-027
Special Reports and Inquiry Files N1-059-88-028
U.S. Boundary Charts N1-059-88-029
Foreign Service National (FSN) Claims N1-059-88-030
Intelligence Files - Departmental 1942-1951 N1-059-88-031
Comprehensive Files of the Office of Munitions Control N1-059-88-032
War Trade Intelligence & Civilian Internee Files, 1941-1946 N1-059-88-033
Miscellaneous Office, Studies on Foreign Aid, Background Files on Legislation, 1945-1959 N1-059-88-034
Records of the Office of Micronesian Status Negotiations - Subject Files (1960-1986) N1-059-88-035
Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs N1-059-88-036
Global 2000 Study N1-059-88-037
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens N1-059-88-038
Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration and the Office of International Financial ans Development Affairs (OFD) Records N1-059-88-039
Philippine Rehabilitation Program, 1946-1951 N1-059-88-040
Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Country Files. N1-059-89-001
Subject Files and Transcripts of Hearings, 1952-1959 N1-059-89-002
Subject Files, 1977-1980 N1-059-89-003
Program Books, 1959-1960 N1-059-89-004
Task Force on Latin America, 1961 N1-059-89-005
Under Secretary for Economic Affairs N1-059-89-007
Files on Korea-Gate Investigations, 1963-1979 N1-059-89-008
Records Relating to International Conferences 1949-1958 N1-059-89-009
Comprehensive Files of the Office of International Conferences N1-059-89-010
Master File of Documents of the Organization of European Economic Cooperation, 1948-1959 N1-059-89-011
Comprehensive Files of the Inspector General of Foreign Assistance N1-059-89-012
John M. Leddy, Deputy Coordinator for Foreign Assistance & Inspector General and Comptroller Foreign Assistance Files, 1955-1962 N1-059-89-013
Special Coordinator on Relief to Civilian Victims of the Nigerian Civil War (U/CF) N1-059-89-014
Records on Philippines Nuclear Power Plant, 1977-1980 N1-059-89-015
Migratory Species Convention Documents, 1977-1979 N1-059-89-016
Director's Correspondence File N1-059-89-017
SALT, START, CIA, Ministerial Meetings and Summits and Chronological Files, 1970-Present N1-059-89-018
Comprehensive Files of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Personnel N1-059-89-019
Records Relating to the Multilateral Force (MLF) N1-059-89-022
Reregistered as n1-084-89-003 N1-059-89-023
Subject Files of the Office of Munitions Control N1-059-89-024
Records Relating to Lee Harvey Oswald and the Warren Commission Report, 1959-1964 N1-059-89-026
Records Relating to Lee Harvey Oswald, 1961-1964 N1-059-89-027
Records Relating to the Bricker Amendment, 1952-1960 N1-059-89-028
Comprehensive Files of the Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs N1-059-89-029
Subject Files, 1944-1954 N1-059-89-030
Emergency Planning Files & Records Relating to Operation Alert, 1954-1965 N1-059-89-031
Investigation by Special Mission of Certain Pacific Islands In Connection With National Defense (primarily) and Commercial Air Bases and Routes, 1943-1944 N1-059-89-032
Historical Collection Relating to the Formulation of the European Recovery Program, 1947-1950 N1-059-89-033
Special Assistant for Fisheries and Wildlife Coordinator of Ocean Affairs N1-059-89-034
General Records, 1955-1961 N1-059-89-035
Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs N1-059-89-036
Medical Services Records N1-059-89-037
Motion Picture Film "Campus Crossroads" N1-059-89-038
Reference Cards (Old & New Systems) N1-059-89-039
Refugee Data Center (RDC) Records in New York N1-059-89-040
Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs N1-059-90-001
Subject Files and Program Reviews N1-059-90-002
Subject Files. 1940-1963. N1-059-90-003
Performance Evaluation Records, 1924-1965. N1-059-90-004
Bureau of Economic Affairs Mutual Defense Assistance Control Staff (E/MDAC) N1-059-90-005
Consular Conference Files. 1967-1972. N1-059-90-006
Judgements in Cases of Impeachment. N1-059-90-007
Incoming Telegrams, 1945-1960 N1-059-90-008
Records Relating to United Nations and Regional Affairs, 1945-1962. N1-059-90-009
Loyalty Security Files Relating to John Paton Davies. 1942 -1956 N1-059-90-010
Records Relating to the Eric Johnston Mission and Jordan River Waters. 1945-1959. N1-059-90-011
Records Relating to Budget Allocations. 1941-1942. N1-059-90-012
Import And Export Records N1-059-90-013
Records of the Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (CU), Subject Files, 1960-1976 N1-059-90-014
Office of Operations Subject Files, 1946-1941 N1-059-90-015
State Department's National Defense Executive Reserve Files 1956-1961 N1-059-90-016
Protective Security Files for the President, Vice President, Secretary of State and other VIPs (1949-1960) N1-059-90-017
