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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0049: Bureau of Land Management

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Title Number/Filename
Incident Qualification and Certification System DAA-0049-2013-0001
Oil and Gas Production Accountability Review Files DAA-0049-2013-0002
Legacy Rehost System (LR2000) DAA-0049-2013-0004
List Server, Discussion Group, and News Group Records N1-049-00-001
Public Commendation, Comment, and Complaint Files N1-049-00-002
Helium Program Records N1-049-00-003
Year 2000 Activity Records N1-049-00-004
Records of the Protection and Response Information System (PRIS) N1-049-08-002
Fire Equipment and Development Files N1-049-09-001
FireCode System N1-049-09-002
Forest Resources Information System (formerly Timber Sale Information System) N1-049-09-003
Wild Horse and Burro Program System N1-049-09-004
General Land Records Automation System (GLORAS) N1-049-09-005
Rangeland Administration System N1-049-09-007
Recreation Management Information System (RMIS) N1-049-09-009
Forest Vegetation Information (FORVIS) System N1-049-09-010
Range Improvement Project System (RIPS) N1-049-09-011
Land and Realty Authorizations System (LRAM) N1-049-09-015
Wildland Fire Management System N1-049-09-017
Joint Fire Science Case Files N1-049-10-001
Bond Files N1-049-10-002
Legal Regulatory Compliance Records N1-049-11-001
General Land Office (GLO) Records, 1879-1972 Inactive N1-049-86-001
Serial Register and Log Revision N1-049-86-002
Trans-Alaska Pipeline Photographic Records, 1969-1982 Inactive N1-049-87-001
Public Lands and Resources Property Use Records N1-049-90-001
Evaluation, Inspection, Audit N1-049-90-002
Administrative Management N1-049-90-003
Information Services N1-049-90-004
Mail and Telecommunications N1-049-90-005
Personnel Records N1-049-90-006
Budget Records N1-049-90-007
Accountable Officers Accounts N1-049-90-008
Aircraft Accident and Motor Vehicle Files N1-049-90-009
Various Minerals Management Records, 1906-68 Inactive N1-049-91-001
Texas Acquired Minerals Project (TAMP) Records, 1994-98 Inactive N1-049-91-002
Automated Land and Mineral Record System (ALMRS) Modernization Project Files N1-049-94-001
Directives Files N1-049-94-002
Audiovisual Records N1-049-96-001
Security and Protective Service Records N1-049-96-003
Aircraft Use Files Inactive N1-049-96-004
Schedule 17 -Cartographic, Aerial Photographic, Architectural, Engineering, and Cadastral Survey Records N1-049-96-005
Electronic Records N1-049-96-006
Wild Horse and Burro Titled Adoption Case Files N1-049-98-001
Geographic Information Systems and Electronic Resources Inventory and Survey Files N1-049-98-002
Mineral Lease Sale Files N1-049-99-001
Information Technology (IT) Security Data N1-049-99-002
Fire Management Files N1-049-99-003
Indian Accounting File, 1904-35; Grazing Service, 1915-45; Instructional Memos, 1956-65; Negotiated Sales Reports to Congress, 1963-76; and Oil and Gas Reports, 1925-79 N1-049-99-004
Serialized Allowed Land And Mineral Entry Cases- Cancelled or Relinquished Inactive NC-174-000212
Individual Fire Records (DI-1201) Class Inactive NC-174-000246
Personnel and Financial Records NC1-049-76-01
Collection Data Sheet, Form 1370-35 NC1-049-76-02
Program Case Files NC1-049-76-03
Mining Claim Recordation Public Law 94-579 Inactive NC1-049-79-01
Mining Claim Recordation Public Law 94-579 NC1-049-81-01
Special Land Use Permits Inactive NC1-049-81-02
Vegetative Material Sales Inactive NC1-049-81-03
Revenue Receipt Records for Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act NC1-049-81-04
Land Withdrawals/Reservations and Classification Orders NC1-049-82-01
Examinations and Recruitment Programs Records NC1-049-82-02
Time and Attendance and Leave Reports and Field Time Reports NC1-049-82-03
Law Enforcement Files Inactive NC1-049-84-01
Machine Readable Records NC1-049-85-01
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-049-85-02
Applications to Practice as Attorney Before Land Office, 1888-1937 Inactive NC1-049-85-03
Arizona Strip Grazing Records, Grazing District Diaries, 1941-1957 Inactive NC1-049-85-04
Fire Records, DI 1201 - Non-Serialized Inactive NN-174-000017