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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0185: Panama Canal

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Title Number/Filename
Vital Statistics Registration Books, 1907-1950 Inactive N1-185-01-001
Cartographic Records, 1930-2004 Inactive N1-185-04-001
Disbursement Vouchers and Employee Record Sheets, 1890-1918 Inactive N1-185-06-002
Motion Picture Film: 1976 U.S. Bicentennial Celebrations in the Canal Cone N1-185-86-001
Panama Canal Railroad Company (PCRRC), 1920-1953 N1-185-86-002
Specimen Signature Cards of Notaries Public 1922-1982 N1-185-87-001
Photographic Negatives from the Special Engineering Division (SED) 1941-1947 N1-185-88-001
Meteorological and Hydrographic Records 1891-1976 N1-185-88-002
Unscheduled Records at Atlanta Federal Records Center (4NC) N1-185-88-003
Washington Office General Files, 1904-1974 N1-185-88-004
Admeasurement Records N1-185-88-006
Non-Employee Medical Files N1-185-88-007
Governor's File of the Panama Canal Company/Canal Zone Government, 1907-1979 N1-185-89-001
Records at Atlanta Federal Records Center (4NC) N1-185-89-003
Ship Crew Cards, 1900-1981 N1-185-90-011
Rulemaking Files N1-185-91-001
Board of Directors Records N1-185-91-002
Isthmian Canal Commission and Panama Railroad Company, 1904-1914 N1-185-92-001
The Panama Canal Commission's Comprehensive Records Schedule No. 2 - Personnel Records N1-185-92-002
Canal Zone Police and Government Convict Records N1-185-92-003
Records of the PALO SECO Hospital (Leprosarium) N1-185-93-001
Panama Canal Commission: Office of General Counsel N1-185-93-002
Records of the Office of the Secretary Panama Canal Commission N1-185-93-003
Marine Licensing Examination Records N1-185-94-001
Panama Canal Commission Agency Publications N1-185-94-002
Panama Canal Commission: Various Engineering Records N1-185-95-001
Treaty Negotiation Records, 1936 and 1955 N1-185-95-002
Panama Canal Commission: Meteorological and Hydrographic Records N1-185-96-001
Canal Operations Systems N1-185-96-002
Glass Plate Photographic Negatives of Floating Equipment & Related Items N1-185-96-003
Inspector General Records N1-185-96-004
Information Services and Public Relations Records N1-185-96-006
Audiovisual Records N1-185-96-007
Housing, Building, Space and Land Management Records N1-185-96-008
Communications and Mail Management Records N1-185-97-001
Geotechnical, Meteorological and Hydrographic Records N1-185-97-002
Procurement and Supply Records N1-185-97-003
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Operations Records N1-185-97-004
Facility Security and Protective Services Records N1-185-97-005
Architectural and Engineering Records N1-185-97-006
Panama Railroad - Panama Canal Company New York Office, 1912-1963 N1-185-97-007
Travel, Transportation and Shipping Records N1-185-97-008
Employee Folders (1903-1920) N1-185-97-009
Law and Legal Matters N1-185-97-010
Personnel Records N1-185-97-011
Budget Preparation, Presentation, and Apportionment Records N1-185-97-012
Health, Safety, and Sanitation Records N1-185-97-013
Accountable Officers' Records N1-185-97-014
Expenditure Accounting Records N1-185-97-015
Stores, Plant and Cost Accounting N1-185-97-016
Maintenance and Public Utilities Records N1-185-97-017
Aedes Aegypti Mosquito Monitoring Records N1-185-97-018
Payroll and Pay Administration Records N1-185-97-019
Canal Operations and Services Records N1-185-97-020
Architectural and Engineering Electronic Records N1-185-97-021
General Management and Administrative Records N1-185-97-022
Records Stored at Agency Records Center - Diablo Heights, 1849-1979 N1-185-97-023
Meteorological and Hydrographic Records N1-185-98-001
Expenditure Accounting Files N1-185-98-002
Special Item Project Records, 1941-1943 N1-185-98-003
Computer Tracking and Monitoring System Records N1-185-99-001
Cargo and Vessel Traffic Records, 1937-1999 N1-185-99-002
Inspector General Records N1-185-99-003
River Level or Fluviograph Charts, 1880-1896 NC-185-75-001
Record Control Schedule No. 1 - Records in Common Use Throughout the Agency NC1-185-77-01
Record Control Schedule No. 2 - Records of the Personnel Bureau NC1-185-77-02
Record Control Schedule No. 3 - Records of the Office of Financial Vice President NC1-185-77-03
Record Control Schedule No. 4 - Records of the Health Bureau NC1-185-77-04
Record Control Schedule No. 5 - Records of the Engineering and Construction Bureau NC1-185-77-05
Record Control Schedule No. 6 - Records of the Transporation and Terminals Bureau NC1-185-77-06
Record Control Schedule No. 7 - Records of the Civil Affairs Bureau NC1-185-77-07
Record Control Schedule No. 8 - Records of the Marine Bureau NC1-185-77-08
Record Control Schedule No. 9 - Records of the Supply and Community Service Bureau NC1-185-77-09
Record Control Schedule No. 10 - Records of the Office of the Governor-President NC1-185-77-10
Panama Canal Master Engineer and Pilot Licenses NC1-185-78-01
Ancon Hospital and Colon Hospital In-Patient Charts NC1-185-79-01
Canal Zone Government Student School Transcripts NC1-185-79-02
Glass Plate Negatives Related to the Construction and Operation of the Panama Canal, 1904-1939 NC1-185-79-03
Panama Canal Company Records, 1904-1978 NC1-185-79-04
Special Engineering Division Third Locks Project Records NC1-185-79-05
Police, Land, and Fire Station Records, 1917-1975 NC1-185-79-07
Marine Bunkering Fuel Gate Pass NC1-185-79-08
Passenger and Crew Lists, Quarantine, Deportation, and Ship Register Records NC1-185-79-09
Elementary School Transcripts NC1-185-80-01
Bertillon Cards of Gorgas and Coco Solo Hospitals, 1900-1945 NC1-185-80-02
Maps and Engineering Plans NC1-185-81-01
Central Employment Office Examination Announcement Files NC1-185-81-02
Hospital Out-Patient Records NC1-185-81-03
Record of Leave Transferred, Form 1150 NC1-185-81-04
Leave Liability and Inventory Files NC1-185-81-05
Equipment Records NC1-185-81-06
Printing Projects NC1-185-81-07
Canal Zone Government Convicts Records, 1904-1980 NC1-185-81-08
Indexes to Payroll Books, 1920-1955 NC1-185-81-09
Passenger Transportation Records NC1-185-82-01
Transit Operation Sheets, Ship Accident Reports, and Ship Plans and Drawings NC1-185-82-03
Canal Zone Board of Registration for Architects and Professional Engineers, Registration and Certification Records, 1947-1979 NC1-185-82-04
Freight Claims NC1-185-84-01
Records of the Registered Home Service Program, 1936-42 NC1-185-84-02
Central Files - General Correspondence NC1-185-84-03
Canal Zone Vehicle, Motorboat, and Launch Registration, 1970-1979 Inactive NC1-185-85-01