Records Relating to the Inter-American Trade Scholarship Program, 1941-1947. N1-059-90-018
Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs N1-059-90-019
Office of Cultural Presentations N1-059-90-020
Office of African Program N1-059-90-021
Subject Files, Country Files, Chronological Files & Records of the Office of the U.S. Coordinator for the UN Conference on Science and Technology for Development, 1977-1979 N1-059-90-022
Passport Case Files, 1971- N1-059-90-023
Under Secretary of State N1-059-90-024
Survey Reports, Architectural Drawings and Specifications-Turnkey Program N1-059-90-025
Appraisals and Program Analysis N1-059-90-026
Organization Files, 1945-1960 N1-059-90-027
Office of Near Eastern Affairs Records Relating to Central Treaty Organization (CTO) (1956-1964) N1-059-90-028
Office of Near Eastern and South Asian Programs N1-059-90-029
Language Training Textbooks. N1-059-90-030
Daily Notes and Miscellaneous Files (Abram C.Chayes), 1961-1964; The Legal Adviser N1-059-91-001
Records Relating to Bacteriological Warfare. 1952-1953 N1-059-91-002
Records Relating to the United States-Union of Soviet Social Republics Joint Commission on Korea; Records Relating to the Afro-Asian Bandung Conference, 1955-1956. N1-059-91-003
Subject Files of the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (P) N1-059-91-004
Subject Files of the Counselor (C) N1-059-91-005
Public Information and Reports Staff N1-059-91-006
Office of Far Eastern Programs N1-059-91-007
Bureau of Intelligence & Research/Reports & Briefing Materials N1-059-91-008
Subject Files 1945-1960 N1-059-91-009
Morning Summaries.Morning Briefs. N1-059-91-010
Program Files, Active Measures Working Group, Soviet Influence Activities & Conference Publication N1-059-91-011
Alphabetical File, 1948-1961. N1-059-91-012
Records Relating to Participation in the Operations Coordinating Board N1-059-91-013
Subject Files (Administrative Files), 1953-1961 N1-059-91-014
Office of European & International Visitor Programs N1-059-91-015
Kuwaiti Task Force N1-059-91-016
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens N1-059-91-017
Intelligence and Research Filed in the Safe N1-059-91-018
The Daily Economic Summary and the "E Staff Meeting Minutes" N1-059-91-020
Non-Sponsored Foreign Student Budget Files, 1963-1968. N1-059-91-021
Multilateral Policy Planning Staff General Conference Files, 1954-1964 N1-059-91-022
Office of Authentications Apostilles Record of Fees N1-059-91-023
Files of Loy W. Henderson & Elbridge Durbrow N1-059-91-024
Subject Files, 1978-1981 N1-059-91-025
Daily Press Briefings and Posted Questions N1-059-91-026
Records of the Office of Central European Affairs, Relating to Berlin N1-059-91-027
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens N1-059-91-028
Files of John Foster Dulles, 1946-1949 N1-059-91-029
Files of the Deputy Secretary of State N1-059-91-030
Chronological Files, 1963-1981. N1-059-91-032
Subject and Country Files. N1-059-91-033
Biographic Information (Latin America) 1943-1961, Subject Files, 1949-1958. N1-059-91-034
Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Research Chronological File. N1-059-91-035
Policy Files N1-059-92-001
Open Forum Program- Subject File; Chairperson's Working File N1-059-92-002
International Communications and Information-Policy Subject File and Director's File N1-059-92-003
Refugee Program: Cooperative Agreements on Overseas Programs, Contributions to International Organizations N1-059-92-004
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens N1-059-92-005
Gift Fund Files N1-059-92-006
Briefing Books, 1944-1951,Subject Files, 1951-1957 N1-059-92-007
Teletype Messages N1-059-92-008
Department of State and Intelligence Research; Filed in the Safe N1-059-92-009
Office of Freedom of Information, Privacy, and Classification Review (IS/FPC) Special Collections N1-059-92-010
Publications Prepared by the Bureau of Public Affiars, Office of Public Communications N1-059-92-011
Official Personnel Folders of Foreign National Employees. N1-059-92-012
Office of Foreign Missions, Travel Division N1-059-92-013
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of the Historian (PA/HO) N1-059-92-015
Oversized Enclosures 1973- N1-059-92-016
The Ambassador at Large and Special Adviser on Arms Control Matters (S/ARN) N1-059-92-017
Bureau of Administration - Technical Services Branch - Foreign Affairs Photograph Collection - Negatives, Photographic Prints (Personality and Subject Files), Slides, Posters, and Indexes N1-059-92-018
Security Awareness Program- Subject File N1-059-92-019
General Records -Ambassador Graham A. Martin 1975-1977 N1-059-92-020
