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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0306: U.S. Information Agency

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Title Number/Filename
USIA Records Maintained by Office of International Information Programs N1-306-01-001
Operating Manuals Inactive N1-306-05-001
Voice of America (VOA) - Tape Library N1-306-05-002
Photograph Library Inactive N1-306-86-001
Board of Foreign Scholarships Records N1-306-86-002
Program Files for Agreement for Facilitating the International Circulation of Visual and Auditory Materials of an Educational, Scientific and Cultural Character (Beirut Agreement of 1948) N1-306-86-003
Voice of America (VOA) Tape Library N1-306-86-005
Worldnet Daily Feeds Recordings and Associated Records N1-306-86-006
Stock Footage, Outtakes, and Trims from Television and Film Service Inactive N1-306-86-007
Film Festivals Staff Participation Records N1-306-87-001
Geographic Area Offices Records N1-306-87-002
Joint United States Public Affairs Office (JUSPAO) Records, 1966-75 Inactive N1-306-87-003
Office of the Inspector General N1-306-87-004
Office of Public Liaison N1-306-87-005
United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy Records N1-306-87-006
Office of the General Counsel Records N1-306-87-007
Office of Research Program Records N1-306-87-008
Office of the Director Subject and Chronological Files N1-306-87-009
Office of Congressional Liaison (CL) N1-306-88-001
Special Collections Branch N1-306-88-002
Office of the Associate Director and Deputy Associate Director Records N1-306-88-003
Executive Office Records N1-306-88-004
Office of Program Coordination and Development Records N1-306-88-005
Exhibit Service Records N1-306-88-006
Press and Publications Service Records N1-306-88-007
Foreign Press Centers N1-306-88-008
Media Reaction N1-306-88-009
Policy Guidance Staff N1-306-88-010
Special Collections Branch (E/CLS) Records, 1952-59 N1-306-88-011
Office of the Counselor Administrative and Subject Files N1-306-88-012
Executive Secretariat Records N1-306-88-013
Deputy Director's Office Records N1-306-88-014
Office of the Director Operations Center Records N1-306-88-015
President's United States Soviet Exchange Initiative Coordinator Records N1-306-88-016
Correspondence Management System (CMS) N1-306-88-017
Office of German-American Contacts Records N1-306-88-018
Office of Private Sector Committees Records N1-306-88-019
Office of Private Sector Committees International Council Conference Records N1-306-88-020
Voice of America (VoA) Radio Marti Program Records N1-306-89-001
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Executive Office N1-306-89-003
Cultural Property Advisory Committee Staff N1-306-89-004
Office of Arts America Director N1-306-89-005
Office of International Youth Exchange N1-306-89-006
Office of Academic Programs, Office of the Director and Deputy Director N1-306-89-008
Office of Private Sector Programs N1-306-89-009
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Cultural Centers and Resources Records N1-306-89-010
Executive, Special, Staff, and Office Assistants to Director Subject Files N1-306-89-011
Photographs of the Opera The Consul, 1970 Jordan Relief Operation, African Sculpture, Historical Events and Personalities, and for Topic 70 Inactive N1-306-89-012
Office of International Visitors N1-306-89-013
Broadcast Operations (VOA/BB) - Traffic Management Division - Voice of America (VOA) Master Program Books Inactive N1-306-90-002
Soviet Newsreels, Documentaries, Cartoons, and Feature Films Inactive N1-306-90-003
Bureau of Broadcasting Records N1-306-90-004
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Office of the Associate Director and Deputy Associate Director Records N1-306-91-001
Public Diplomacy Query (PDQ) Database Records N1-306-92-001
CU History Files Inactive N1-306-92-002
Access Control System (ACS) Records N1-306-92-003
Time and Attendance Reports and Central Guard Logs N1-306-92-004
Crisis Management Center N1-306-93-002
Conference/Project Files N1-306-93-003
Bureau of Management Records N1-306-93-004
Office of Administration N1-306-93-005
Bureau of Broadcasting Records N1-306-94-001