User Services Program File; Information Technology Program File; Information Technology Reference File N1-059-92-021
Bureau of International Organization Affairs Subject, Country and Program Files N1-059-92-022
Office of the Legal Adviser: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-023
Office of the Secretary: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-024
Office Of The Deputy Under Secretary For Political Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-025
Office of Budget and Finance Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1960 N1-059-92-026
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-027
Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-028
Country and Subject Files, 1950-1963. N1-059-92-029
Asbestos Survey Records N1-059-92-030
Office of Defense Relations and Security Assistance Program Files N1-059-92-031
Arms Export Case Files N1-059-92-032
Politico-Military Office of Defense Trade Policy (PM/DTP) Policy Files N1-059-92-033
Politico-Military Office of International Security Operations (PM/ISO) Subject Files N1-059-92-034
Office of Policy Analysis Program Files N1-059-92-035
Files of the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Office of Arms Control Policy for Compliance and Implementation (PM/PCI) N1-059-92-036
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs, Office of Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (PM/PNW) N1-059-92-037
Files of the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Office of Weapons Proliferation Policy (PM/PRO) N1-059-92-038
Politico-Military Office of Strategic and Theater Policy (PM/STP) Program Files N1-059-92-039
Records Disposition Schedules Assistant Secretary for Politico-Military Affairs N1-059-92-040
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs (ARA) N1-059-92-041
Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files N1-059-93-002
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs Office of Special Coordinator (PM/SC) Proposals N1-059-93-003
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs/Office of Cultural Presentations (CU/CP) N1-059-93-004
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs/International Educational Exchange Service (CU/IES) N1-059-93-005
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Politico-Military Affairs (G/PMl) N1-059-93-006
Records Relating to the United States Advisory Commission on Educational Exchange, 1948-1961. N1-059-93-007
Office of Public Diplomacy for Latin America and the Caribbean N1-059-93-008
Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1965 N1-059-93-009
Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files N1-059-93-010
Bureau of African Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-93-011
Records Relating to Cabinet Meetings N1-059-93-012
Research Review Files N1-059-93-013
Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) Record File N1-059-93-014
Performance Evaluation General Subject Files. N1-059-93-015
Records Retired by Assistant Secretary/Ambassador Sheldon J. Krys N1-059-93-016
Moscow Embassy Building Control Office Alphabetical Subject Files N1-059-93-017
Bureau of African Affairs Assistant Secretary's Files N1-059-93-018
Program Subject Files Department of State N1-059-93-019
Bureau of African Affairs, Public Africa United States Press N1-059-93-020
Africa United States Press Bureau of African Affairs, Economic N1-059-93-021
Bureau of African Affairs Office of the Executive Director N1-059-93-022
Bureau of African Affairs, Regional Desks. N1-059-93-023
Middle East Peace Process Files, 1956 -Project Attica Files N1-059-93-024
General Personnel File N1-059-93-025
United States Ship Pueblo and Crew Incident N1-059-93-026
Assistant Secretary Of Bureau Of Oceans And International Environmental And Scientific Affairs (OES) N1-059-93-027
Executive Director's Office (OES/EX) Executive Director's Files N1-059-93-028
Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Coordinator for Population Affairs (OES/CP) N1-059-93-029
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment, Health, and Natural Resources (OES/E) N1-059-93-030
Nuclear Energy and Energy Technology Affairs N1-059-93-031
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oceans and Fisheries Affairs N1-059-93-032
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology Affairs N1-059-93-033
Policy and Precedent Files. N1-059-93-034
Berlin Publication Files 1940 -1973 N1-059-93-035
Emergency Action Plan File N1-059-93-036
Office of Legislative Management Program Files N1-059-93-037
Office of Legislative Operations Congressional Inquiries Unit N1-059-93-038
Office of Budget and Appropriations Program Files N1-059-93-039
Front Office/Staff Assistants Correspondence File -Arranged Chronologically N1-059-93-040
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs (ARA) Records Relating to the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees (IGCR) and the International Refugee Organization (IRO) N1-059-93-041
Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs N1-059-93-043
Office of European Affairs (EUR/RPE) N1-059-93-044
General Subject and Post Files N1-059-93-045
European and Canadian Affairs N1-059-93-046
Secretary of State's Panel on El Salvador N1-059-93-047
Personnel Management Files N1-059-93-048
Program Files of a Classified Program N1-059-93-049
Legislative Tracking System. N1-059-94-001
Compliance Tracking. N1-059-94-002
Assistant Secretary's Files N1-059-94-003
Mission Program Plans N1-059-94-004
Office of Press and Public Affairs Press Guidance Files. N1-059-94-005
Office of Policy Planning Coordination Security Assistance Program Files. N1-059-94-006
Office of Economic Policy: Subject/Country Files N1-059-94-007
Geographic Office Files N1-059-94-008
Real Estate Management Division Real Estate Central Files N1-059-94-009
Director and Deputy Director's Files N1-059-94-010
Miscellaneous Files of the Deputy Director Director General of the Foreign Service N1-059-94-011
Motor Vehicle Correspondence Files N1-059-94-012
Bureau of Intelligence and Research Information Support System (INRISS) N1-059-94-013
Foreign Relations of the United States. N1-059-94-015
Bureau of Intelligence and Research Chronological Files N1-059-94-016
Report of Excess Equipment Returned N1-059-94-017
Assistant Secretary's Files N1-059-94-019
Business Organization Files N1-059-94-020
The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, International Finance and Development, Office of Development Finance (EB/IFD/ODF) N1-059-94-022
The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, International Finance and Development, and Office of Monetary Affairs (EB/IFD/OMA) N1-059-94-023
Office of Investment Affairs Country Files N1-059-94-024
Developing Country Trade Division N1-059-94-025
National Security Trade Restriction N1-059-94-027
Agricultural Trade Policy Files N1-059-94-028
Export Control Case Files -Arranged by Country/Subject N1-059-94-029
International Aviation Negotiation Files N1-059-94-030
The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, Transportation Affairs, and Office of Aviation Negotiations (EB/TRA/AN) N1-059-94-031
International Civil Aviation General Files N1-059-94-032
International Maritime and Land Transport Files N1-059-94-033
Energy Consumer-Country Affairs Division: Country/Subject Files N1-059-94-034
Office of International Commodities General Commodity Policy Files N1-059-94-035
All Bureau Offices Briefing Books N1-059-94-036
Division of Commercial Treaties and Agreements N1-059-94-037
Teletype Conferences, 1945-1956 N1-059-94-038
Photographs of Iranian Hostages N1-059-94-039
Circular Diplomatic Notes N1-059-94-041
Accreditation Review Panel N1-059-94-042
Bureau of Diplomatic Security N1-059-94-043
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs Office of Policy Planning Coordination N1-059-94-044
Education and Scientific Grant and Contribution Case Files N1-059-95-001
Bureau of Economic Affairs Records Relating to the Central Commission on the Navigation of the Rhine, 1945-1954 N1-059-95-002
Office of Technology and Development Director's Files N1-059-95-003
Information Management Policy File N1-059-95-004
Overseas School Country Files N1-059-95-005
Director and Deputy Director's Files N1-059-95-006
Agreement Country Files. N1-059-95-007
Briefing Materials, Books, Et Cetera (etc) N1-059-95-008
Program Files Bureau of Intelligence and Research N1-059-95-009
Foreign Relations of the United States Files N1-059-95-010
Subject Files Legal Adviser's Files N1-059-95-011
Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DHL) N1-059-95-012
Program Files for Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (COCOM) N1-059-95-013
Records Relating to Cuba, The Dominican Republic and Haiti N1-059-95-014
Records Relating to Telecommunications Matters, 1927-1976. N1-059-95-015
Front Office Records N1-059-95-017
Records Disposition Schedules for Executive Office N1-059-95-018
Office of Public Affairs Press Guidance N1-059-95-019
Regional Offices Program Files N1-059-95-020
United States Ship (U.S.S.) Liberty Claims Files, 1967-1969. N1-059-95-021
United Nations Truth Commission Files United Nations N1-059-95-022
Subject/Organization/Country Files Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) N1-059-95-023
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of Press Relations (PA/PRESS) N1-059-95-024