Commissioner General's Office Canadian World Exhibition (IME) Records, 1964-71 Inactive N1-306-94-002
Office of Personnel Subject and Chronological Files N1-306-94-003
Management Plan and Analysis Records N1-306-94-004
Movie Scripts, 1942-67; Voice of America Files; USIE/IIA Newsletter, June 1951-December 1952; News of the Day, 1956-63; The U.S.A. News Review, December 31, 1951-January 29, 1953 Inactive N1-306-94-005
Office of Administration, Operations Divisions, Services Division Subject and Chronological Files N1-306-95-001
Office of Emergency Planning Records, 1953-68 Inactive N1-306-95-002
Budget Files, 1948-64 Inactive N1-306-95-003
American National Exhibition in Moscow Records, 1958-61 Inactive N1-306-95-004
Office of Research - Research Report Files, Research Data Collection Survey Projects Files, and Contract Studies Files N1-306-95-005
Photographs Used in Production of House Publications N1-306-95-006
Office of the General Counsel Records N1-306-95-007
Bureau of Management - Office of Technology Records N1-306-95-008
Office of Private Cooperation Records, 1950-67 Inactive N1-306-96-001
Office of Personnel and Training (IPT) Records, 1957-67 Inactive N1-306-96-002
Office of Research (and Predecessors) Records, 1950-77 Inactive N1-306-96-003
Office of Policy and Plans Records, 1948-76 Inactive N1-306-96-004
Office of Plans Records, 1953-61 Inactive N1-306-97-001
Broadcasting Service Records, 1948-74 N1-306-97-002
Motion Picture Service, Television Service, and Screen Service Records, 1946-77 N1-306-98-002
Offices of Information Center Service Records, 1943-68 N1-306-98-003
Office of East Asian and Pacific Affairs - Audio Cassette Tapes of Ambassador Speeches Made In Japan (1977-1993) N1-306-99-001
Press Wireless File & Press Coverage Daily File from the United States Information Agency NC-174-000153
Information Center Service Program Development Service Correspondence and Thematic Programs Records NC-306-75-001
Foreign Media Reaction Documentation and Source Data NC-306-76-001
Video Tapes and Motion Picture or Cinescope Films Inactive NC-306-76-002
Spanish, German, English Audiotapes of Radio Broadcasts Inactive NC1-306-77-01
Spanish and English Audiotapes of Voice of America Programs Inactive NC1-306-77-02
Performance Evaluation Case Files NC1-306-77-03
Volunteer Speaker Files; Name Check Files NC1-306-78-01
Personnel Records NC1-306-78-02
Photographic Prints and Negatives, 1945-67 Inactive NC1-306-79-01
Surveys Conducted in Foreign Countries NC1-306-79-02
Videotapes Recorded, Produced, or Acquired by Motion Picture and Television Service: 1961-1973 Inactive NC1-306-79-03
Office of Security Records NC1-306-79-04
Motion Picture Films, Video Tapes, Kinescope Films, and Title Control Files NC1-306-79-05
Office of Research Records NC1-306-80-01
Exhibit Project Files NC1-306-80-02
Press and Publications Service Photo Library Inactive NC1-306-80-03
Foreign Press Centers Records Inactive NC1-306-80-04
Subject Files of the Vietnam Working Group, 1964-75 Inactive NC1-306-80-05
Publications Division Files, 1944-57 Inactive NC1-306-81-01
Press Wireless Files, Samples Inactive NC1-306-81-02
Periodic Reports from Regional Service Centers, 1967-70 Inactive NC1-306-81-03
Educational and Cultural Programs General Subject/Country Files and American and Foreign Grantee Files NC1-306-81-04
Country Plans NC1-306-81-05
American Revolutionary Bicentennial Celebration Records, 1970-76 Inactive NC1-306-81-06
Associate Director for Educational and Cultural Affairs Records Inactive NC1-306-81-07
Office of the Director Subject and Chronological Files, 1953-78 NC1-306-81-08
German Newspaper Comments on U.S. Information Center, 1950 Inactive NC1-306-81-09
Correspondence Control Cards, 1961-64 Inactive NC1-306-81-10
Editorial Service Division Feature Articles, Packets, and Air Bulletins, 1949-58 and Periodic Progress Reports, 1952-53 Inactive NC1-306-81-11
Voice of America Scripts (Sample), 1954-69 Inactive NC1-306-81-12
Copies Sent to State Department in Response to Circular 168 (1956), United States Information Agency (USIA) Country Plans (1958), and Unsolicited Correspondence of L. Arthur Goodfriend (1950) Inactive NC1-306-83-01