Public Information Division N1-059-95-025
Bureau of Public Affairs Speakers' Biographic File N1-059-95-026
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary/Spokesman Subject and Correspondence Files N1-059-95-027
Records of the Secretary of State's Advisory Panel on Overseas Security N1-059-95-028
Press Guidance Files Bureau of Consular Affairs N1-059-96-001
Training Program -Subject File. N1-059-96-002
Guidelines for Systematic Review of Records N1-059-96-003
Private Enterprise Cooperation Staff Subject Files, 1941-1953 N1-059-96-004
Passport Records N1-059-96-005
Subject Files, 1951-1953 Deputy Director For Field Programs N1-059-96-006
Assistant Secretary's Daily Activity Reports N1-059-96-007
Daily Activity Reports N1-059-96-008
United States Information Agency N1-059-96-009
Historical Files. N1-059-96-010
Coordinator for Counterterrorism -Chronological Files N1-059-96-011
Bureau of African Affairs N1-059-96-012
Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs Passport Office N1-059-96-013
Photographic Prints File (1900-Present) N1-059-96-014
Program Files N1-059-96-015
Inventory Reconciliation File N1-059-96-016
Post Reports Office of Information Management N1-059-96-017
Subject Files Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs N1-059-96-018
Records of Individuals N1-059-96-019
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs N1-059-96-020
Subject Files, 1979-1989. N1-059-96-021
Records Relating to the Conference on Confidence and Security Building Measures and Disarmament in Europe (CDE), 1984-1986. N1-059-96-022
Delegation to the Negotiations on Nuclear and Space Arms (S/DEL) N1-059-96-023
Program Files, 1982-1992 Non-Proliferation Policy and Nuclear Energy Affairs N1-059-96-024
Records of the Special Assistant to the Secretary of State on Soviet Affairs 1977-1981 N1-059-96-025
Property Negotiation Records, 1985-1992. N1-059-96-026
War Crimes Files. N1-059-96-027
Records Relating to the Secretary's Personnel Improvement Program of 1954, 1949-1963 N1-059-96-028
International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card (I.M.P.A.C.) Files N1-059-96-029
Overseas Citizen Services Automated Retrieval (OSCAR) N1-059-96-030
Records Relating to Participation in the Interagency Committee on Internal Security (ICIS), 1949-1979. N1-059-97-001
Mission Program Plans N1-059-97-002
Department of State Records Transferred to the Custody of the United States Information Agency (USIA) Upon its Creation in 1953 N1-059-97-003
Passport Investigation Case Files N1-059-97-004
Immigrant Control and Reporting System (ICARS) N1-059-97-010
United States Foreign Policy on CD-ROM (USFAC) N1-059-97-011
United States Participation in the United Nations Record Copy N1-059-97-012
General Policy File (Abduction and Adoption) N1-059-97-014
Annual Report to Congress on Peacekeeping N1-059-97-015
Records Relating to the 17th United Nations General Assembly and Bureau of African Affairs N1-059-97-016
Records of the Moscow Assessment Review Panel (MARP) N1-059-97-017
Summit of the Americas Files N1-059-97-018
X-Ray Films N1-059-97-019
Asylum Files N1-059-97-027
Classified Passport Applications, 1910-1969 N1-059-97-028
International Information Administration Office of Policy and Plans Subject Files, 1949-1953. N1-059-98-001
Secretary of State's Declined Invitation Files N1-059-98-002
Routine Passport Application Status Check and Expedite Fee Upgrades E-mail. N1-059-98-003
Foreign Dignitaries Visit Files N1-059-98-004
International Information Program (IIA) International Broadcasting Service (IBS) N1-059-99-001
Office of the Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs N1-059-99-002
Office of the Executive Director, Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs N1-059-99-003
Office of Policy and Public Affairs N1-059-99-004
Office of European Security and Political Affairs N1-059-99-006
Bureau of European (EUR) and Canadian Affairs Office of East European Assistance N1-059-99-007
Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs (EUR) Geographic Offices N1-059-99-009
Financial Policy and Management Control Staff N1-059-99-011
Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary Bureau of South Asian Affairs N1-059-99-012
Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh (PAB) Bureau of South Asian Affairs N1-059-99-013
India, Nepal, Sri Lanka (INS) Bureau of South Asian Affairs N1-059-99-014
Regional Affairs Bureau of South Asian Affairs N1-059-99-015
Office of Management, Policy and Planning N1-059-99-016
Foreign Service Institute Records N1-059-99-017
Bureau of Finance and Management Policy (FMP) Chief Financial Officer N1-059-99-018
Designated Exchange Visitor Case Files, 1950-1973 N1-059-99-019
Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets N1-059-99-020
Credit Card Files Foreign Service Institute (FSI) N1-059-99-022
Records relating to the u.S. Advisory Commission on Educational Exchange, 1948-1961. N1-59-093-007
International Conference Administration Files, Program and Administrative Officers Working Files NC-059-75-001
Office of Security Permanent Files NC-059-75-002
Personnel Records, Administrative Files, Budget Estimates and Working Papers, Correspondence Files NC-059-75-003
Congressional Travel Documents NC-059-75-004
General Subject Files: Policy/Precedent, Personnel Files Survey, Guidelines for Screening NC-059-75-005
Personnel Data Services Division General Subject Files NC-059-75-006
Personnel Statistics and Employee Reports NC-059-75-007
Department of State Employee Campaigns and Incentives Branch NC-059-75-008
Foreign Service Mustang Program Files and Grievance Files NC-059-75-009
Threshold Review and Interview Files NC-059-75-010
Personnel and Applicant Security Clearance Case Files NC-059-75-011
Inspection Report and Back-Up File NC-059-75-012
Statements and Related Documents Covering Reimbursable Logistical Support 1950-1962 NC-059-75-013
Copies of Publications, Issuances and Regulations, and Organizational Charts NC-059-75-014
Texts/Background Information on Treaties and International Agreements of United States: 1778- NC-059-75-015
Service Record Cards Covering Separated Departmental Personnel: Civil and Foreign Service NC-059-75-016
Subject Files of Director, Security Clearance, Transfer of Records, Records Transmittal NC-059-75-017
Authentications Requests, Copies of Standard Form 219, Certificate of Deposit NC-059-75-018
Intelligence Reports, Post Security Files, Name Check Files, Crank Letters NC-059-75-019
International Organizations Employee Loyalty Notification NC-059-75-020
All Personnel who Entered United States in Correct Status NC-059-76-001
Seminar Session Books, Language Record Card, Overseas Schools News, and Master Language Tapes NC-059-76-002
Foreign Dignitaries Visit Files NC-059-76-003
Convert to Microfilm: Card Index for 1960-1963, 1964-1966, 1967-1969, 1970-1973 NC-059-76-004
Inspection Reports Files: Departmental and Foreign Service NC-059-76-005
X-Ray, Plate Files from the United States Department of State NC-174-000122
Office of Refugee and Migration Affairs NC-174-000198
Customs Clearance Requests, Clearances for Foreign Military Aircraft, and Clearances for Visits of Ships NC-174-000247
Congressional Travel Documents NC-174-000265
Working Papers for Freedom of Information Cases NC1-059-76-06
Gift Acknowledgement File NC1-059-76-07
Communications Security (COMSEC) Records NC1-059-76-08
Non-Diplomatic Embassy Personnel - Card File NC1-059-76-09
Bureau of Administration Office of Foreign Buildings NC1-059-76-10
Popular Comment Mail NC1-059-76-11
Medical Case Files; Records of Retired Case Files NC1-059-76-12
Conduct of Relations (COR): Inspection, Domestic Inspection and Audit Working Papers NC1-059-76-13
Arms Traffic and Export License Applications, State Department Files, Statistical Reports, Record Copies NC1-059-76-14
Official and State Functions Files NC1-059-76-15
National Audio-visual Center (NAC) Tape Sales Files, Student Attendance Registers, Master Language Tapes NC1-059-76-16
Communications Programs and Operations NC1-059-76-17
Passport and Visa Investigative Case Files NC1-059-76-18
Investigative Case Files for Other Agencies, Intelligence Reports, Personnel Security Files NC1-059-77-01
Conduct of Relations (COR)Inspection, Domestic Inspection, and Domestic Audit Working Papers NC1-059-77-02
State Department Board of Foreign Service, Board of Foreign Service Disputes Panel, and Employee-Management Relations Commission NC1-059-77-03
State Department Preprint Material NC1-059-77-04
Investigative Case Files of Investigations Conducted for Other Agencies NC1-059-77-05
Hearings / Proceedings on the Secretary of State's Advisory Committee on the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Various United States (U.S.) Cities NC1-059-77-06
Soviet and Eastern European Exchange Files NC1-059-77-07
International Visitors Program NC1-059-77-08
Cuban Refugee Airlift Files NC1-059-77-09
Project Files for Publications NC1-059-77-10
Presidential Appointments Organization/Working File NC1-059-77-12
Microfilming of Files Pertaining to Presidential Appointments NC1-059-77-13
Development Appraisal Reports Prepared NC1-059-77-14
Bureau Work and Study Employee Files NC1-059-77-15
Freedom of Information Case Files NC1-059-77-16
Requests for Authorization to Issue or Extend Passports NC1-059-77-17
Grievance and Suitability Files on Civil and Foreign Service Employees NC1-059-77-18
Microfilm of Presidential Appointments, Oaths, Authorization Lists, and Senate Resolutions NC1-059-77-19
Law of the Sea Negotiating Files NC1-059-77-20
Privacy Act Requests Files NC1-059-77-21
Protection of Foreign Dignitaries and Other Official Personnel NC1-059-77-22
Bill of Lading Files, Subject Files on Contracts, Transportation Subject Files and Staff Studies NC1-059-77-23
Freedom of Information Act Request and Appeal Files NC1-059-77-24
Media Dated 1964-1968 Recommended for Disposal Due to Poor Quality NC1-059-77-25
Post Organization and Administration Records NC1-059-77-26
Audiovisual Documentation Files NC1-059-77-27
Office of Special Consular Services NC1-059-77-28
Convert Passport Case Files to Microfilm and Destroy After 100 Years NC1-059-78-01
Information Systems Offices and Creating Machine-Readable Archives NC1-059-78-02
Weekly Status Reports (Bureau Information Copies) NC1-059-78-03
Records Relating to Investigative Matters, Clearances, and Employee Security NC1-059-78-04
Consular Services Reports Dated 1956-1971 NC1-059-78-05
Immigrant Visa Case Files, Form FS-510 with Related and Supporting Documents NC1-059-78-06
Domestic Field Office Records NC1-059-78-07
Binational Foundations and Commissions - Country File and Reports File NC1-059-78-08
Communications Concerning Requests for State Department Clearance of Research and Travel NC1-059-78-09
Case Files on Soviet and Eastern European Exchanges NC1-059-78-10
Incidents and Protective Security NC1-059-78-11
Updates to Chapter 24, Section 2: Relating to Munitions Control Records NC1-059-78-12
Merit Promotion Announcement and Applicant Files NC1-059-78-13
Accounting Transaction Documents for Expenses in Foreign Currency, Travel Abroad Correspondence NC1-059-78-14
Documents Concerning Policies and Procedures for Accounting and Financial Management Systems NC1-059-79-01
Documentation Regarding Passport Issuance, Administrative / Operational Procedures of Passport Office NC1-059-79-02
National Intelligence Estimates: Records Pertaining to United States Foreign Policy Decisions NC1-059-79-03
Administrative Files for Presidential Visits NC1-059-79-04
Disposal of Extradition Case Files NC1-059-79-05
Approval of Permanent Retention for Checklist Summaries of European Affairs Bureau NC1-059-79-06
Conversion Applicant Files and Applicant Files Disqualified Under Court Order NC1-059-79-07
Conversion Applicant Files and Program Files NC1-059-79-08
Communications Between Director General and Officers of Foreign Service NC1-059-79-09
International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT) Files NC1-059-79-10
International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT) Files NC1-059-79-10
Subject Files of Bilateral Political Relations, 1921-1973 NC1-059-79-11
Passport Records NC1-059-79-12
Documents Regarding Visa Policies, Procedures, Legislature, and Regulations NC1-059-79-13
Records of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R) Section, 1917-1946 NC1-059-79-14
Allotment and Apportionment Controls NC1-059-79-15
Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee - Telecommunications Records, 1943-1959 NC1-059-79-16
Combined Food Board Records NC1-059-79-17
Department of State Files NC1-059-80-01
Standardized Regulations File NC1-059-80-02
Security Survey Reports NC1-059-80-03
Budget Working Files NC1-059-80-04
Bureau of Personnel, Office of Recruitment, Examination and Employment NC1-059-80-05
Claims for Employee Compensation NC1-059-80-06
Place Survey Files and Secretary of State Protective Security Files NC1-059-80-07
Working Papers on Accounts and Advices of Allotment NC1-059-80-08
Equipment Reports and Production Reports NC1-059-80-09
Vietnam War Prisoner of War (POW)/Missing in Action (MIA) NC1-059-80-10
Records of the Adverse Action Proceedings Relating to Otto F. Otekpa NC1-059-80-11
Examination Card Record for Economist, Consular, and Diplomatic Examinations NC1-059-80-12
Department of State Office of the Comptroller NC1-059-80-13
Accountable Officers Records NC1-059-80-14
Merit Promotion Announcement Files NC1-059-80-15
Service Record Cards NC1-059-80-16
Central Foreign Policy Files and Card Indexes NC1-059-80-17
Speech and Article Clearance Files NC1-059-80-18
Correspondence Files- Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs NC1-059-80-19
Department of State, Office of Recruitment, Examination and Employment NC1-059-80-20
Library of the Department of State NC1-059-80-21
General Investigative Case Files NC1-059-80-22
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens NC1-059-81-01
Post, Subject, and Action Files NC1-059-81-02
Case Files on Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement Allegations NC1-059-81-03
Records of the Office of the Comptroller NC1-059-81-04
General Subject Files of the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations NC1-059-81-05
Executive Secretariat NC1-059-81-06
Miscellaneous Records of the Office of Foreign Liquidation Commission NC1-059-82-01
Background Press Conferences of Senior Officers of the Department NC1-059-82-02
Verbatim Transcripts of Language Services Division NC1-059-82-03
Development Finance Subject and Country File NC1-059-82-04
International Maritime Satellite Organization (INMARSAT) General Correspondence File NC1-059-82-05
Human Rights & Humanitarian Affairs Central Subject File NC1-059-82-06
Comprehensive Files of the Bureau of Human Rights & Humanitarian Affairs NC1-059-82-07
Department of State record set of National Intelligence Estimates, Special Estimates and Special National Intelligence Estimates, 1950-1954 NC1-059-82-08
Office of Aviation Country/Subject Files NC1-059-82-09
International Civil Aviation Organization and Conference File NC1-059-82-10
Press Relations, Policy and Program Files of the Kampuchean Working Group NC1-059-82-12
Case Files on Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement Allegations NC1-059-82-13
Department of State record of position papers for U.S. Delegations to the United Nations NC1-059-82-14
U.S. Presidential Delegation Visit Files NC1-059-83-01
Press Guidance used for daily briefings NC1-059-83-03
Comprehensive Files of the Information Systems Office NC1-059-83-04
Candidate Card Record NC1-059-83-06
GATT Trade Negotiations Files NC1-059-83-07
Civil Service Upward Mobility Program Files NC1-059-84-02
Family Liaison Office Files NC1-059-84-03
General Subject Files of the Office of Management Operations NC1-059-84-04
Sinai Support Mission Files NC1-059-84-05
Washington Programs Division NC1-059-84-06
National Communications Systems (NCS) Liaison Files & General Subject Files NC1-059-84-07
General Subject, Action Program & Briefing Book Files NC1-059-85-01
Ardelia Hall Historical Collection, 1945-60 NC1-059-85-02
Asylum Applications NC1-059-85-03
Consular Issues, Resolved and Inactive Emigration & Binational Marriage Case Files NC1-059-85-04
General Correspondence, Funds Control, Reimbursements & Accounting Control Records NN-173-000075
Scope and Application of Schedule NN-173-000084
Marriage to Foreign National-Case File (1940-1972) NN-173-000095
Official Technician's File NN-173-000105
Scope and Application of Schedule NN-173-000112
X-Ray, Plate File NN-173-000122
Fiscal Services Records for the United States Department of the State NN-173-000127
Director General of Foreign Service Employment Division NN-173-000128
Official Correspondence Files of the Review Board for Un-Official Publications and its Predecessor Committees of the United States Department of State NN-173-000132
General Subject and Organization Files of the United States Department of State NN-173-000138
International Travel File of the United States Department of State NN-173-000139
Pre-Employment Correspondence from the Department of State NN-173-000168
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission Decisions from the United States Department of State NN-173-000171
Official Title and Rank Policy Files NN-173-000176
Records of the Special Assistant to the Secretary for Refugee & Migration Affairs NN-173-000198
Investigative Case Files from the United States Department of State NN-173-000213
Comprehensive Records of the United States Department of State NN-173-000225
Comprehensive Employee Fiscal Records of the United States Department of State NN-173-000226
Medical Case Files of The United States Department of State NN-173-000236
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens of The Department of State NN-173-000241
Clearances & Clearance Requests NN-173-000247
Congressional Travel Documents NN-173-000265
Refugee Relief Case Files for the United States Department of State NN-173-000303
Central Foreign Policy File for the United States Department of State NN-173-000304
International Travel File from the Department of State Office of Budget and Finance NN-173-000335
Temporary Records in Foreign Service Performance Folders NN-174-000024
Foreign Service Grievance Files NN-174-000025
Retirement File - Foreign Service NN-174-000026
Performance Evaluation Case Files NN-174-000027
Suitability and Other Sensitive Data Personnel Files NN-174-000028
Official Performance Folders on Separated Foreign Service Employees NN-174-000029
Department General of the Foreign Service Conversion Processing Files NN-174-000033